Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya
Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya
June 25, 1993
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In an interview with the game's producer/writer Hiroyuki Takahashi and director/programmer Shugo Takahashi published in the 7/93 BEEP! Megadrive magazine, Hiroyuki stated that he took a step back on "The Sword of Hajya's" development, allowing for Shugo to primarily direct the game.

Shugo stated that the game employed a compression routine to add more into its memory, which allowed them to add more content beyond the memory's usual limitations. Hiroyuki believed that it was filled to its maximum limit.

Shugo also stated that the scene where the King's face changes took him only two days to make before the game's deadline. Despite the game's memory being full, the designer who was in charge of the face (character profile) graphics showed him how to use that effect in the final game. This designer also drew the underlying cels for the animation, but when Shugo remarked that when saw the face change in-game, he was stunned at its dramatic impact and scrambled to add the scene at the last minute.

Hiroyuki stated that the last scene of the game with Natasha & Deanna is his favorite part of the game. Shugo stated that before they began making the game, that image was the one he knew he wanted to have for the last scene, and despite worrying that there would not be enough space for the scene, it fit without any problems. Shugo also stated that the image it captures is what he really wanted players to see at the end of the game, which he's happy it turned out the way it did.

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