Crash Boom Bang!
Crash Boom Bang!
July 20, 2006
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subdirectory_arrow_right Crash Tag Team Racing (Game), Crash Bandicoot (Franchise)
Attachment The box arts of Japanese Crash Bandicoot localizations have historically used a redesign for Crash with larger eyes. This has been done for all games except for the "Titans" sub-series, which had its own distinct Crash design, and the Toys for Bob-developed games.

However, the only games that feature the design in-game for the Japanese localizations are the Japanese-developed Crash Boom Bang!, and Crash Tag Team Racing, which had a skin system that allowed Japanese Crash to appear abroad as well. A good chunk of Crash's costumes in Crash Tag Team Racing also got Japanese versions, though these combination costumes were not included in the Western release.
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