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Terrifying 9/11
Attachment There is an unused title screen in the Metal Slug bootleg game Terrifying 9/11 that suggests it was originally going to be released as a straightforward bootleg version of Metal Slug instead of a bad-taste cash-in on the September 11th attacks.
Final Fantasy
subdirectory_arrow_right Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls (Game)
Cid, a recurring character in the series who is usually a mechanic with some relation to airships, first appeared in Final Fantasy II and did not appear in the first Final Fantasy game. For the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls re-release however, the original game's plot was retroactively changed to make "Cid of the Lufaine" the ancient creator of the airship that the protagonists used.
person Kirby Inhales Jotaro calendar_month June 23, 2024
Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls - Cid backstory in Lufenia:

Cid in the first two Final Fantasy games blog post:
Lollipop Chainsaw
In a June 13th, 2024 interview with the Dragami Games CEO Yoshimi Yasuda published on the Gematsu website, he stated that in 2021, he asked Tomo Ikeda, one of the directors he led in the development team for the original Lollipop Chainsaw, to help with the game's remake Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP, but Ikeda turned him down due to conflicts from already leading development on a different project at that time. Yasuda still expressed that he felt very proud of his former developers for advancing in the industry and maintained a good relationship with the original game's writer Masahiro Yuki, having spoken several times with him in 2023 about RePOP and the future of Lollipop Chainsaw. He described Yuki as "something like a repository of wisdom within the team" during development, and gave Yasuda lots of proactive and stimulating opinions that were reflected in RePOP. Yasuda stated that the agenda for RePOP was to "improve on the user-friendliness" and give a more fun experience for players that were left lacking in the original game. In order to do that, he contacted the engineers who worked on the original game to provide detailed development information, like how data was handled and special processing related to Unreal Engine 3, which directors and producers would not be able to provide, and called their support "especially indispensable".
Pac-Man World
subdirectory_arrow_right Pac-Man World Re-Pac (Game)
Pac-Man World's ending has been noted for containing darker humor compared to the game's otherwise lighthearted tone. The game's antagonist Toc-Man, the robot impostor who kidnapped Pac-Man's family, is revealed to be Orson, a tearful grey ghost who just wanted to be as famous as Pac-Man, who responds to this by pretending to show sympathy before eating him. According to the game's designer, Scott Rogers, his reasoning for this tonal shift was:

"If someone terrorized, kidnapped, and imprisoned your friends and family, you'd probably want to eat them too."

Rogers also noted that they wanted to have Pac-Man respond to Orson's cry of "nobody loves a ghost!" with "I do!" (in the sense of loving to eat a ghost), but this was scrapped alongside Pac-Man's voice as a whole.

Pac-Man World: Re-Pac amends this divisive ending by designating it as a bad ending and adding a new good ending. If the player fails to rescue Pac-Man's family, the ending plays out as it did in the original game, with an added scene where Orson's ghost minions choose to rescue Pac-Man's family themselves, but if the player successfully rescues Pac-Man's family, he opts to forgive Orson.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month June 17, 2024
Twitter thread interview with Scott Rogers:

Pac-Man World cutscenes:

Both Pac-Man World Re-Pac endings:
Persona 3 Reload
According to producer Kazuhisa Wada, the addition of the female protagonist from Persona 3 Portable was considered during development of Persona 3 Reload, but was ultimately deemed "too time-consuming and expensive" compared to remaking "The Answer", the epilogue chapter from Persona 3 FES.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Sephiroth's inclusion as a DLC fighter was apparently so top secret that even certain members of Square Enix had not known that the villain was going to be included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate until the corresponding show-stealing announcement at The Game Awards 2020 was made. Even Square Enix employee and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth director Naoki Hamaguchi was quite shocked and stated:

"[...] it was actually extremely confidential that he was even going to be in it, [...] So, none of the dev team knew, including myself. So it was more like when the whole world knew it, and that's when we knew it like, 'Oh, I had no idea!'"
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
In an interview with the game's co-director/designer/programmer Naoki Hamaguchi published in The Washington Post on July 2nd, 2021, he reflected on the evolution of Final Fantasy VII Remake's battle system, which drew inspiration from the original game's Active Time Battle (ATB) system. Hamaguchi expressed satisfaction with its current form "in which the strategic element of the command-based battle from the original co-exists with the real-time, action-oriented battle". Additionally, the "Intermission" episode featured in FFVII Remake Intergrade introduced combo moves where Yuffie and Sonon team up, which Hamaguchi stated he wanted to try leveraging along with other elements from "Intermission" as he worked on what would become Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
In April 2023, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's lead battle programmer Satoru Koyama discussed the challenges he aimed to tackle when working on the game, with his main aspiration being to enhance the capabilities of AI characters. He emphasized the desire to create an AI capable of juggling a variety of techniques and magic, going beyond the limitations of Final Fantasy VII Remake's combat system. He said his goal was to surpass the Gambit System introduced in Final Fantasy XII, which allowed players to set commands and actions based on specific conditions, providing a wealth of strategic options.
person ProtoSnake calendar_month March 2, 2024
Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Lead Battle Designer Wants To "Surpass" 12's Gambit System:

Lead Final Fantasy 7 Remake combat dev wants to 'surpass' one of FF12's most praised features:

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Battle Programmer Wants Combat to Surpass Final Fantasy 12’s Gambit System:
The Joy of Creation: Ignited Collection
subdirectory_arrow_right The Joy of Creation: Classic (Game)
When "THE JOY OF CREATION" was still in development as "The Joy of Creation: Ignited Collection", the first game in the The Joy of Creation series was going to be remade as part of the collection, where it would have been known as "The Joy of Creation: Classic". However, on July 27, 2023, Nikson revealed that he had changed his mind about adding Classic to the collection, instead having it only include The Joy of Creation: Reborn and The Joy of Creation: Story Mode.
Checkered Flag
Checkered Flag was originally called Checkered Flag 2 (referring the previous game with the title on Atari Lynx), before being changed to Redline Racing and finally Checkered Flag, positioning it as a remake/port instead of a sequel.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month February 17, 2024
Ninja Gaiden
subdirectory_arrow_right Ninja Gaiden Black (Game)
In the DLC update, Ninja Gaiden Black, Ayane's kunai messages featured fully voiced dialogue, which was not a feature in the original version. In Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the text and dialogue that explained the controls were changed to reference both PlayStation 3 controls and altered mechanics.
person DrakeVagabond calendar_month January 20, 2024
Star Fox 64
subdirectory_arrow_right Star Fox 64 3D (Game)
Attachment One of Falco Lombardi's most famous lines in Star Fox 64 is "Hey, Einstein! I'm on your side!"

This line is somewhat controversial because it implies that there exists some version of scientist Albert Einstein within the Star Fox universe. It is worth pointing out that this was added in for the Western localization of Star Fox 64, as in the Japanese version of the game, Falco simply just says:

クッ!敵と味方の区別も出来ねえのか!(Damn it! Can't you even distinguish between friend and foe?!)

Ultimately, the Western version of Star Fox 64 3D would have this line be changed to: "Hey, genius! I'm on your side!"
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 8, 2024
Star Fox 64 Uncompressed Audio - Falco Lombardi:

Star Fox 64 3D - Falco Lombardi's Quotes:

Star Fox 64 Falco voice clips (Japanese):
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
subdirectory_arrow_right Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Game)
Both the original GameCube release and the Nintendo Switch remake are rated E by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), but the GameCube version's rating was simply given the descriptor "Mild Cartoon Violence". The remake’s ESRB rating was updated to replace it with the descriptors "Mild Fantasy Violence" and "Mild Suggestive Themes". These "Mild Suggestive Themes" most likely refer to flirtatious dialogue (i.e. "Aren’t you a fine specimen of a man"; "Perhaps if I…grabbed you and gave you a little sugar") and a character with a large chest/exaggerated proportions, referencing Madame Flurrie.
person NintendOtaku calendar_month December 31, 2023
Kirby's Return to Dream Land
subdirectory_arrow_right Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (Game)
Attachment Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe redesigns Wing Kirby's costume, changing the pattern on the headband to a series of straight lines, adding a red jewel on the front (similar to the kind seen on other Copy Ability hats), and replacing the rows of feathers on the back with arrangements that more closely resemble a bird's wings. As the original design was based on a Native American warbonnet, the redesign was likely to avoid cultural appropriation, as real-life warbonnets are regarded as sacred in tribal cultures and consequently can only be worn by those who have earned the right to do so.
person VinchVolt calendar_month December 25, 2023
YouTube video highlighting various changes made in the Nintendo Switch remake:

Indian Country Today article on cultural appropriation of warbonnets:

Native Appropriations article on why wearing warbonnets as generic headgear is considered offensive among Native Americans:

Texas Law Review paper on Native American perspectives on cultural appropriation:
The Great Giana Sisters
Attachment Chiptune composer Martin Galway developed an unofficial port of The Great Giana Sisters for the Nintendo DS and released it online on February 20th, 2007 to mark the 20th anniversary of the series. The port came out two years prior the official release of Giana Sisters DS.
Super Mario RPG
Attachment High Boo's Thought Peek quote, "*sigh* ♪Stomp, stomp, clap. Stomp, stomp, clap.♪", references the 1977 song "We Will Rock You" by English glam rock band Queen. The song famously features a percussion section consisting of two stomped eighth notes followed by a clapped quarter note. Uniquely, this reference is a new addition to the remake; in the original SNES version, High Boo (known there as Li'l Boo) says "Beep pa doodle-dee!♪"
person VinchVolt calendar_month November 29, 2023
Compilation of Thought Peek quotes in the remake (High Boo appears at 14:34):

Compilation of Psychopath quotes in the SNES version (Li'l Boo appears at 22:38):

Queen - "We Will Rock You":
Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration
subdirectory_arrow_right Swordquest: Earthworld (Game), Swordquest: Fireworld (Game), Swordquest: Waterworld (Game), SwordQuest: AirWorld (Game), Swordquest (Collection)
Attachment The SwordQuest series was a series of 4 games developed by Atari, each one having an associated contest to win a one-of-a-kind item from the game made of real gold by finding clues in the game and using them to uncover hidden messages in the attached comic book, then coming to Atari headquarters to compete in a contest version of the respective game. The advertised prizes were:

•Talisman of Penultimate Truth, Earthworld's prize
•Chalice of Light, Fireworld's prize
•Crown of Life, Waterworld's prize
•The Philosopher's Stone, Airworld's prize
•The Sword of Ultimate Sorcery, the grand prize

Halfway through the series, the video game crash of 1983 hit, and it was put to a halt, leaving Airworld, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery unreleased. The Chalice of Light is the only item known to still exist, with all others being believed to have been melted down at some point.

In Atari 50, a game based on Airworld would see release, though it was not based on the work done for the game back in the 1980s.
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
subdirectory_arrow_right Super Mario RPG (Game)
Various pop culture references that were made in the original English release of Super Mario RPG were removed in the remake:

• Mallow no longer mentions Bruce Lee prior to him and Mario going to fight Bowyer.
• Punchinello no longer references James Bond or the Thing during his boss fight.
• Mini Goomba's Thought Peek no longer references Theodore Roosevelt's aphorism "Speak softly and carry a big stick. You will go far."
• Stinger's Thought Peek no longer references the 1990 Madonna song "Vogue".
• The password clues on the Sunken Ship are no longer written by famous explorers.

Some of these references, such as the Bruce Lee reference, may be due to licensing issues.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month November 23, 2023
Star Fox 64
subdirectory_arrow_right Star Fox 64 3D (Game), Star Fox: Assault (Game)
Attachment In Star Fox 64 3D's ending, the conference hall where the Star Fox team meets General Pepper after Andross' defeat was changed from its original appearance into a hangar, with fewer, more spread out Dog soldiers.

More notable, however, is how the generic planet Corneria image and lettering at the back of the room has been replaced by the Cornerian Army logo that first appeared in Star Fox: Assault.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month November 21, 2023
The Faces of Evil Remastered
subdirectory_arrow_right The Wand of Gamelon Remastered (Game), Dopply (Company)
In November 2020, Seth "Dopply" Fulkerson released unofficial remakes of Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon for Linux and Windows. To avoid receiving a cease-and-desist from Nintendo, he made the remakes unavailable for download two days after release.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month November 14, 2023
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