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Dance Dance Revolution II
subdirectory_arrow_right Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 5 (Game)
Dance Dance Revolution II is the only DDR game released on the Wii to feature a 1-20 difficulty scale (introduced in Dance Dance Revolution X), Doubles Charts, and Challenge Charts. However, due to the game lacking Shock Arrows, any Challenge Charts containing them are omitted.
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone
Attachment The North American arcade release of Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone is believed to be the first game to incorporate microtransactions, allowing players to purchase extra lives, characters, energy and moves by putting more quarters into the arcade cabinet. This would be removed for the Japanese release, and replaced with a conventional character select screen that lets you play as the previously paywalled extra characters, and the game's difficulty was rebalanced to be easier to adjust.
Kingdom Hearts
In the Bizarre Room in Wonderland, the fireplace's flames can be "put out" if Sora attacks the fireplace's grated opening with a Blizzard spell, and it can be lit anew if the grated opening is hit with Fire magic instead. Being able to put out the fire makes the second phase of the Trickmaster Heartless boss fight even easier, as the frantic boss cannot light their juggling apparatuses and fling their own Fire at Sora. This is also possibly why the Cheshire Cat gifts Sora a Blizzard spell/upgrade when Sora obtains and shows him at least the Claw Marks piece of evidence during Alice's trail, and also why the grated opening itself is able to be locked onto.
Attachment Banjo-Tooie has become somewhat infamous for its large-scaled and convoluted structure in comparison to its predecessor, Banjo-Kazooie, with far more larger interconnected worlds with longer, complex puzzles that typically require backtracking, in comparison to Banjo-Kazooie's more straightforward and compact, self-contained levels and objectives.

According to Steve Malpass, one of Banjo-Tooie's game designers, the game was designed more in the vein of an adventure game as opposed to a platformer, being heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in particular. The development team was aware of how overcomplicated the game's structure had become by its launch (the QA department was vocal about the backtracking and navigation issues), but it was ultimately too late for them to streamline it. The Warp Pads found throughout the worlds were actually included after the levels were designed, as an attempt to mitigate the aforementioned navigation issues.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month February 19, 2024
Steve Malpass comments on Banjo-Tooie's game design within the video comments:

All of Steve Malpass' comments posted in this Reddit thread:
Dark Souls
The Artorias of the Abyss DLC for Dark Souls was notoriously convoluted to access for newer players, requiring them to quit and reload their game in a cove at Darkroot Basin behind the Hydra boss to even start the sequence to get to the DLC levels. However, returning players had a better idea of how to access the DLC before it released by discerning the location where the levels are accessed through the DLC’s trailer and certain NPC dialogue.
Star Fox 64
Star Fox 64's development began with a series of experiments by character designer Takaya Imamura and programmer Kazuaki Morita. As Morita was new to 3D programming, creating something entirely new was difficult, and to make matters worse, they didn't have the final N64 hardware itself to work with, instead having to utilize a bulky dev computer and a modified SNES controller. The pair decided to begin development by porting the original Star Fox, which they thought would be better for easing into 3D. As this was Morita's first attempt at learning 3D, he began with inputting his own data and placing objects like cubes on a course, and then launched basic-looking Arwings. This prototype was affectionately named "Star Box".
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 28, 2024
User's translation of Star Fox 64 developer interview from official Japanese guidebook:

Nintendo Dream Star Fox Adventures interview:

General SF64 development timeline overview:
Ninja Gaiden
In the first level of Ninja Gaiden Black, if the player dies 3 times, the game will ask if they wish to "abandon the way of the Ninja?" After double verifying "Yes", a scene of Ayane coming to Ryu's collapsed body will play, unlocking Ninja Dog Mode, an easier difficulty setting. From then on she will provide additional messages throughout the game that won't be seen in a regular playthrough, with healing items and artifacts that make the game easier. Once per chapter, if the player (or an allied NPC) dies in this mode, the game will provide additional healing items. In addition, all Results scores will say "Ninja Dog", and the title screen will feature an image of Ayane instead of Ryu.
Beatmania IIDX 7th style
subdirectory_arrow_right Beatmania IIDX 3rd style (Game)
According to the Song Production Information provided by D.J.Amuro (aka Takayuki Ishikawa), the song "A" was originally composed for Beatmania IIDX 3rd Style. However, the song was shelved until the release of 7th Style. This was due to the song being considered too difficult for the time, relative to player skill level.
person aa1205 calendar_month January 15, 2024
The Callisto Protocol
subdirectory_arrow_right Striking Distance Studios (Company)
On January 9, 2023, a report was released by revealing that over 20 developers who worked on The Callisto Protocol were not included in the game's end credits, including multiple full-time developers and other key contributors. The decision to leave out these developers was described as "egregious" by one unnamed employee, while another accused the game’s developer, Striking Distance, of "playing favorites" and only crediting those that "they liked or had some sort of relationship with". The report also highlighted the intense work culture at Striking Distance with a controversy involving the studio's director Glen Schofield in September 2022, where he made a tweet about his employees working "six-seven days a week" for "12-15 hour days". At the time before the report's release, this tweet about the crunch culture at the studio was roundly criticized; it was later deleted and Schofield issued an apology, stating that the studio valued "passion and creativity, not long hours." In June 2023, an update was released for the game that added the names of over 50 previously uncredited developers to the credits, a notably higher head count than the numbers in the original report. These credits were added to the "Miscellaneous" group, which originally had only 18 names, and was also now renamed to "Additional Development".
person ProtoSnake calendar_month January 13, 2024
Callisto Protocol developers left out of credits:

Glen Schofield back pedals Callisto Protocol crunch comments:

The Callisto Protocol Reportedly Left Around 20 Devs Out Of The Credits:

Developers left out of The Callisto Protocol credits accuse Striking Distance of "playing favourites":

Callisto Protocol update restores omitted developers to credits:
Mario's Mystery Meat
The original release of the ROM hack was criticized by many players for having an unexpectedly high difficulty spike in the latter portions of the game. Among these critics were Vinny of the livestreaming group Vinesauce, who conducted a livestream of the hack thanks to it being a fangame designed around his content. In response to this, the hack's developer, Eminus, released an "easy mode" version on the r/vinesauce subreddit which reduces slowdown, adds additional power-ups, and allows the player to toggle indefinite invincibility on and off using the R button.
person VinchVolt calendar_month January 5, 2024
Vinny's stream of the original release of the hack:

Announcement by Eminus on the r/vinesauce subreddit which includes a mention of the easy mode update:
Taiko no Tatsujin Arcade
On April Fools Day, 2021, Taiko no Tatsujin's Twitter Account posted a QR Code, along with a foreboding conversation between Don-Chan and Ka-Chan. By scanning this QR Code on a compatible Arcade Cabinet, the unique song "彁" (pronounced "Ka") by composer LeaF is unlocked. A harder Hidden Oni difficulty was distributed via QR Code the next year on the same day. The song is notable for a few reasons:

• "彁" is currently the only song in the game that is unlocked through scanning a QR Code; all other Codes provide cosmetic options for Don-Chan. Likewise, the song is added to a genre folder separate from the rest of the game's music, labeled as "Hidden Data", with the subtitle translating to "That's No Good".

• The name of the song technically does not exist. "彁" is a "Ghost Character", a character that exists in Unicode, but does not anywhere else. While other Ghost Characters have some sort of explanation for their existence, "彁" has no definitive source. Its pronounciation of "Ka" was provided by LeaF herself, as the character otherwise has none.

• Upon selecting the song's Hidden Oni chart, a unique transition effect plays with glitchy effects. No other song in the game has a unique animation for going from Oni to Hidden Oni difficulty.

• The Hidden Oni Chart is considered one of the hardest songs in the series. This is attributed to a heavy utilization of multiple scrolling speeds and polyrhythmic patterns. Only one individual is known to have full comboed it when it first debuted.
person aa1205 calendar_month December 15, 2023
Dance Dance Revolution A3
Added on November 1st, 2023, The "BABY-LON'S GALAXY" event pits players against a slew of new boss songs utilizing the "FLARE" gauge. This meter starts at max, doesn't recover upon successful timing, and decreases from any judgement below Perfect. This replicates how Extra Stages functioned between DDRMax Dance Dance Revolution 6thMix and Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2, which required players to beat difficult songs while grades below perfect depleted the player's Life Gauge.
person aa1205 calendar_month December 11, 2023
Information Changes for DDR A3:

Information on the BABY-LON'S GALAXY event:'S_GALAXY

Gameplay of BABY-LON'S GALAXY:

Gameplay of DDRMax's Extra Stage:
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird was not originally a difficult game, but during development the pipes were moved closer together as the game was found to be boring when it was too easy.
Flappy Bird
subdirectory_arrow_right Flappy Birds Family (Game), .GEARS Studios (Company)
Flappy Bird was removed from app stores by creator Dong Nguyen on February 8th 2014, due to being overwhelmed by its success and feeling guilt over the addictive, frustrating nature of the game, which he had originally intended to be relaxing. Although many speculated that the game was taken down by Nintendo due to the game's pipes and their similarity to the pipes from the Mario series, both Nguyen and Nintendo denied this.

Nguyen claimed that his worries about the game had lost him sleep, and removing the game from sale managed to restore piece of mind - despite this, Nguyen did promise a Flappy Bird comeback, albeit in a less addictive form, which would eventually come in the form of an official sequel: Flappy Birds Family for Amazon Fire TV.

Some eBay users attempted to sell the iPhones with the original game installed for up to $99,900, but the listings were removed due to eBay's rules against selling technology that has not been factory reset.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month November 24, 2023
On August 24, 2017, a video was uploaded by gaming news outlet VentureBeat where lead writer Dean Takahashi, who specializes in general industry articles, strategy games and first/third person shooters and normally does not cover platformers or sidescrolling action games because by the outlet's own admission he was extremely bad at them, recorded a gameplay demonstration of him playing the Gamescom 2017 demo for Cuphead due to him being the only one on staff at Gamescom. This footage is notorious for the first two and a half minutes where he struggles to complete the game's tutorial, before struggling to play for another 23 minutes under conditions that were made intentionally easier for the game's demo such as increased health and instant access to some stronger unlockable charms like Spread. VentureBeat knew the footage was bad, but uploaded it anyways and drew attention to Takahashi's poor gameplay in the video title, calling it "shameful". However, VentureBeat initially did not explain the full context of the footage in the video description, and due to Gamescom being held one month prior to Cuphead's release, the clip was passed around out of context leading people to believe he was doing a full review of the game and trying to make a point of it being too difficult. In reality, the video was posted alongside an article about the demo by Takahashi to VentureBeat that regularly acknowledges his poor skill at the game; he also called Cuphead a fun game that showed "why making hard games that depend on skill is like a lost art". Regardless, the footage still drew extreme negative backlash and harassment towards him and claims that he was unfit to be a game journalist. Takahashi's response to the controversy spurred more controversy after he accused people attacking the footage of being connected to the 2014 #Gamergate movement, when one week prior to responding, he published an article promoting the idea of a "leisure economy" that stems from game journalists among others being paid to play games, and promoting the fact that he had been reviewing games for 21 years up to that point.
person Kirby Inhales Jotaro calendar_month November 23, 2023
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Attachment In Carnival Night Zone, there is an infamous obstacle known as the "barrel" - a red and white tube that moves up and down depending on what direction is pressed on the control stick, but is animated in a way that makes it appear as if you have to bounce on it to gain momentum - this obstacle has caused a lot of grief to Sonic fans playing the game over the years, and as a result Sonic 3 game designer Takashi Iizuka and lead programmer Yuji Naka officially apologized for the barrel at the Summer of Sonic 2011.
subdirectory_arrow_right Ludosity (Company)
"Reallyjoel's Dad" is a name for a secret difficulty present in Ludosity games, introduced in an update to Iji, that makes games absurdly hard and sometimes even unbeatable. This originates from an in-joke based on a comment made by Ludosity developer reallyjoel on a YouTube video of Iji's final boss being beaten on the previously maximum "Ultimortal" difficulty, uploaded by Daniel Remar, another developer on Iji, saying "Bah, you're a noob. My dad can beat this on a much harder setting, no sweat."
Beatmania IIDX 2nd style
subdirectory_arrow_right Beatmania IIDX 27 Heroic Verse (Game)
The song "SOFT LANDING ON THE BODY" features a section in which the BPM doubles from 159 to 318 for seemingly no reason. According to composer Kiyotaka Sugimoto, this was due to an engine bug created by the song going to a 7/8 time signature, and the glitch was kept in when the game released. In honor of this mistake, any sudden large BPM changes or gimmicks have earned the nickname "Soflan" by BEMANI fans (a portmanteau of "Soft" and "Landing"). The "Soflan" moniker became canon to the series when beatmaniaIIDX 27 Heroic Verse included it as part of its Notes Radar parameters, signifying the quantity of BPM changes and their severity.
person aa1205 calendar_month November 7, 2023

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
subdirectory_arrow_right Dance Dance Revolution X2 (Game)
By reaching an ENJOY LEVEL of 120 in Dance Dance Revolution X2, a new Challenge Chart is unlocked for the Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Song "bag". While it appears identical to the Expert Chart, every triplet (12th, 24th, 48th note) step is rounded to the nearest 64th note, making it harder to time. This references how, in its debut game of Extreme, triplet notes were improperly quantized due to hardware limitations, further exacerbated by "bag"'s BPM of only 65. The Expert Chart's timing was previously corrected in Dance Dance Revolution X.
person aa1205 calendar_month November 7, 2023
RemyWiki Page for bag:

Video of bag's Expert Chart (corrected):

Video of bag's Challenge Chart (contains quantization errors):

Comparison of the two charts:
Worldle editor Tracy Bennett has said that the words that have received the most complaints have been regionally-specific words, such as "parer" (an Irish term for a pencil sharpener), "condo" (an American and Canadian term for an apartment building), and "Rupee" (a currency used in multiple countries, particularly Pakistan and India). In response to these complaints, they did remove an unspecified Latin word from the game's internal list.
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