The character intro prologues have some slight differences between regions. For example, Bryan Fury's prologue in Japanese states that "Brian came to the realization that his life was quickly coming to an end", while the international release states that "Brian realized that the end of his life was near". Another example is in Paul's prologue, which says that his friends and admirers slowly dissapeared. This is not mentioned in the International version of that character's prologue.

The narrator of these stories also differs between regions. In the Japanese version the narration is done by the game's announcer, Antonio Ploszay. Meanwhile in the international release they are done by an unknown voice actor.
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Marduk and Steve Fox have different English voices depending on the region.
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In the Japanese version of the game, Hwoarang speaks in English and Japanese, while in the international version, Hwoarang speaks Korean to match with his Korean nationality.
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This is the only main game in the series to not feature a playable Jack robot.
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The background music for the stage Statue is a randomly selected track from the Arcade versions of either Tekken 1 or 2.
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In the last stage of the Tekken Force minigame, Mishima Fortress, there are four enemies named Anthony, John, Chad and Flea. These are named after the members of the rock band The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
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