SoulCalibur II
SoulCalibur II
July 10, 2002
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Attachment SoulCalibur II was the first game in the series to be a sponsor of a wrestling event, WWE Unforgiven 2003.
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In the first, second and sixth SoulCalibur games, the classic numeric input for Ivy's notoriously difficult Summon Suffering throw is 376231A+G (Attack + Guard). This number combination actually holds significance as it appears to be a reference to the former phone number for Namco's headquarters from before they were acquired by Bandai, being 03-3756-2311.

Allegedly, the developers used the phone number as the basis for the input as a reaction to an in-joke among Tekken and Soul Edge arcade communities, who would react to degenerate or weird stuff in the games with "gonna call Namco about this". The joke being: "If you can't do the throw, go call Namco about it." However, since this input was brought back in SoulCalibur VI long after the phone number stopped being used by Bandai Namco, this adds an additional (albeit probably unintended) layer to the joke: "Go call Namco about it. Oh wait, you can't."
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Each of the characters that didn't appear in the arcade release of the game are paired up against one of the four newcomers for their destined battle.

* Heihachi/Spawn/Link are paired against Raphael
* Necrid is paired against Talim
* Sophitia is paired against Cassandra
* Seong Mi-na is paired against Yun-seong

The rest are mutual battles between arcade version characters.

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