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MultiVersus lead writer Eric Stirpē has stated that he writes each fighter as a "Multiversus version" by picking a point in a franchise's history for them to be chosen from by Reindog, in an effort to keep their dialogue in line with the source material. Some fighters from a single franchise are chosen from different time periods within it, but the points when they are chosen are not canon to the source material or the game's plot. It's unknown how every fighter fits into this writing guide, but it creates inconsistencies with some character designs in the game:

• Stripe and Gizmo were chosen just before Stripe's death in the first Gremlins film.
• Finn and Jake were chosen during the events of Adventure Time: Islands, though the lack of Finn's prosthetic arm is not explained, and Fern was chosen before he became a villain in Season 9 of Adventure Time.
• Steven and Garnet were chosen during Season 2 of Steven Universe.
• Bugs Bunny was not chosen, but rather emerged from hiding since the 1940s through a "hole in the page", with him being referred to as a "timeline hopper".
• Taz is from the 1990s (presumably tying him in to Taz-Mania).
• Marvin was chosen during the events of Space Jam: A New Legacy, and LeBron James was chosen two days after the end of the film.
• Tom and Jerry are from the 1960s, but are portrayed with a modern art style that does not resemble either the Gene Deitch or Chuck Jones runs of theatrical shorts from that time.
• Shaggy was chosen one year after the end of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?, while Velma was chosen from an unspecified "cancelled 2000s reboot".
• The Iron Giant was chosen while returning to America after he re-assembles himself at the end of the film.
• Arya Stark was chosen during either Season 6 or 7 of the Game of Thrones TV series.
• Stirpē considers the DC Comics heroes and villains to all be original interpretations of the characters created for Multiversus.
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Attachment Although Chapter 1 was given a surprise release in 2018, with Toby Fox giving no prior public indications of its existence, Deltarune had been teased in secret since at least 2015. Three months after Undertale released, the fan site announced that it would be rebranding to at Fox's request; Fox didn't tell the owners of why he didn't want them to use the domain. However, after the fan site fulfilled his request, Fox used to host an image called him.png, a passage of Wingdings text only readable by turning up the brightness using image editing software.

While the text initially parroted the phrase "THIS NEXT (space) EXPERIMENT (space) SEEMS (space) VERY (space) VERY (space) INTERESTING" from the unused room_gaster event in Undertale, by July 1, 2016, the text was edited to read "THREE HEROES APPEARED (space) AT WORLD'S EDGE", later being edited again by August 17 to say "THREE HEROES APPEARED (space) TO BANISH THE ANGELS HEAVEN". Both revisions quote portions of the legend that Ralsei recounts in Chapter 1, indicating that these parts of the game's backstory were already conceived by this point.

Following the release of Chapter 1, would be refurbished as the official website for Deltarune itself. Consequently, earlier versions of the site only survive through snapshots on the Wayback Machine, a URL archiving platform hosted by the Internet Archive.
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The Crooked Man
subdirectory_arrow_right The Boogie Man (Game), The Strange Man (Collection)
At one point when talking to D in The Crooked Man, David reveals that he is color blind, which ultimately led to him failing to become a pilot. The Boogie Man elaborates on this, revealing that while he can see red, he has difficulty with white and pink. This would suggest that he specifically has Deutan Color Blindness, where it is common to confuse pink and white colors (particularly in cases where the pink is akin to a light purple).
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Monument Valley
Attachment At the very beginning of Appendix v. The Lost Falls, after Ida presses the first switch in the level to raise the pillar the Totem is on up to where she is, a set of symbols carved into two sides of the pillar are revealed. These symbols are part of the ancient Zuish language from the game Fez, but they are used incorrectly in order to fit the message on the pillar (i.e. vertical spelling, no use of spaces, line breaks in the middle of words). When translated, it spells out this message:



This not only acts as a reference to the popular quote at the start of The Legend of Zelda to show Ida receiving help, but also acts as foreshadowing to the end of the level where Spoiler:the Totem is destroyed by a crushing stone pillar while helping Ida get past it, forcing her to go through the rest of the Forgotten Shores levels on her own.
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Mortal Kombat 1
An intro dialogue with Reptile and Havik reveals the latter's real name in the New Era is Spoiler:"Dairou".
Cassette Beasts
Cassette Beasts' plot is inspired by isekai, a subgenre of fantasy that revolves around a person being transported to and surviving in another world. However, the game changes normal conventions of the genre by having everyone the player meets in the game also be transported to the island of New Wirral in a similar manner. According to writer Jay Baylis, this was done to allow the team to put focus on the people who are present in the game.
Moonmist is believed to be the first video game to include a lesbian character in the form of Vivien Pentreath, a criminal artist who is stated to be jealous of her girlfriend marrying a man. It should be noted, however, that she is never actually referred to as a lesbian in-game.
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The Police Mystery
Following the scene where Diane Spoiler:is crushed by Lin, who found out she was a dirty cop, the player is given a dialogue prompt that can lead to a bad ending with two possible death scenes. Originally, it was not possible to trigger the bad ending after finishing the scene, but on February 26, 2024, a series of updates was released (versions 7.0.4 to 7.0.7), each one claiming to have made it possible to obtain the bad ending by talking to Lin again after the scene occurs. Exactly which one made it possible is unknown, as each of the version updates have the exact same description regarding the addition.
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Final Fantasy X
subdirectory_arrow_right Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (Game), Final Fantasy X-2 (Game), Final Fantasy (Franchise)
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Unofficial Japanese to French to English translation of Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~ (3 page forum thread):

Final Fantasy -Will- (links include Japanese audio, English subtitles, and English audio):

Amazon link to the novella with mixed user reviews:永遠の代償~-ノベルズ/dp/4757541570

Article about novella criticism:

Satirical article criticizing the novella:

Videos covering X-2.5 and Will:

Blog posts discussing the plots of X-2.5 and Will:
Fallout: New Vegas
subdirectory_arrow_right Fallout (Franchise)
During an interview with Variety Fair, Todd Howard revealed that the 2024 live-action "Fallout" TV series was considered canon to the games, having wanted to tell an original story within the game's world rather than adapt any of the previous games. However, when the show came out, this led to complaints from fans accusing the show of retconning the events of Fallout: New Vegas. Specifically, the sixth episode "The Trap" featured a shot of a blackboard seemingly depicting the fall of Shady Sands (the capital of the New California Republic) as taking place in the year 2277. Fallout: New Vegas takes place in the year 2281, yet Shady Sands is stated to still exist in the game without any mention of a fall (although the city cannot be visited in-game). Emil Pagliarulo, a design director for Bethesda, would try to assure fans on Twitter that Fallout: New Vegas is still considered canon, claiming to being overprotective of the series' lore and going as far as to post a timeline of the Fallout series. While the timeline not only featured both Fallout: New Vegas, the TV series, and also confirmed that Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is considered canon to the series, it did not address the timeline inconsistency brought about by the blackboard scene in the show. This reportedly led some fans to accuse Bethesda of holding a grudge against Obsidian Entertainment for making what many fans consider to be the best Fallout game and using the show as a way to spite them. However, it's worth noting that there are three other possible explanations for the inconsistency:

• Whoever wrote "2277" was misinformed due to the post-apocalyptic setting forcing many to rely on guesswork for event dates.
• It could be a simple mistake in writing for a series with large amounts of lore to it.
• It could be a reference to the "Lonesome Road" DLC expansion for New Vegas, where the player is given the option to nuke the NCR, though there is no confirmation that this ending is canon.

Howard would later defend the TV series and insist the game is still canon in an interview with IGN, claiming he had an emotional reaction when the TV series writers brought up the idea of bombing Shady Sands (which he also clarified was not a nuclear bombing) and carefully talked through the decision with them. When asked specifically about the 2277/2281 inconsistency, his response was that they were "threading [the needle] tighter there" to make it land in the TV series, move the Fallout series forward, and insisted that the fall of Shady Sands took place just after the events of the game. He reiterated that Bethesda was careful about sticking to the series timeline, admitting that there "might be a little bit of confusion at some places" and claimed that what was most important to them was what was happening in the time period of the TV series.
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
During the final battle in the Japanese version, Spoiler:a voiceover from Zelda states that the monstrous form that Calamity Ganon assumes is due to his obsession with maintaining his longevity. However, in the English localization, Spoiler:Zelda claims that this form is the result of him abandoning his ambitions for reincarnation and giving into his primal rage, which directly contrasts the Japanese script.

This also opens up a plot hole with Spoiler:Zelda's dialogue in the game's ending, where she says that "Ganon is gone for now" (emphasis added), implying that he will reincarnate anyway (as is the case in other entries, including the game's sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom); in the Japanese version, she simply says that "the threat of calamity has passed."
Spanish for Everyone!
Spanish for Everyone!'s plotline has been noted for containing stereotypical characters and seeming to have innuendo alluding to drug smuggling across the Mexican border. According to a developer, this was intentional as a way to have fun making a budget title, and inspired by the double meanings in the Shrek movies.
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Hardcore Gaming 101 article, links to a thread with a developer:

Developer mentioning Shrek inspiration:
Antonball Deluxe
subdirectory_arrow_right Antonblast (Game)
According to creator Tony Grayson, possibly in a joking manner, the Anton characters are all multicoloured as a result of a nuclear war that left only Japan and their home country of the Backburner Peninsula, and are not meant to be any real-world enthicity. Grayson jokingly compared the skin colors of the Anton characters to The Groovenians, a 2002 Cartoon Network pilot that was not picked up for a series.
Fallout 2
Fallout 2 is notable for being the first video game to feature same-sex marriage through opportunities to marry Miria or Davin, a sister and brother working at the slaughterhouse in Modoc, in a shotgun wedding regardless of the Chosen One's gender or party limit. This marriage is permanent unless Miria/Davin dies in some way, is sold to slavery, or is divorced at New Reno's Drunk Cupid Chapel in exchange for a bottle of alcohol.

According to game designer Chris Avellone in 2019, nobody at Black Isle Studios working on the game was against the inclusion of same-sex marriage, and noted that "fans didn't seem to care" about it when playing the game. He believed the reason for this reception was because of it only being offered in Modoc, a tight-knit small town "where things can get wild and weird" that was more receptive to it than a more "modern" location like Vault City.
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Shipwrecked 64
Throughout development of Shipwrecked 64, Squeaks D'Corgeh would make references to a non-existent character in the game named "Duncan Dolphin". This even included a fake death animation for a character named "Drake Dulfin" (likely intended to be the Spoiler:Starling counterpart of Duncan) being shot in the face by Spoiler:Brandon Lester in his Bucky Beaver costume in what appeared to be a Wild West-esque setting. This continued after the game's release, where one of the patch notes for the Hotfix 2 update stated "Removed Duncan Dolphin", likely as a reference to the "Removed Herobrine" gag seen in updates to Minecraft.

However, on April 1st, 2024, an April Fools update was released that added Duncan to the game as a New Game+ bonus. If the game's True Ending has been reached, he will appear in The Theater at Midnight and ask Bucky for help activating his "New. Radical. Mechanism!!" due to losing the trinkets needed to make it work. This will take the player to a new area called "Garten of Duncan", a recreation of the Testing Sector from Garten of Banban made using assets from The Plaza. Clearing the map will take the player to a previously unused location called "Layer 4 Elevator", where an audio tape reveals that the player can input console commands to access other unused locations as part of the update. Entering the door will take the player to another new area, known simply as "Sample Area", but only a few seconds after entering the player will be kicked out to the encounter with the Spoiler:Studiogrounds Husk at the end of the game.

Notably, in the "Layer 4 Elevator" area, Chief Wulf can be seen on top of the tallest building in the area. If the player uses console commands to reach him, he can be spoken to, revealing that Spoiler:he has relived the same days over and over again, watched Stumbler O'Hare die over and over as part of that, and believes that he will be forgotten after his death.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month April 11, 2024
Attachment Ben Hurst, one of the writers for the 1993 "Sonic the Hedgehog" animated series, attempted to pitch a continuation of the show to Sega in 2002 as either a third season or a movie. He consulted DiC Entertainment, who produced the show (as well as two other Sonic cartoons, "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Sonic Underground"), and was given the name of a Sega executive who wanted to talk with him more about the idea. Hurst then received a call from Ken Penders, at the time the head writer for Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, who had been made aware of Hurst's interest in making a movie based on the series. Hurst offered to include Penders in the project, and told him his strategy for the pitch was to develop a satisfying storyline to conclude the show, and simultaneously giving Sega ideas for new games. This resulted in a long-standing controversy where Hurst claimed that Penders sabotaged his plan by telling Sega that he was trying to co-opt the franchise, resulting in Hurst's dismissal from the project. Over 13 years after Hurst's death, Penders would give his side of the story in a 2023 blog post, claiming that Hurst's joint proposal between the two would involve asking Sega to pay them to produce the series, and doubted that Sega would even schedule a meeting to let them pitch it if Sega funding the pitch was the premise, stating that "the owner of any IP is looking for a payday when it comes to using the rights for their properties."

In September 2003, Penders pitched his own concept for a Sonic the Hedgehog movie, titled "Sonic Armageddon". Four pieces of concept art were produced, and even a homemade pitch video was made to show to Sega executives. From what is known about the pitch (which seemed to borrow elements from both the 1993 series and the Archie comics), it would have involved the planet Mobius being destroyed and changed the depiction of the roboticization procedure to something much more gruesome than what had been previously seen. Notably, several major characters (such as the Freedom Fighters sans Sonic, Tails and Sally) are not shown in either the pitch video or the concept art, and the characters that are shown are given major redesigns. A common belief is that DreamWorks Animation was Penders' choice to produce the film, but Penders would later state in 2019 that he had pitched the idea to Sega only, and that DreamWorks had no involvement. The film never materialized; Penders would later claim on separate occasions that the idea was dropped because of "massive corporate upheaval", as well as the development of the animated series "Sonic X" affecting talks regarding the film.
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AI: The Somnium Files
Two of the game's core themes are eyes and different types and expressions of love. This is reflected in the game's title, AI: the word itself is pronounced "eye", and is derived from "ai" (愛), the Japanese word for love. The title also has additional meanings, namely how it's pronounced similar to the English word "I", and how the title is short for "artificial intelligence". Additionally, the word "somnium" in the game's subtitle is taken from the Latin word for "dream", in reference to how the game's plot involves entering dreams in order to solve cases.
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
subdirectory_arrow_right Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (Game)
During a Q&A with Kotaku in 2015, it was noted that both Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair had a female character that appeared to have been designed to be the player/main character's favorite, the former game having Kyoko Kirigiri and the latter game having Chiaki Nanami. When asked if this was intentional, series creator Kazutaka Kodaka stated:

"For number one, I didn't really specifically think of any female characters as the heroine. In regards to Kyoko Kirigiri specifically, it was just the idea that she was a detective and she had a good thought process that drove her to be perceived in that role for the player. On the other hand, wanting to specifically create a heroine is what drove Chiaki's creation."
System Shock 2
Attachment During the training mission at the start of the game, once you walk outside the Ramsey Recruitment Center, there is a grey ramp to the right of where you exit that can be climbed on. Sitting at the top of the ramp is a basketball that you can pick up and keep in your inventory. This basketball is unique among other items in the game in that it bounces and rolls realistically when dropped, except on moving platforms where it instantly sticks to the ground. However, there is a specific use for it later in the game when you are on-board the Recreation Deck, the fifth deck of the Von Braun starship. When you enter the Athletic Sector of the ship, you can find a basketball court with a broken hoop and one intact hanging hoop, as well as the first Rumbler in the game. Dropping the basketball through the working hoop from the second floor of the court will cause an email transmission to be sent to Soldier, accompanied by a series of monkey sound effects and mechanical noises. This email was written by A. Bananas, a squirrel monkey wearing a deerstalker cap and a monocle, and comes with a picture of a banana as an attachment. The content of the email is an offer to form an alliance with the other squirrel monkeys on the ship:

re: Join us?
"Things are going according to plan. We've managed to turn the Many against SHODAN, and you've been stupid enough to stick your neck out for that overbearing uber-computer. Why not join us? While you've been stockpiling ammo, med hypos and hi tech gadgets, we've collected every last piece of nuts, bananas and coconuts onboard. Just say the word, and you'll get plenty to eat, an attractive hirsute companion, and a tire swing of your own. In the end, isn't that what really matters?"

Opening the email to hear the voice recording of it will reveal A. Banana's speech is normal monkey chatter, but the software of Soldier's cyber rig can apparently translate it into the English language through unknown means.
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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
The final twist in the game, where it's revealed that Spoiler:the entire Danganronpa franchise was actually a reality television show spanning fifty-three seasons, was made with the intention to "bring a more interesting idea to the fans". As noted by Kazutaka Kodaka:

"We put what we felt would be fun and interesting into a game and this goes for Danganronpa V3 too. We don’t think about making a game that would fit what fans would expect. We are proud of the ending because lately there aren’t many games that have fans debate over the ending.

The Western culture really likes Spoiler:reality TV and it’s really popular there. Because of that, I feel the Western culture will have different views on the ending and I’m excited to see if the Western gamers would be able to accept the ending more compared to Japan who is focused on the characters and character popularity. If you are focused on the characters you might find the ending strange or very sad."
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