In the 2/86 interview with the game's designer Masanobu Endō published in the issue of Famimaga magazine, he commented that one of the team's employees named Akira was nicknamed "Bakira", because he had a tendency to break things. This in-joke is likely a play on the kanji "爆" (baku), to explode/burst/roar. Endō then admitted he used his nickname as an inspiration for the enemies as "Bacura" enemies in Xevious, commenting:

" generation, the "Gundam Generation", we love to make up stupid reasons for every choice we make. Even if it's a lie. (laughs)"
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In a 2003 interview with the game's creator, Masanobu Endoh, Xevious was originally meant to take place during the Vietnam war, and the Solvalou was to be a helicopter.
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