In 2022, Rodney Greenblat uploaded a VHS rip of the earliest beta versions of the game's cutscenes to YouTube. These cutscenes feature very little music, placeholder voice acting by Ryu Watabe, and an early pinker character design for Lammy which Greenblat thought made the character appear more lamb-like, but was rejected in favor of the final red-haired design.

This VHS rip also notably features two unused cutscenes that were changed significantly in the final game:
•An early intro cutscene showing the rest of Milk Can already backstage and waiting for Lammy to arrive, featuring the Jet Baby movie playing on TV rather than in theatres and an advertisement for Milk Can's show that night.
•A silent cutscene that appears to be an early version of the Joe Chin Museum Ma-san cutscene. In this cutscene, she is seen reading in a library rather than a museum, specifically a magazine featuring two disco dancers about to kiss. Ma-san, presumably irritated by the male dancer who appears to be the only one talking before this, begins drumming rapidly on a reading desk. Her drumming causes the library to shake, making books fall off the shelves and causing the male dancer to have a profuse nose bleed as they are kissing. The female dancer slaps him away, causing another stream of blood to shoot out of his right nostril, before cutting to a smiling Ma-san.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
In the opening cutscene to Stage 1, the excuse Lammy comes up with while running backstage is an exact description of the setup to the Stage 5 song "Full Tank" from PaRappa the Rapper, ending on a cameo by the teachers from that game and reusing voice clips of them saying "Let's rap for it!!" from Full Tank's opening cutscene:

Lammy: "What should I tell them?? I had a stomachache so I went to the bathroom......but there was a long line at the gas station......I told them it was an emergency......but they said: "LET'S RAP FOR IT!!!". ... Nahhh...."
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
At the beginning of Stage 5, during the intro when Lammy is panicking, she will make a face similar to that of "The Scream", and art piece created by Edvard Munchs.
Contributed by DarkChojin
There are two versions of the 6th stage. In the Japanese and PAL versions of the game, the stage takes place in hell. In the American version, the stage instead takes place on a volcanic island. Both stages have different graphics for Lammy, a different intro cutscene, and a slight change in lyrics in the first stage to remove any references to hell or the devil.
Contributed by gamemaster1991