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Attachment A TV adaptation of the de Blob franchise was in production around 2010 to be aired on the SyFy TV channel on a new children's block, which would've used Blob in its branding. This deal got so far that SyFy Kids' logo was included on trailers and promotional items for de Blob 2. Due to the sequel's underperformance, the cartoon would be cancelled, and given Blob's prevalence in preliminary branding and the lack of knowledge on what other series were being planned if any, the cartoon's cancellation likely also led to the SyFy Kids block being cancelled too. SyFy Kids would later be revived in 2013, but airing on the Asian and South African versions of KidsCo with a lineup almost entirely comprised of reruns and syndicated programming.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month November 29, 2023
According to creative director Nick Hagger, one of the developers at Blue Tongue Entertainment is a skilled typographer and created a custom font for the game. All the billboards and signs are written in that font, and can be translated with a decoder that can be unlocked in-game.

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