After a certain point in the story, you can return to Alvanista and challenge Mach Kid to another race. However, instead of the standard race theme, a rendition of the theme song from Ridge Racer will play. After clearing this rematch race twice, you will be awarded with the Special Flag from Rally-X, which can be used to revive a dead party member with full health.
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The story of Tale Phantasia (the original name of Tales of Phantasia) was originally intended to be presented from three different viewpoints.

The first of the viewpoints presents the story of Winona Pickford who would have met the main antagonist, Dhaos (he originates from another world), shortly after his arrival on the new world of Aselia. At first Winona Pickford sympathizes with his goals, until she saw his increasing violent behavior. This first part of the story was cut due to space limitations of the game's cartridge.

The second viewpoint is from that of Rhea Scarlet, the daughter of two prominent scientists. Her parents were the first casualties of the upcoming war which Dhaos was going to start. This viewpoint was not cut like the first one, but it was included in a smaller form than it was intended to be.

The last viewpoint tells the story of Cress Albane, the main protagonist in the final game. The final release was heavily built around this perspective.
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Elven Mayor Brambart was originally planned to be a playable character early on in development. An early pre-release screenshot of the Super Famicom version of the game indeed shows him as playable.

When hacked into the game using Pro Action Replay codes, his class is labelled as "Unknown." In game, he uses Klarth's sprites, summons and weapons as well as Arche's tactics. He lacks an "ultimate" weapon of his own.

He lacks a sprite for riding a Rheaird. The game will crash when boarding them with Brambart in the player's party.
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Using a Pro Action Replay code allows the player to face the version of Dhaos coded for the game's opening sequence. However, when attacked, he simply counters back then locks up in a magic casting stance, due to the game being unable to load Edward Morrison's Indignation sequence.

The Chameleon summon can kill prologue Dhaos. When killed, this verison of Dhaos gives 1 Gald and 13 Experience points.
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The original name of the game was simply "Tale Phantasia" and the developer was originally Wolfteam, creators of El Viento. The game was originally based off of programmer Yoshiharu Gotanda's unpublished novel, also called "Tale Phantasia".

The main cast originally had much different designs that ended up changed late in development when it was decided to have the characters designed by manga arist Kosuke Fujishima. The change was so late in development that the SNES version's character sprites are still based off of the original concept designs (i.e Mint looking far younger and wearing blue as opposed to her current design depicting her as mid-to-late teenage and wearing white.)

Brambart was also originally planned to be playable.
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The original SNES version of the game did not feature Suzu Fujibayashi as a playable character, lacked Dhaos' third form and had absolutely no special artes for Chester.
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In the PSX version of the game, Lilith Aileron, Stahn's sister from Tales of Destiny can be battled in the game's coliseum. When beaten, she gives the player the "S.D" weapon, AKA "Swordian Dymlos", Stahn's main weapon/talking sword from the same game.

This weapon also allows Cless to use the "Final Fury" arte as well.
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