Drawn to Life
September 10, 2007
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According to series creator Jeremiah Slaczka in a 2022 interview, the Creator in the Drawn to Life series is meant to represent the Christian God, and Wilfre is meant to represent Satan. This was hinted at in the game years beforehand, as one of the Creator's quotes is clearly based on a quote from Genesis 1:3. The Book of Life is a book given to the Raposa civilization by the Creator, so it's comparable to the Christian Bible. Wilfre, the villain of Drawn to Life, was a power-hungry character who turned against the Creator and became evil. He attempts to destroy the Book of Life many times, and he leads others down evil paths. Also of note is that the main protagonists aside from the creation hero are named "Mari and Jowee", of "Mary and Joseph", and that the Hero is drawn in a crucifix pose.
person NerdyBoutKirby calendar_month March 23, 2013
VGFacts forum thread from 2013 detailing the connection (please note all but one YouTube video in this post have since been deleted):

Interview with Jeremiah Slaczka from 2022:

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