Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
October 8, 2009
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subdirectory_arrow_right UDraw: Dood's Big Adventure (Game), THQ (Company)
Attachment The uDraw was conceived after THQ employees noticed how difficult drawing was with the Wii Remote in the Wii version of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, and was originally called the Drawn to Life Pal. Multiple pitches for other licensed Drawn to Life titles in the same vein as Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition were made, with Marvel Comics, Pixar, Star Wars, and Conan the Barbarian being pitched as examples. However, no Drawn to Life game with uDraw compatibility would ever release, though one uDraw launch title, Dood's Big Adventure, bears a fair resemblance to the series. No reason has been given for the series' absence or why a new IP was made with Dood's Big Adventure instead of using the brand recognition of Drawn to Life, but it may be connected to the controversial ending of the DS version of The Next Chapter and its finality for the core Drawn to Life Raposa universe.
Attachment In the Wii version of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Heather is seen holding a croquet mallet at all times - this appears to be a reference to the musical Heathers, where the 3 main characters are all named Heather and play croquet. Early concept art of the character by Ken Capelli shows that she originally had a design more closely resembling costumes from the musical and was named "Heathers". This version of Heather has long, spiky hair that is half ginger and half shadow, split down the middle. She still has her mallet, but her early design wears a green sweater instead of a green dress.
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Heather in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter:

Early concept art of Heather given alongside many other unused assets to the Drawn to Life Wiki by designer Ken Capelli:

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