Star Fox: Assault
Star Fox: Assault
February 14, 2005
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In the cinematic that plays after defeating now former Star Wolf member Andrew Oikonny, a strange aparoid appears firing a beam at one of the characters. In the Japanese version it's done to Slippy, whilst in the Western versions it's done to Krystal.
There is an unused game over theme in the game's data that resembles the game over theme from Star Fox 64.
Most of the music heard throughout the game are tracks from Star Fox 64 redone in higher-quality. The one noticeable exception is the cover of Fortuna, which is a heavy orchestral remix of the original Fortuna theme from the original Star Fox. No Star Fox Adventures music was reused however, despite the Walled City returning, most likely due to a copyright for the original track held by ##Rare##.
Leon and Panther are voiced by David Scully, who is best known for voicing Sergeant Johnson from the Halo series and Dimitri from Sly Cooper. Like most other Star Fox Assault voice actors, he was unable to reprise his characters' roles in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
The game was intended to be multiplayer oriented, and the ground missions of the game had a control scheme similar to the on-foot multiplayer mode in Star Fox 64.
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