Drawn to Life
Drawn to Life
September 10, 2007
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Attachment Originally, instead of being fox-like creatures known the Raposa, Drawn to Life's NPCs were supposed to be dog-like creatures titled Droogles. Instead of the snow, forest, beach, and city/castle worlds from the final game, the worlds were going to be a medieval world, military world, skating world, and ninja world.
Contributed by Wario Wario Wario on September 10, 2023
Name "Droogle" sourced from the Art of 5th Cell book according to this Drawn to Life wiki page
Attachment The game's memory contains several unused sprites:
• A checkpoint flag that unfurls and rises to the top of a pole. It is found with the rest of the World 1 graphics and is the only checkpoint flag in the game's data.
• A suit of armor located amongst the various background objects for World 4.
• A complete animation cycle for old-man Rapo facing upwards.
• An early version of the World 3 map, which is missing several details such as the colors for the top right of the screen.

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