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A glitch in the PAL version of the game allows the player to back out of the language selection screen using the triangle button, causing no language to be selected. This turns most text into a series of slashes and hyphens.

This glitch, for some reason, also causes a number of the bosses heads (except for Ripper Roo), to be switched.

• Komodo Joe will have Oxide's head.
• Papu Papu will have Pinstripe's head.
• Pinstripe will have Komodo Joe's head.
• Oxide has will have Papu's head.
Contributed by LifeUpStudios
There is a persistent rumor that N. Oxide was intended to be a playable character, unlocked through completing various tasks and beating certain records in the game. Although he can be selected using a cheat device, he is extremely buggy, and will most likely crash the game. According to the developers, they once considered making him a playable character, but were unable to due to the extremely limited memory of the Playstation, and his boss level was designed with those limitations in mind in order to make him functional.
Contributed by CosmykTheDolfyn
The characters Pura and Polar were meant to be one racer, and Komodo Moe was meant to appear with his brother Komodo Joe (possibly as one racer).
Contributed by gamemaster1991
Early in development, the developers made a replica of Crescent Island from Diddy Kong Racing to see if they could make a racing track of that size on the PlayStation.
Contributed by gamemaster1991
Penta Penguin, a secret character that can be unlocked via a cheat code, was unfinished in the North American release.

One example is one of his power-ups that shows an Uka Uka icon but when activating it, summons protection from Aku Aku; leading to some confusion of whether he's good or evil.

Another example has to do with his voice. Some of the voices are simply sounds Penguins make, but there are two samples that sound more like that of a human talking. This is actually incomplete code that was meant to be removed from the game. The samples are a male (possibly a voice actor or the audio engineer) reading the file names "Penguin Yay 1" and "Penguin Yay 2". This was fixed in the European release.
Contributed by HolySka1991
Ripper Roo was originally going to speak fluent English. This was dropped for unknown reasons and was replaced with his manic laughter along with subtitles. The original recordings can still be found hidden within the game's code.
Contributed by HolySka1991