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Contrary to popular belief, Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo did not singlehandedly force Rare (who was never even fully owned by Nintendo) to convert Dinosaur Planet into Star Fox Adventures. It was merely an offer and suggestion Miyamoto gave to Rare, and at the very least, the higher ups such as the Stamper Bros. and Kevin Bayliss were on board with it. An October 2004 edition of Rare's Scribes says as such:

Q: First of all, what’s the true story here, did Rare approach Microsoft because Nintendo raped Dinosaur Planet, or did Microsoft approach you guys because of your talent?

A: None of it had anything to do with Dinosaur Planet. That was way before the negotiations started, and besides, the Rare-Nintendo relationship didn’t work in such a way that they’d just force the SFA switch on us.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 19, 2023
Dinosaur Planet/Star Fox Adventures Development Explained:

Rare Scribes – October 19th 2004:
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Attachment Shigeru Miyamoto had actually teased the existence of Star Fox Adventures at least an entire year before its actual announcement at E3 2001. In an interview with Miyamoto in a February 2000 issue of 64 Dream (so several months before Dinosaur Planet was revealed at E3 2000 that year), he had mentioned that, while a sequel to Star Fox 64 was not currently in development, he'd like to make a game titled "Star Fox Adventures" for the then-coming GameCube. Similarly, in an interview with Miyamoto at E3 2000, when asked about how he felt about Rare's recently unveiled Dinosaur Planet, he had this to say:

"It looks really nice, doesn't it? I wish they would use Star Fox characters so that they could use the title Star Fox Adventures. Maybe I should call the team and talk about it [laughs]."

Further interviews reveal Star Fox Adventures' origins indeed actually came from within Nintendo in Kyoto, Japan, even before Rare and Dinosaur Planet were involved. Towards the end of the Nintendo 64's lifecycle, Takaya Imamura, who had created Fox McCloud and had been heavily involved with the series since the first game, had begged Miyamoto to let him work on the Star Fox series again. Miyamoto obliged, but had requested for Imamura to instead create an action-adventure title starring Fox as the main character as opposed to a traditional arcade shooter in the vein of Star Fox on the SNES or Star Fox 64. This led Imamura and other Nintendo staff like Kazuaki Morita to begin experimenting with various ideas, like having Fox run around on-foot and shooting down enemies with a gun.

However, with it being a late-stage N64 title, the project was not making much progress as many of the staff were being pulled away to work on bigger projects for the then-upcoming GameCube such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda. This was when Miyamoto noticed Rare was making their own action-adventure game starring Star Fox-esque characters known as Dinosaur Planet. Impressed by their demo at E3, he and other Nintendo staff arranged a meeting with Rare employees to discuss the prospects of merging their similar projects into one, and from there the game that today would be known as Star Fox Adventures would be born.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month October 28, 2023
Shigeru Miyamoto teasing "Star Fox Adventures" in a February 2000 issue of 64 Dream:

Miyamoto discussing Dinosaur Planet and the prospects of renaming it "Star Fox Adventures" at E3 2000:

Nintendo Japanese website Star Fox Adventures interview:

English translations of above NOM interview:

Nintendo Dream interview:

2001 article on shift from Dinosaur Planet to Star Fox Adventures:

Article by Kev Bayliss on a leaked build of Dinosaur Planet:
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Attachment The life bar icons for the SnowHorn and HighTop in Star Fox Adventures sport different, more cartoony designs from their respective in-game models. The reason for this is because they're clearly based upon their original N64 Dinosaur Planet models, which too are much more cartoonier than the final SFA models that go for a more semi-realistic look.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 19, 2024
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Phil Tossell, the lead software engineer for Star Fox Adventures, had mentioned that Dinosaur Planet had begun development before The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time had released, and thus the development team didn't start taking inspiration from it until afterwards. He also talked about how understaffed the development team was in comparison to most Zelda games, specifically mentioning how they initially had only five programmers, only adding in more later on. This resulted in the team facing many technical and design problems during the development of Dinosaur Planet/Star Fox Adventures:

"When we first began Dinosaur Planet, Zelda wasn't out yet, so the game had a slightly different feel, but when Zelda came out, I think the designers were really inspired and amazed by it, and to a large extent, we emulated a number of features. The problem was we were making Star Fox Adventures with a tiny team in comparison to Zelda; for most of the development, we only had five programmers, only adding more much later on. I don't think anyone would even attempt such a large game with such a small team nowadays.

Star Fox Adventures was one of the first games to utilise a fully streaming world on a console that had a relatively small amount of memory, squeezing everything in and making what I still think is one of the most beautiful-looking GameCube games was a real challenge. When we first conceived the idea of a 'no-loading' world, it was on the N64 which of course had cartridges, making instant loading much more straightforward. However, by the time we moved to GameCube we were faced with our first experience of a disc-based medium, which added complications. In addition, with the move to Star Fox branding, we had space levels which we had never envisaged in the beginning."
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Attachment Many of Star Fox Adventures' Japanese ancillary material, such as its cover art, official guidebook, official website and even the 4koma manga, utilize renders/designs from the N64 version of Dinosaur Planet for certain dinosaur tribes, those specifically being the EarthWalkers (represented by the King EarthWalker's DP render) as well as the ShadowHunters, who even appear on SFA's Japanese cover art despite only appearing very briefly in the final game during the Test of Fear.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month October 29, 2023
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Outside of the SNES titles, Star Fox Adventures is the only Star Fox game on a home console to not feature any sort of Japanese voice acting, instead relying on Japanese subtitles for its localization in Japan. This is because Rare preferred to use their in-house staff for voicing characters in their games, rather than having to travel over to London to find professional voice actors.

Since Krystal and Tricky are the only new characters introduced in SFA to reappear in future games such as Star Fox Assault and the Super Smash Bros. series, they are the only Dinosaur Planet/Star Fox Adventures characters to ever have any Japanese voice work done for them, with Krystal being voiced by Teiya Ichiryusai and Tricky being voiced by Hirohiko Kakegawa. Ichiryusai would reprise her role as Krystal in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with her voice clips being reused for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month October 28, 2023
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Attachment Dragon Rock, Star Fox Adventures' final SpellStone area, was considerably larger and more complex in earlier versions of the game than in the final release. Both the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet and also the E3 2002 kiosk version of Star Fox Adventures show that Dragon Rock featured a slew of additional areas that didn't make the final cut, such as an underground quarry area where Sabre/Fox would have to save the imprisoned EarthWalker from being eaten by a group of creatures known as Skeetlas, and also a large underground mining facility Sabre/Fox could only access by flying the imprisoned CloudRunner to the top of the titular Dragon Rock (a giant tower in SFA) at the center of the map. In SFA's case, Fox would have to solve a puzzle that would involve powering the portal at the back end of the room that would grant him access to Drakor, Dragon Rock's boss.

In the final release, both the underground quarry and the mining facility were removed: Fox simply frees the EarthWalker from a corral on the surface by hitting a switch located nearby the imprisoned HighTop from across the map, and Fox immediately skips to fighting Drakor after being dropped off by the CloudRunner at the top of the center tower. Funny enough, when Fox lands on the platform in Drakor's arena, it bizarrely shows electricity spewing around him, which was a remnant of the portal he was supposed to activate in the cut mining facility segment in order to access the boss.

The SFA dev team admitted on a 2003 Rare Scribes that Dragon Rock was massively scaled back from its intended design due to "approaching deadlines", presumably referring to the impending Microsoft buyout in 2002. It's worth pointing out that the mining facility area can actually be found in the files of the final retail release of SFA and surprisingly in a much more complete state than the kiosk's version, which indicates that the dev team continued working on this area in the final months of development but ran out of time to polish it to their liking.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month October 27, 2023
Dragon Rock in Dinosaur Planet:

Dragon Rock in Star Fox Adventures, circa E3 2002:

Dragon Rock's cut bottom mining area found in the retail version of Adventures:

Rare scribes circa 2003 explaining why Dragon Rock was cut down:
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Attachment Rare had originally considered removing the character of Krystal in the transition from Dinosaur Planet to Star Fox Adventures entirely. Former Rare artist Kevin Bayliss recently posted a glimpse at an earlier form of SFA's cutscene sequence notes that shows zero trace of Krystal, instead featuring Fox McCloud in her place in the prologue, riding the CloudRunner onto General Scales' galleon, and eventually arriving at Warlock Mountain (which would become Krazoa Palace in the final game), where he would then communicate with Slippy Toad and General Pepper, the former beaming him the projectile upgrade, obviously filling in for Randorn granting Krystal the projectile spellpage in Dinosaur Planet. It seems an earlier idea Rare had in the transition from DP to SFA was to have Fox crash land his Arwing over Dinosaur Planet, forcing him to traverse on-foot.

Rare would proceed to have multiple meetings with Nintendo's staff in Kyoto, those including Shigeru Miyamoto and Takaya Imamura (the creator of Fox McCloud and godfather of the Star Fox series), to iron out their new story for what would become Star Fox Adventures. Miyamoto and Imamura requested for Krystal to remain in the game, feeling it'd be a waste to scrap her entirely, and Imamura would help redesign her to fit better aesthetically alongside the main Star Fox cast. According to Imamura, his redesign of Krystal was inspired by Vampirella, a Warren Publishing comic book character known for wearing risqué outfits. Reportedly, this was because he and Miyamoto wanted to add sex appeal to the Star Fox franchise, as the latter wanted the series to have mature elements wherever possible.

Another old piece of SFA concept art Kevin Bayliss posted features a To Do list with one of the bullet point saying "We use Krystal again". This was obviously after one of the meetings the DP/SFA dev team had with Miyamoto, Imamura, etc in Kyoto.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month October 27, 2023
Earlier SFA cutscene sequence list from Kev Bayliss' twitter:

2007 interview with Rare employees regarding Krystal:

Nintendo Dream interview:

Randorn giving Krystal the projectile spellpage in Dinosaur Planet:

More SFA concept art. Notice how one of them says "We use Krystal again": https://imgur.com/a/OtnVRSg#p3nZIzK
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Attachment The floating planetoid representing CloudRunner Fortress on the world map screen in Star Fox Adventures very clearly resembles its original, rockier iteration from the Nintendo 64 version of Dinosaur Planet, as opposed to its remodeled look in the final Star Fox Adventures.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month April 22, 2024
CloudRunner Fortress in the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet:

CloudRunner Fortress in Star Fox Adventures:
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Attachment Found within the files of Star Fox Adventures is an unused audio track for the WarpStone's introduction cutscene, which also includes verbal dialogue. This was clearly an earlier version before Rare had done a voice-acting retake.

Most notably, the music that plays in the background is a remnant from Dinosaur Planet, from the scene where Krystal first arrives in SwapStone Circle and thus meets her respective SwapStone, Rubble. In the final Star Fox Adventures, music performed by bagpipes is played instead in this particular cutscene.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month January 6, 2024
Star Fox Adventures - WarpStone Intro (Unused Ver.):

Star Fox Adventures - WarpStone Intro cutscene:

Dinosaur Planet - Krystal meets Rubble in SwapStone Circle:

Dinosaur Planet - Arriving at SwapStone Circle music track:
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Attachment One of the enemies Sabre and Krystal would encounter in Dinosaur Planet were these robotic Scorpion-like automatons, typically found in Krazoa-build strongholds such as the Force Point Temples and Cape Claw. While removed in the final Star Fox Adventures, they could still be found hidden within the E3 2002 kiosk version via hacking.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 17, 2023
Dinosaur Planet - Robot scorpions in action:

Robot scorpions found within SFA E3 2002 demo:
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Attachment What exists as LightFoot Village in Star Fox Adventures was originally merely a subarea in a greater location known as SwapStone Circle in Dinosaur Planet. This was essentially Krystal's equivalent to Sabre's SwapStone Hollow, acting as a hub for her adventure and thus connecting together her stages such as Cape Claw, BlackWater Canyon, Discovery Falls, Golden Plains and Moon Mountain Pass. It was also where she'd utilize her namesake SwapStone, Rubble, to transport to Warlock Mountain to deposit Krazoa spirits.

In the transition to Star Fox Adventures, when it was decided to scrap Krystal's co-protagonist role, thus leaving Fox as the only playable character outside of the prologue, Krystal's stages were either removed entirely or given to and reworked for Fox. SwapStone Circle as such would be heavily revamped, expunging the SwapStone element and heavily expanding the LightFoot Village mini-area into its own full distinct location. Similarly to Dinosaur Planet, the area would link to Cape Claw. It's worth noting that within the game files, LightFoot Village is internally called "SwapCircle", as ThornTail Hollow is similarly internally called "SwapHol", referencing their original names.

In Dinosaur Planet, Krystal and Kyte were tasked by the LightFoot to lit their ancient beacons that had gone out. Doing this in turn would reward them access to Discovery Falls. This quest would appear in the final Star Fox Adventures, but re-contextualized as the ThornTails in ThornTail Hollow asking for Fox and Tricky for help in reigniting their beacons, and doing so rewards them a key that let them access Moon Mountain Pass, as well as the Volcano Force Point Temple.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 14, 2023
Dinosaur Planet - SwapStone Circle:

Star Fox Adventures - LightFoot Village:

Star Fox Adventures - Lighting the beacons:

The Cutting Room Floor article:
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Attachment What exists as ThornTail Hollow in Star Fox Adventures was originally called SwapStone Hollow in Dinosaur Planet. It more or less functioned the same as it does in SFA, serving as the hub for Sabre's adventure, connecting his stages such as SnowHorn Wastes, Walled City, Diamond Bay, Willow Grove and Dragon Rock. It was where he'd utilize his namesake SwapStone, Rocky, to transport to Warlock Mountain to deposit Krazoa spirits.

ThornTail Hollow retains most of the same layout, but has noticeable differences: the shop that was originally situated underneath the SwapStone (now WarpStone, as the character swapping mechanic was dropped with Krystal's co-protagonist role scrapped) is now its own distinct establishment settled in the middle of the map. The winding series of tunnels right by the Swap/WarpStone has been replaced by the Mother ThornTail egg mini-game. The areas it was originally connected to such as Willow Grove, Walled City, Diamond Bay and Dragon Rock were either entirely removed or split off the mainland Dinosaur Planet in orbit. ThornTail Hollow also now leads into Moon Mountain Pass on the right side of the area, and what originally led to Willow Grove in the bottom left now leads into LightFoot Village.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 14, 2023
Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Dinosaur Planet - SwapStone Hollow:

Star Fox Adventures - ThornTail Hollow:
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Attachment Golden Plains was another of Krystal's stages in Dinosaur Planet that was cut in the transition to Star Fox Adventures. It was an open desert area that Krystal and Kyte would have to trek through in order to reach the Desert Force Point Temple. It would be home to other interests, such as the spell page for the Portal ability required to open the way into the Desert Force Point, another jetbike race, and as well as Krystal's final Krazoa shrine test, the Test of Knowledge.

Golden Plains featured a unique mechanic in that Krystal would take damage by vising this area during the day because of the extreme heat, hence why the SpellStone guardian previously encountered at CloudRunner Fortress (who appears in Star Fox Adventures under the name of "Gradabug") warns her to instead travel at night when the sun is gone.

Golden Plains was removed in the final Star Fox Adventures, but some of its elements would remain: the Desert Force Point Temple was reworked into the Ocean Force Point Temple and would be now accessed through Cape Claw. The Ocean Force Point would even inherent Golden Plain's original background music. The Test of Knowledge would be moved over to the top of the temple in the Walled City and fittingly enough would be Fox's final true Krazoa test, although one more was planned in place of the General Scales "boss fight" in Krazoa Palace.
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Dinosaur Planet - Golden Plains:

Dinosaur Planet - Test of Knowledge:
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Attachment One of Krystal's many areas from Dinosaur Planet that got scrapped in the transition to Star Fox Adventures was Discovery Falls, which consisted of a massive series of waterfalls and hidden caves. This was the first area that Krystal was meant to visit after rescuing Princess Kyte from the SharpClaw within Cape Claw, and was also home to her first Krazoa shrine test, the Test of Combat. Other notable characters encountered here include a member of the HighTop tribe (a race of sauropods), a friendly SharpClaw that teaches Krystal the Foodbag mechanic, and a mysterious mole creature that Krystal must feed in order to to help her dig additional tunnels within one of the caverns. This mole creature, internally referred to as "DFmole" in the game files, has been affectionately named "Capy" (short for "capybara") by some within the Dinosaur Planet community. This area was also where Krystal would eventually acquire an artifact of the Krazoa that would let her access more areas previously barred off in Cape Claw.

As mentioned before, this area would be scrapped entirely in the final Star Fox Adventures game, but some elements of it would live on elsewhere, namely the Test of Combat (which now exists in Moon Mountain Pass, fittingly as Fox's first test) and its background music, which now plays in Cape Claw, and was also remixed in romantic saxophone form as Krystal's theme.
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Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Dinosaur Planet - Discovery Falls:

Star Fox Adventures - Fox partaking in the Test of Combat in Moon Mountain Pass:
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Attachment Found within the files of the E3 2002 kiosk of Star Fox Adventures is a file called STORYBOARD.bin which reveals a set of storyboard images pertaining to a cut subplot in Dinosaur Planet's CloudRunner Fortress that would have dealt with Princess Kyte's traitorous uncle.

It seemed for two centuries, Kyte's uncle had been cast out by his tribe and now was seeking vengeance by allying himself with General Scales and the SharpClaw. It appears that Krystal and Kyte would combat and defeat this evil uncle, resulting in General Scales betraying him, and in retaliation, Kyte's uncle would attempt to perform a kamikaze attack on Scales and thus sacrifice himself.

While the storyboards otherwise are mostly similar to what is presented in the Dinosaur Planet condensed story and also leaked December 2000 build, there are some notable differences, just to name a few: as Krystal and Kyte enter CloudRunner Fortress, they witness a CloudRunner soldier get killed by one of the SharpClaw's spaceships (presumably provided to them by Drakor). The imprisoned SpellStone guardian, presented as a pachycephalosaurid type dinosaur from the BoneHead tribe in the leaked Dinosaur Planet build (who also appears in Star Fox Adventures with the name "Gradabug") is illustrated as more of a strange stegosaurid type of dinosaur here.

It's rather apparent that these storyboards were meant to pertain to a subarea within CloudRunner Fortress that had already been scrapped by the time of the condensed Dinosaur Planet story and also leaked build: the Trap Rooms, which would of featured an extra set of puzzles and challenges Krystal had to solve before acquiring the area's SpellStone. The storyboards show that the Trap Rooms were to be accessed through the underwater passage in the Fortress' main courtyard, which in the leaked build, instead leads to the jetbike race (in the final Star Fox Adventures, Fox accesses it through the CloudRunner's treasure rooms. Funny enough, Adventures' CloudRunner Fortress also has a scrapped area found beyond the Fortress' flooded courtyard pathway). It is worth pointing out that the March 1999 level list includes "CloudRunner - Treasure", "Dungeon", and "TrapRooms", but doesn't feature "CloudRunner - Race", which makes it all the more apparent the latter replaced the Trap Rooms in the December 2000 build, which would then carry over into Star Fox Adventures.
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Attachment The original Dinosaur Planet storyline had Sauria, the namesake Dinosaur Planet, a part a group of eight planets dubbed the "Majestic Eight". Said to be the first planets created when the universe began, the seven other were, as described by the Krazoa:

Animus, the home world of Sabre, Krystal and Randorn
• Aleminach, the home world of the Krazoa
• Eridal, the home world of Drakor's race, the Kamerians
• Nibiru, the home world of the "Nephilim", and "a land of giants"
• Earth, the home world of the "newest universe members, a very evil race, the humans"
• Melqua, a planet of water with rings of gold
• Selaf, the home world of the "Anunnaki"

Interestingly, in place of Animus, the voice lines for the Krazoa in Warlock Mountain instead mention Corneria. Obviously, this was to accommodate the presence of Fox McCloud in the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet, as it was beginning to transition into Star Fox Adventures.

Some of these reference actual myths and conspiracies, such as the Nibiru Cataclysm, a doomsday theory that states that Earth will catastrophically collide with another planet, typically believed to be an object known as "Planet X" or Nibiru. The "Annunaki" are a group of deities in ancient Sumerian myths that are theorized by some as aliens from a planet called Nibiru that came to Earth to harvest gold, and also were reptilian humanoids. The myths surrounding the "Nephilim" tend to vary: some say they were giants (as mentioned by the Krazoa in DP) while others say that they were fallen angels or the offspring of humans and angels.

Each of the eight spirits Sabre and Krystal were told to collect by the Krazoa during their adventures were meant to represent these eight planets. The ultimate endgame of the Krazoa in Dinosaur Planet's original narrative was to align these Majestic Eight worlds by reuniting the eight spirits of Quan Ata Lachu (a deity the Krazoa worship) at Warlock Mountain in order to revive their people and bring "peace" to the universe. In reality, as Drakor describes it, this will result in the most deadly weapon in the universe, as the alignment of the Majestic Eight gives the Quan Ata Lachu (described by Drakor as being "a rare lifeform of pure evil") the opportunity to utilize the immense powerful energy that this will produce, and it will be focused through Warlock Mountain, creating the ultimate weapon of destruction that will allow the Krazoa to remold the universe into their image/liking, spreading disease, terror and chaos as they please. This is why Drakor has come to Sauria to revive the Kamerian war dragon that fell in battle against the Krazoa at the beginning of the universe, to prevent this from happening and exact revenge against the Krazoa.

This plotline would be revised and ultimately dropped in the final Star Fox Adventures game, as Dinosaur Planet is said to just simply exist in the Lylat System, and Krystal's home planet was renamed to Cerinia and was said to be mysteriously destroyed, hence why she's searching the galaxy for the truth of the death of her family (though this was omitted in the Japanese version). The plotline of Fox collecting the Krazoa spirits in promise of something good (in this case, saving Krystal from the top of Krazoa Palace and ultimately putting Dinosaur Planet back together) would in someway remain, but would instead result in Andross reviving himself as the true final boss of Star Fox Adventures.
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Majestic 8 lore:

Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Ask Uncle Tusk - July 7, 2000:

Dinosaur Planet - Quan Ata Lachu cutscenes:

Dinosaur Planet - Krazoa voice lines:

Dinosaur Planet - Krazoa Keeper/Guide of Krazoa Palace voice lines:

Dinosaur Planet - The Countdown of the Majestic fan reconstruction:

Dinosaur Planet - The Majestic Eight Alignment:

Star Fox Adventures - Moon Mountain Pass:

Star Fox Adventures - General Scales and Andross boss fights:
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Attachment Cape Claw is another area that was considerably larger and more complex in Dinosaur Planet than it was in the final Star Fox Adventures.

Both versions of the stage include the same starting point, a beach/cliff area with a giant Krazoa head structure, but unlike in Star Fox Adventures, the gas room puzzle in the cave was blocked by a BribeClaw (called "GuardClaw" in Adventures) that Krystal needed to bypass by giving him shiny nuggets, which allowed her to partake in the aforementioned Poison Chamber puzzle. This would actually unlock the way to a massive SharpClaw fortress area, featuring a wide cliffside and a mountable cannon, which was to be used to blast away the metal doors on the left and right of its placement, allowing Krystal to enter Cape Claw's courtyard. This is where Krystal would free Princess Kyte, who would then accompany her for the rest of her campaign. By having Kyte perch on a series of levers, the towers surrounding the Courtyard would reveal a pair of torches which would need to be lit by Kyte's Flame command, which would open the way back to the entry way, letting Krystal and Kyte leave Cape Claw only to have a run in with the LightFoot tribe in SwapStone Circle.

Krystal and Kyte would have to later revisit Cape Claw after acquiring an artifact of the Krazoa found in Discovery Falls (another of Krystal's areas that was removed in Star Fox Adventures), which would allow them to access even more areas, such as Cape Claw's Village section. They'd first need to collect three Fire Gems hidden around the area, one of which requires defeating a mini-boss encounter with the Sand Snake enemy. They would also encounter a pair of robot scorpion enemies hidden within a cave in the Village area, discovered by detonating explosive barrels, where they would be rewarded with another Krazoa tablet after defeating them. Afterwards, they would place the Fire Gems they've found inside their Lighthouse Beacon counterparts, and once they've been lit, or a Krazoa tablet has been placed, the Courtyard Well will reflect this change and unlock further areas of CapeClaw.

This was where Krystal would come across another Krazoa shrine, which housed the Test of Character, which would pit her against an apparition of Sabre (or Fox in the leaked December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet), who taunted her by claiming he never trust her and that Randorn should have left her to die with her tribe when he found her, and that now he must finish her off, perhaps as a way to foreshadow the truth about Randorn and her parents, while hinting at Krystal's inner fears of abandonment or betrayal. Krystal would have to fight this illusion and then be given the choice to spare or finish him off, and the former was the only way to pass the test and acquire the spirit.

Krystal and Kyte would make their third and final visit to Cape Claw after Sabre acquired the sixth spirit, which would open the mouth of the giant Krazoa Head. Going by the condensed story, they were to discover hidden caves containing a Krazoa translator, which allows them to read the ancient texts that have seen throughout their adventures and help open the gate into the Krazoa Palace, Krystal's final SpellStone dungeon.

Pretty much all of this would be entirely removed in the final Star Fox Adventures. The initial beach/cliff area with the giant Krazoa head would remain, as would the gas room puzzle, but solving the latter would only free the Queen CloudRunner (filling in for Kyte) from her prison within a nearby cave, and the Krazoa head would now lead into the Ocean Force Point Temple. There also exists a sidequest involving a finding a HighTop's stack of gold.

Curiously, the Dinosaur Planet globe map made for Star Fox Adventures does actually include the SharpClaw fortress area, which possibly indicates that Rare had intended on bringing Cape Claw in its entirety over to SFA before heavily cutting it down.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 11, 2023
Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Dinosaur Planet - Cape Claw:
First visit:
Second visit:

Dinosaur Planet - Test of Character:

Animated fan recreation of the Test of Character using unimplemented voice lines:

Dinosaur Planet wiki article on Cape Claw explaining the mechanics and levels:

Star Fox Adventures Dinosaur Planet map with Cape Claw fortress area:

Star Fox Adventures - Cape Claw:
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Attachment Diamond Bay, along with Willow Grove, was one of the precious few areas from Sabre's campaign from Dinosaur Planet that ended up being scrapped entirely in the final Star Fox Adventures. A massive coastal area with cascading water falls, Sabre (or Fox in the leaked Dinosaur Planet build) and Tricky would access this area by swimming down the river in SwapStone Hollow.

This was the original home of the Volcano Force Point Temple. It was also home to a single, seemingly last standing member of the PointBack tribe, a race of Stegosaurs. This individual would help Fox/Sabre by providing them the key to access the Volcano Force Point Temple, and would provide them with different tasks every time they returned from Diamond Bay with a SpellStone, such as preventing her eggs and nest from being raided by thieves, or being swept away by a flood. Completing each of these tasks would reward Sabre another key into the Force Point Temple.

It was also home to Sabre's first Krazoa shrine test, the Test of Strength. After depositing his first SpellStone, Sabre would be able to find a pathway that leads to a temple containing this shrine that was being guarded by a group of floating droids.

Diamond Bay was completely removed in the final Star Fox Adventures, and the Volcano Force Point Temple and the Test of Strength would be relocated to Moon Mountain Pass and SnowHorn Wastes respectively. Though absent in the final game, early design documents and concept art indicate that Rare did plan on bringing the PointBack back, but relocated to ThornTail Hollow (originally SwapStone Hollow).

It is worth pointing out that in the final game, there exists a mother ThornTail whose eggs and nest are similarly being raided by thieves and thus requests Fox for help. Bumping the contrast on Kevin Bayliss' early Star Fox Adventures cutscene sequence document reveals "The PointBack's eggs" on the next page, which makes it clear that this role was originally intended for the PointBack before she was dropped entirely in favor of the ThornTail.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 11, 2023
Dinosaur Planet condensed story:

Dinosaur Planet (N64 Dec. 2000 Build) PointBack Voice Lines:

Diamond Bay - Dinosaur Planet:

Early Star Fox Adventures cutscene sequence that features the PointBack in ThornTail Hollow:

Early Star Fox Adventures PointBack concept art:

Early Star Fox Adventures cutscene sequence withed bumped contrast, revealing "The PointBack's eggs" on the next page (provided by user Banjeoin in the Dinosaur Planet discord):

Fox helping the mother ThornTail in Star Fox Adventures:

Star Fox Adventures Test of Strength, relocated to SnowHorn Wastes:

Star Fox Adventures Volcano Force Point, relocated to Moon Mountain Pass:
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Attachment In the E3 2002 Kiosk version of Star Fox Adventures, CloudRunner Fortress contains a handful of elements from the Dinosaur Planet version that got scrapped in the final game, some of these being:

• The level is set on a stormy night in this version of the game, just like in Dinosaur Planet. The weather changes to daytime in the later areas of the fortress after Fox is captured.

• Certain sections of the stage use the "Sound Test 09" and "Sound Test 28" music tracks which go unused in the final version of Star Fox Adventures outside of the jukebox. Both music tracks were originally composed for Dinosaur Planet, and one of which is played while Krystal makes her approach into its version of CloudRunner Fortress.

• Interactive Krazoa-pattern-framed info screens appear throughout the fortress, which are also in the N64 version. In Dinosaur Planet, these info screens would provide advice and also occasional lore, one of which mentioning the Kamerian Dragon, which the CloudRunners thank for providing their wealth.

Curiously, the demo contains an unused map of the interior of General Scales' galleon separate from the one used during the intro. Its internal name is "insidegal"; Dinosaur Planet also has this map and it can be visited while the galleon is docked at the back of CloudRunner Frotress, so it's possible General Scales' galleon was at one point planned to appear here in Adventures, too. Hidden warp zone objects exist floating where the lower deck doors would be positioned if the ship was docked there, even in the retail version.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month December 10, 2023
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