Radiant Silvergun
Radiant Silvergun
May 28, 1998
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According to developer Hiroshi Iuchi, the reason that Radiant Silvergun features no power-ups is because he thought items in shoot ‘em up games like Thunder Force or Gradius could often result in cheap deaths, and he wished to streamline how players switched between their ship's guns in an effort to create a game that progressed through just shooting and dodging:

"There’s been many previous games where you swap weapons, so adding a button just for switching weapons seemed too boring, and you always have to be keeping track of where your weapon gauge is. I wanted something where the way you used your hands was managed mentally. If the different weapons were all based on finger combinations, you wouldn’t need to visually confirm weapons, you’d just automatically know what you were using.

We also deliberately made the bullets slow. If you’re going for a gameplay style that involves threading through tiny cracks in bullet curtains, then a slower bullet speed will allow a wider audience to enjoy the pleasure of bullet dodging."

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