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In numerous official video game demo compilation discs (such as the fondly regarded Pizza Hut demo disk that came about as a promotional stunt co-jointed by Sony Computer Entertainment America and Pizza Hut), there was a "late demo" of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped included, featuring a playable beta version of the level "Under Pressure".

As this version of the stage came from an earlier build of the game, there are distinguished differences between this version and the final version. Two differences that stand out between versions is that the signature pufferfish is purple instead of its usual orange, and that the Time Trial record times differ in such a manner that the demo version appeared to be deemed too difficult shortly before the final build's completion and retail release.

In the demo:
•Sapphire Relic Time: 1:28:33
•Gold Relic Time: 1:04:93
•Platinum Relic Time: 0:58:73

In the final release version:
•Sapphire Relic Time: 1:46:00
•Gold Relic Time: 1:17:90
•Platinum Relic Time: 1:10:50
subdirectory_arrow_right Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (Game), Crash Bandicoot (Game)
Attachment In the first three Crash Bandicoot games, a glitch can be performed when bouncing on multiple enemies consecutively. Normally, by bouncing on 5 enemies in a row, you get an extra Life in addition to 3 Wumpas from the previous 3 enemies in that combo. However, the bonuses that come from bouncing combos go further beyond that into triple-digit combos as a result of there being no set combo limit. This means if performed correctly, triple-digit combos can overflow the item table to give key items that you are not intended to get through them including Tokens, Crystals, Gems, Sapphires, Relics and Powers.

This can be achieved through tool assistance or through human play by building up the bounce combo on a respawning enemy or more ideally an Iron Arrow Crate, and then continuing the combo on enemies to start reaping these items. Preserving a bounce combo can be done by spinning and crouching right before hitting the ground, as the combo count is lost when Crash enters the standing or walking animations.

The attached image features a list of items that can be earned through this glitch, as well as the requirements for glitched higher percentage runs of each game, created by speedrunners dass and ThaRixer, the latter of whom originally utilized the glitch to dramatically lower the speedrun record of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back in 2012.
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TASVideos page with a 2017 speedrun explaining the glitch:

Current Any% speedrun world record as of November 2023:

Former Any% speedrun world record by the same runner:

ThaRixer video on this glitch:;ab_channel=ThaRixer
Remaining idlr on the game's title screen will cause a Demonstration Mode to play. When the third Demo plays, if the player holds down triangle as the screen fades to black, they can then control Coco during her flying stage. Should the player then pause and select the Warp Room option as if to exit a level early, they will skip the introduction cutscene and immediately begin a new game with all five power ups unlocked from the start.

It is unknown if this is an elaborate hidden cheat, a potential debug function Naughty Dog utilized during development, or just simply an mistake within the game's code.

Alternatively, completing the "level" as normal will spit Crash back out into Warp Room 4. Due to the gate being locked without standard progression the player is now stuck, only able to access those five respective levels.

In the PAL version, this same feature is performed with Start instead of Triangle.
Attachment In the Egyptian-themed levels, there are hieroglyphs of black dogs on the wall that are speculated to represent Morgan T. Dog (now deceased), a pet mascot of Naughty Dog. N. Sane Trilogy kept this reference intact.
Attachment Early concepts of Dingodile had the character completely naked, with a black canine nose and being built more like an actual crocodile. Later concepts added clothes, such as dungarees, a shirt and a slouch hat.
Attachment Early designs show that Dr. N. Tropy's personal time machine was originally designed to look like a giant digital watch around his waist. Further designs changed the shape and added more gears, chronometers, pistons and exhausts. The digital clock face was eventually replaced with a traditional analogue face.
Attachment Toys for Tiny Tiger and Dingodile were created by Resaurus Toys, but were only seen at a convention. It's not known if they were from the unreleased series 3, or just scrapped figures from the previous series.
Doctor Nefarious Tropy was added to the game as the developers felt a time travelling boss was needed, as the game focused on time travel. His shortened name, N. Tropy, is a pun on entropy, a term used to measure randomness and disorder over time.
Attachment The twentieth level's name, "Tomb Wader", is play on the name of the Tomb Raider series.
At the title screen, if you press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right and Square, a Spyro the Dragon Demo will be available to play.
Attachment Two levels in the game are named after past Naughty Dog games; Ski Crazed and Rings of Power.
The Japanese version of Crash Bandicoot 3 has five short Full Motion Video's within the game.
Once you beat the game 100%, you can find Fake Crash dancing in the levels Toad Village, Makin' Waves and Hog Ride.

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