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Star Fox 64
Attachment In Star Fox: Assault's campaign, it is revealed by Beltino Toad, Slippy's father, that the Aparoids had already attacked the Lylat System 17 years prior, where an entire Cornerian fleet was destroyed by a single Aparoid, the same type that destroyed Oikonny's flagship and attacked the Star Fox team on Fortuna.

In a 2011 Nintendo Dream magazine interview with Takaya Imamura, he explained that rather than having the Aparoids suddenly appear, he felt that it would be better have something that was already there in the past so there would be a connection and give the story more depth. This is also why it was decided to have Beltino, who was previously stated to have worked for Space Dynamics in ancillary material for Star Fox 64, to be in charge of the Cornerian army by the time of the events of Star Fox: Assault.

Imamura explains that, with Beltino being a genius scientist, he was doing various military commissions and Space Dynamics work in the form of a commissioned employee over the years, explaining how he fought against the Aparoids as apart of the Cornerian Army 17 years priors, later joined up with Space Dynamics by the time of Star Fox 64, and then eventually returned to the Cornerian Army by the time of Star Fox: Assault.
Also Appears On: Star Fox: Assault (Game)
Contributed by Dinoman96 on December 1, 2023
Star Fox: Assault - Katina Briefing:

Nintendo Dream interview:
Star Fox Command
Attachment The character of Octoman is portrayed as much more angry and agressive in the English localization of Star Fox Command than he is in the original Japanese script. Take for example, this bit from the Slippy's Resolve story route:

SLIPPY: Wow, this guy is really angry...
OCTOMAN: Andross's secret facility MUST NOT FALL into enemy hands! If it does, we're all GONNA BE CALAMARI! GOT IT?! GGYYAAARRGGGHHHH!! AAAAAND...it appears that Aquas has ALSO BEEN INFILTRATED! Find these scum and wipe them out NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! ...Er, over.

Re-translating the Japanese text, however, reveals:

OCTOMAN: 惑星タイタニアに敵を近づけてはならない…繰り返す タイタニアに敵を近づけるな… (Do not let the enemy near the planet Titania... repeat: Do not let the enemy near Titania...)
SLIPPY: タイタニア? (Titania?)
OCTOMAN: アンドルフの隠した装置が敵の手に渡ったら大変なことになる アクアスにもじゃま者が侵入した模様 見つけて撃破する …以上 (If Andorf's hidden device gets into enemy hands, we're in big trouble... Aquas has been infiltrated by trespassers...find and destroy them... Over.)

Also in the English version of this game, Octoman has a rather baffling line later on in this same story route, where, when facing against Slippy and his fiance Amanda, he tells his subordinate Zako (Sharman in the Japanese version) this:

OCTOMAN: Mighty Zako! Destroy the puny humans!

It goes without saying that this does not appear to make any sense because Slippy and Amanda are frogs, not humans.

However, re-translating the Japanese text reveals:

OCTOMAN: 目障りだ! シャーマンよ! 噛み砕いてやれ (An eyesore! Sharman! Chew them up!)
There are two instances in the history of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics where writers had attempted to write a same-sex relationship for characters originally created for the 1993 animated series that the comic was based on.

On October 30, 2009, former writer Ken Penders revealed that he had intended for the character Rotor the Walrus to be gay, stating:

"I thought it was fairly obvious Rotor was gay, and begun laying the groundwork for that storyline during the MOBIUS: 25 YEARS LATER segments. I even showed his life partner without saying as such and planted clues between the lines."

It would later be stated that Rotor's "life partner" was Cobar, an Echidna scientist who only ever appeared during the MOBIUS: 25 YEARS LATER storyline. According to technical advisor Robert Repas (speaking on behalf of Penders), Sega feared backlash over the relationship, and thus ordered him to keep the relationship low-key, only allowing subtle hints, though Penders later clarified that it was likely then-editor Justin Freddy Gabrie that he had spoken with and not Sega. At the same time, this relationship has been critcized by fans for its lack of subtextual evidence, which was not helped by Penders only revealing it years after the fact. According to later writer Ian Flynn as part of a Q&A wrap-up, Rotor and Cobar's relationship is considered a piece of behind-the-scenes trivia and is not canon to the current Sonic timeline as, according to him, there had been no canonical build-up to Rotor's sexual preference regardless of intention.

However, Flynn would be involved in the second instance of trying to write in a same-sex relationship. In the first episode of the BumbleKast from October 5, 2015, he stated:

"I would dare say that if you go through the book since the reboot, you could probably make a case for [Sally Acorn and Nicole the Holo-Lynx being in a romantic relationship]."

Shortly after the comic's cancellation, Flynn would confirm that he and his wife/fellow writer Aleah Baker had written subtle details hinting at this romance into the comic. He initially described these details as "blatant", but retracted it for "subtle", implying that there were some internal/editorial considerations at play for how far they could go with the hints. During the same BumbleKast episode, he also revealed that part of the reason why Sally and Nicole's relationship was made subtle was due to potential backlash from the Sonic fandom, as Sally had been commonly depicted as Sonic's girlfriend and love interest up to that point. One of Sega's mandates for the comic near the end of its run was that game characters like Sonic were not allowed to enter serious relationships, meaning Sonic would not be allowed to commit to Sally in the comic's reboot.
Contributed by chocolatejr9 on November 29, 2023
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations
Tatsuo Iwanoto, the character designer of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations, has said Dahlia Hawthorne was one of the more challenging characters for him to design, because the instructions he was given by the developers contained a lot of contradicting character elements, specifically saying:

"She was a heroine, but she was the ultimate villain... she wore both western clothing, but also traditional Japanese clothing. And there had to be something about her that Wright would fall in love with too. I had ideas for designs that would, individually, fulfill all those requirements, but synthesizing them all together into one unified design was very hard. To help concentrate, I had Capcom set up a dedicated design room for me, a place where I could hole up and do nothing but design. I'm still immature in that sense, in that I don't have a great workflow or workspace for creating characters."
Star Fox Command
In the "The Worm" mission on Titania in the Fox and Krystal story route, Krystal goes more in-depth about Andross' plans to terraform Venom.

"After Andross fought you, he dedicated his remaining days to planet Venom. He wanted to leave some sort of legacy. That's all."

Peppy Hare has a similar line in the "Andross' Legacy" mission, also on Titania during the Goodbye Fox story route.

"Well, after our last battle with Andross, he started thinking. He put together a plan to terraform the whole environment. He wanted to make Venom a more hospitable place to live."

These both seem to bizarrely imply that even after being destroyed by the end of Star Fox 64, Andross was somehow still physically alive somewhere on Venom, which is where he began to plan out terraforming Venom into a beautiful green world.

Re-translating the Japanese text for both of these, however, reveals:

"彼はあなた達に復讐した後 後世に新しいベノムの創造主として名前を残したかったのよ (He wanted to take revenge on you and leave his name as the creator of the new Venom for posterity.)

かつてアンドルフは我々との戦いの後 ベノムを住みやすい環境に変える計画を立てていたんじゃ (Andorf once had a plan to turn Venom into a livable environment after the war with us.)"

Which makes it much more clear that what Krystal and Peppy had intended to say was that Andross (or Andorf as he's called in Japan) had always intended on terraforming Venom for posterity after he had enacted revenge against General Pepper and Corneria for banishing him there. One could say it was essentially Andross' retirement plan.
Contributed by Dinoman96 on November 28, 2023
Tekken 3
Eddy Gordo's last name of "Gordo" translates to "fat" in Portuguese. This is especially unfortunate since Eddy comes from Brazil where Portuguese is the majority language.
Contributed by Kirby Inhales Jotaro on November 28, 2023
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Solidus Snake's swords are named "Minshuto" and "Kyowato". This translates to "Democrat" and "Republican", respectively.
Contributed by Kirby Inhales Jotaro on November 27, 2023
Solidus Snake official action figure by Square Enix Play Arts Kai (description identifies the swords as Minshuto and Kyowato; only official evidence I could easily find of this being their names):

Forum post from 2006 claiming they are named in concept art in The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2:

The Art of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (pages with Solidus: 80-82, 149-150):

The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 (supposedly in this game but cannot find evidence):

Sword names article:
Yakuza 3
Yakuza 2 features a side story called “The Enka Life” where an NPC sings a song titled "The Moonlight Snows of Kamurocho". In Yakuza 3, this song would go on to be one of the songs Kiryu can sing in the karaoke minigame under the name “Kamurocho Lullaby” and would continue to be used in select future entries.
Also Appears On: Yakuza 2 (Game)
Contributed by Kirby Inhales Jotaro on November 27, 2023
This is the origin of the song (starts at 5:25):

And here it is in Yakuza 3:
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
In 2023, the Japanese noodle brand Cup Noodle used footage from the beginning of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with Konami's permission to advertise their premium seafood cup noodles. The commercial features a scene where Big Boss Spoiler:(actually Venom Snake in disguise) wakes up from a coma and a doctor tells him how long he was out, with the dialogue changed to have the doctor inform Big Boss that while the seafood flavored cup noodles feature no shrimp, the new premium sea food flavor does have shrimp. This scene in general is a meme in the Japanese-speaking Internet, hence why it was used.
Star Fox Command
Attachment The character of Panther Caroso (or Caruso as he's called in Command) infamously speaks in the third-person throughout Star Fox Command, despite not doing so in his debut game, Star Fox: Assault.

It turns out that this is yet another quirk of Command's English localization, as Panther speaks normally in first-person in the Japanese script just as he did in Assault.

Here are three of Panther's lines in-game during the Star Wolf bossfight:

• Panther will make you late for your hot date!
• Panther is sick of seeing your face!
• You can't value your life very much if you fight Panther!

However, re-translating the original Japanese text will reveal:

• デートの時間に 遅れちまう! (I'm going to be late for my date!)
• お前らの顔は もう見飽きた (I'm tired of seeing your faces.)
• 俺と戦おうなんて 命知らずめ! (You dare to fight me, you daredevil!)

Another example is this conversation here:

KRYSTAL: Wolf! Panther! Leon! Thank goodness you're not hurt!
WOLF: It was a barrel of laughs, princess! Although I think the old Panther's feeling a bit heartbroken!
PANTHER: It was a pleasure for Panther, too, darling! Your feelings...Panther understood them, but...
KRYSTAL: Panther! I...
PANTHER: Panther does not believe you were using him!
LEON: Har! Then what were you crying about earlier, eh, loverboy?
WOLF: We'll meet again, Star Fox!
PANTHER: Farewell, my sweet Krystal. You will return to us one day. This... Panther believes!

Here's this same conversation re-translated from the Japanese script.

KRYSTAL: 無事でよかったわ… ウルフ パンサー レオン (I'm glad you're all safe... Wolf, Panther, Leon.)
WOLF: 楽しかったぜ! お嬢ちゃん パンサーの野郎は悲しんでるけどな! (That was fun, princess! Panther guy might be feeling down, though!)
PANTHER: 俺も楽しかったよハニー! 君の気持ちは分かっていたけどね…… (I had fun too, honey! I knew how you felt, though...)
KRYSTAL: パンサー!! 私… (Panther!!! I...)
PANTHER: 利用されたなんて思ってないぜ! (I never thought I was being used!)
LEON: ククク…強がり言っちゃって… (Hehehe... putting up a tough front...)
WOLF: またどこかで会おう! スターフォックス! (Let's meet again somewhere! Star Fox!)
PANTHER: さよならクリスタル… でもいつか君は俺達のもとに帰ってくる そう信じているよ (Goodbye, Krystal...But someday, you'll come back to us. I believe that.)
Contributed by Dinoman96 on November 26, 2023
Japanese/English/fan translations for Star Fox Command:

Japanese fan website for Star Fox Command lore - Panther Caroso boss page:
Yakuza 4
Through out the Yakuza series, the character of Goro Majima speaks with a Kansai accent, a Japanese accent associated with the Kansai region where Osaka is located. This accent is also stereotyped as being associated with criminals or gangsters. There are multiple instances where Goro Majima seemingly slips back into speaking in a Kanto accent, more associated with Tokyo and without this connotation, and this is even commented on by other characters, (with one notable instance being in Yakuza 4 where his sworn brother Taiga Saejima who speaks in a more natural Kansai accent informs him his accent is slipping) suggesting he puts up the accent to make himself seem tougher or more serious.
Also Appears On: Yakuza (Franchise)
Um Jammer Lammy
Attachment The cutscene for the final stage in Um Jammer Lammy has Lammy, Ma-San, and Katy Kat all rush to the same door and apologize for being late as they got in a "lot of mess", implying that Katy and Ma-San had similar adventures to Lammy. In the American version of the game, Lammy gets to the door in her camouflage outfit from the censored island stage, and to adjust for this, Ma-San gains a Middle Eastern turban and camel, while Katy gains a military helmet and bullet strap, giving a further clue as to what adventures they could've gone on.
A lot of imagery in Flicky is intended metaphorically, such as the bicycle and balloons on the opening titles representing the dreams of the chicks, and the space level representing the future that Flicky attempts to prevent the cat and lizard from taking away from the chicks. In addition, the choice to make Flicky a sparrow, but have the hatchlings she protects be chickens, was a representation of how non-parents can experience maternal instincts when seeing children in danger.
Contributed by Rocko & Heffer on November 23, 2023
Club Penguin
Chris Hendricks, a former artist and composer for Club Penguin, was originally against the inclusion of the game's main villain Herbert P. Bear, as he felt that Club Penguin was a game that was meant to be "safe and fun" and thus didn't need a villain. However, during development of the PSA missions, it became apparent that it was becoming difficult to put obstacles in the player's way without some sort of villain behind it. The team member who first pitched the idea of adding a villain to the game initially came up with the idea of there being three polar bears: a boss bear, a skinny vegetarian henchman bear, and a big stupid bear who would lift heavy objects and be endearing and lovable. Some staff, however, felt that this was too many bears, and eventually reached a compromise: take all the best attributes of the three bears, combine them into one bear, and give him a lovable sidekick.

Chris, however, was still concerned about the idea of adding a villain, so to both build up mystery and try to appease him, the story was developed so that the villain wouldn't be revealed until the fifth mission: in the third mission, the only evidence of the villain was white fur. This gave them a potential escape route in case players didn't want a villain in the game, as they could have the fourth mission reveal that the whole thing was a misunderstanding and that a white puffle (which hadn't debuted at that point) was to blame. As it would turn out, fans loved the idea of a villain, so the fourth mission would give a shadowy teaser of the villain, before the full reveal of Herbert P. Bear in the fifth mission. Chris would later admit that he was wrong to not want a villain in the game, as Herbert became one of his favorite characters, and lead to the introduction of other memorable villains (i.e. Tusk and Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000) as well.
Star Fox 64
Attachment In Star Fox 64 3D's ending, the conference hall where the Star Fox team meets General Pepper after Andross' defeat was changed from its original appearance into a hangar, with fewer, more spread out Dog soldiers.

More notable, however, is how the generic planet Corneria image and lettering at the back of the room has been replaced by the Cornerian Army logo that first appeared in Star Fox: Assault.
Also Appears On: Star Fox 64 3D (Game), Star Fox: Assault (Game)
Contributed by Dinoman96 on November 21, 2023
Game Party Champions
Despite appearing as simply one of the many near-indistinguishable motion-controlled sports compilation games released in the wake of Wii Sports' popularity, Game Party Champions features an emotional and personal storyline about a child dealing with grief over their father's death, assisted by a character Spoiler:who is eventually revealed to be the father's ghost. Both writer Steve Bowler and voice actor Yuri Lowenthal were shocked by Warner Bros.' approval of the script. Bowler had intended for his daughter - who the protagonist, Riley, was named after - to play the game after he dies and learn life lessons from it.
Star Fox Command
Attachment Dash Bowman is notably the only playable pilot in all of Star Fox Command outside of the Star Fox (Fox, Falco, Peppy, Slippy, Krystal, and even James) and Star Wolf (Wolf, Leon and Panther) teams to be select-able against the Emperor Anglar, essentially the game's true final boss, on Venom.

The only last bosses the other playable pilots can go against are the Splitter in the Lucy and Krystal storyline (which is fought by Katt, Lucy, Amanda as well as Krystal), and Pigma in the Pigma's Revenge route (which is fought by Katt, as well as Falco).

Bill Grey only appears in two missions on Katina and thus is the only pilot to not be involved in the last battle of any of Command's story routes, and also the only pilot (besides James) to not be featured in any of the nine endings.
Star Fox Command
Attachment During Star Fox: Assault's Fortuna mission, Andrew Oikonny, who is now leading a rebellion against Corneria using the remnants of Andross' army, pilots a flagship that transforms into a mode based on his deceased uncle (Falco even dismisses it as a "Andross wanna-be") complete with a floating head with disembodied hands. The official Japanese Star Fox: Assault guidebook reveals its name to be デスバブーン (Desubabūn), or Death Baboon.

Despite being seemingly destroyed by an Aparoid, Oikonny would reappear in Star Fox Command, working for the Anglar Army (who are revealed to be creations of his uncle), this time in another vessel shaped and named after an animal that's name also starts with "Death", the Death Crab.
Also Appears On: Star Fox: Assault (Game)
Contributed by Dinoman96 on November 19, 2023
User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox: Assault guidebook:

Star Fox: Assault - Oikonny's Flagship boss:

Star Fox Command - Oikonny appearance:
Star Fox: Assault
Attachment The first Aparoid boss of Star Fox: Assault is a giant butterfly looking creature that appears at the end of the Fortuna mission. This particular Aparoid would reappear as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and also a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in both cases being dubbed simply as just "Aparoid".

The official Japanese Star Fox: Assault guidebook reveals this type of Aparoid to have a proper name: ゼグダリア (Zegudaria), or Zegdahlia as it's called by the provided English text.
Contributed by Dinoman96 on November 18, 2023
Star Fox: Assault - Fortuna: First Aparoid:

User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox: Assault guidebook:

Wiki list of Super Smash Bros. 4 Star Fox trophies:

Wiki list of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Star Fox spirits:
Star Fox: Assault
Attachment Star Fox: Assault establishes the Sargasso region as the Star Wolf team's base of operations. Its name is virtually untouched from the Japanese version, サルガッソ (Sarugasso), but there exists an added pun in the latter, in that it begins with サル (Saru), the Japanese word for Monkey. This adds up, as Wolf's criminal empire here is shown to be made up of monkeys, presumably remnants from Andross' army.
Contributed by Dinoman96 on November 18, 2023
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