Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver
Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver
October 15, 1998
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There is a smiley face drawn between the textures of the BLASTER.BMP file.
Attachment There's a hidden track in the game. It can be accessed by completing tournament mode, going to the level select menu, and right clicking around the left half of the Mattel logo. This changes the music to an unused track. Proceeding to start the race will place the player on the secret level.

The level is somewhat unfinished, as the background consists only of green wireframes and the visuals are not completely synced to the collision model at some points, making the car occasionally float above the track. Aside from these details, the level is more or less complete and is entirely playable.

This level was probably a scrapped track due to time constraints or because it didn't fit the household theme well enough.

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