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PaRappa the Rapper
PaRappa the Rapper has a "repeat" button function where, for lines that comprise of one single button (such as those in Prince Fleaswallow's rap), you can press the left D-pad button to repeat the first syllable and the right button to repeat the last syllable.
Contributed by Rocko & Heffer on December 1, 2023
The repeat trick in use:

Strategy guide going over Easter eggs in the game:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Raiders of the Lost Ark required a single player to use two Atari 2600 controllers at once. The right (player 2) controller would move Indiana Jones and allow him to use items in his inventory, while the left (player 1) controller would navigate the inventory and allow a player to pick or drop items.
On August 24, 2017, a video was uploaded by gaming news outlet VentureBeat where lead writer Dean Takahashi, who specializes in general industry articles, strategy games and first/third person shooters and normally does not cover platformers or sidescrolling action games because by the outlet's own admission he was extremely bad at them, recorded a gameplay demonstration of him playing the Gamescom 2017 demo for Cuphead due to him being the only one on staff at Gamescom. This footage is notorious for the first two and a half minutes where he struggles to complete the game's tutorial, before struggling to play for another 23 minutes under conditions that were made intentionally easier for the game's demo such as increased health and instant access to some stronger unlockable charms like Spread. VentureBeat knew the footage was bad, but uploaded it anyways and drew attention to Takahashi's poor gameplay in the video title, calling it "shameful". However, VentureBeat initially did not explain the full context of the footage in the video description, and due to Gamescom being held one month prior to Cuphead's release, the clip was passed around out of context leading people to believe he was doing a full review of the game and trying to make a point of it being too difficult. In reality, the video was posted alongside an article about the demo by Takahashi to VentureBeat that regularly acknowledges his poor skill at the game; he also called Cuphead a fun game that showed "why making hard games that depend on skill is like a lost art". Regardless, the footage still drew extreme negative backlash and harassment towards him and claims that he was unfit to be a game journalist. Takahashi's response to the controversy spurred more controversy after he accused people attacking the footage of being connected to the 2014 #Gamergate movement, when one week prior to responding, he published an article promoting the idea of a "leisure economy" that stems from game journalists among others being paid to play games, and promoting the fact that he had been reviewing games for 21 years up to that point.
Contributed by Kirby Inhales Jotaro on November 23, 2023
Star Fox Zero
The reflections seen on the pause screen move as you tilt the Wii U Gamepad. This detail helps with recalibrating the motion controls to your liking, which can be done by holding in the Left Stick on the pause screen.
Gyromite is perfectly playable, and some may argue better, without using ROB the Robot. You can push the pillars up and down using a second NES controller while the first controller commands Professor Hector as it would in ROB play, making the game either into a faster-paced co-op platformer for two players, or an unconventional two-controller game for one player in a similar manner to Atari's Raiders of the Lost Ark. This technique cannot be performed on Stack-Up.
Also Appears On: Robot Series (Collection)
uDraw Studio
The bankruptcy of THQ is often pinned on the uDraw peripheral for the Wii - this is not completely true, as the Wii version of the uDraw was highly successful. However, the HD versions of the uDraw, released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, were a killing blow to the company (even if not the sole cause of it's bankruptcy), as it was heavily overproduced compared to the size of the audience for casual games on those platforms and an even lower amount of uDraw-supported titles on those platforms relative to the Wii. Supposedly, the HD uDraw was greenlit by THQ's family division, PlayTHQ, without proper permission from the main branch of the company without even knowing what games could or would be made on the hardware.
Also Appears On: uDraw Studio: Instant Artist (Game), THQ (Company), Play THQ (Company)
Star Wars: Ewok Adventure
According to Ewok Adventure programmer Larry Gelberg, the game had to be cancelled, despite being completed, due to a dispute with Parker Brothers over the game's controls:

"I had this artistic vision of the purity of the hang-glider controls - forward dives and speeds you up, back climbs and slows you down, and catching thermals every now and then maintained your altitude. The marketing weasels either didn't get it or just didn't like it. They tried time and time again to get me to put in a mode where you just go in the direction where you point the joystick. But I was young and arrogant and refused, and they ultimately killed the game. Sorry, everyone."
Smash T.V.
The dual-joystick control setup for the arcade version of Smash T.V. was similar to designer Eugene Jarvis' previous game Robotron: 2084, where one joystick controlled the player's movements while the other controlled the direction the player shoots in. The NES and SNES versions carried over this original control scheme in different ways. For the NES version, it can be accessed by plugging in two controllers, holding them vertically with the control pads facing the screen, and using both control pads as you would in the arcade version. This control scheme is also available to use with two players on the NES version, but requires four controllers plugged into a multitap like the NES Four Score. The dual control aspect of the game works more efficiently on the SNES version, as a single SNES controller has four main buttons, A, B, X and Y, that are laid out like an additional control pad. This enables the player to shoot in one direction while running in another, and also eliminates the need for a multitap if you want a second player to join in.
Also Appears On: Super Smash T.V. (Game), Smash T.V. (Game)
Contributed by MehDeletingLater on October 25, 2023
Smash T.V. NES version alternate control scheme demonstration:

Super Smash T.V. footage:
The Famicom release of Pac-Land has an unusual control scheme, where the player uses the B button to go left, the A button to go right, and the control stick to jump, resembling the layout of Pac-Land's original arcade cabinet. The player can use a more conventional Famicom platformer control scheme, using the control stick to go left and right and A or B to jump, by plugging the controller into the player 2 slot.
Sonic R
Sonic R has often been criticized for how the playable characters handle like cars instead of athletes - the reason for this is because Sonic R was actually built from a scrapped Formula 1 racing game.
Also Appears On: Formula 1 (Franchise)
Attachment The NJS-3D1 was a PC flight stick made by Laral Group LLC - unusually, the flight stick bears the name and official quality seal of Nintendo on its packaging, along with a Nintendo 64 logo on the controller itself, despite not being compatible with any of Nintendo's hardware. The controller was made in a short-lived deal to manufacture PC accessories with Nintendo branding, with the only other product to come out of the line being a set of headphones.
Also Appears On: Nintendo 64 (Platform), Nintendo (Company)
Barney's Hide & Seek Game
If the player leaves Barney idle for an extended length of time, he will complete the level on his own. Because of this, the game can be beaten without even plugging a controller into the Sega Genesis.
Tiny Toon Adventures
Attachment As discovered on the French blog UPSILANDRE RETROGAMING, the movement code for the NES version of Tiny Toon Adventures by Konami was directly plagiarized from Super Mario Bros. 3, giving the two games near-identical play-feels.
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