In 2022, Rodney Greenblat uploaded a VHS rip to YouTube of the very first animation test of the game's opening cutscene, recorded directly from a Macintosh video output in 1995. The VHS, apparently a Christmas gift, is bookended by messages to Greenblat from Matsaya Matsuura, has no music, and features placeholder voice acting by Ryu Watabe. The cutscene features an early design for Katy, sporting a grass skirt, a yellow bra and dark blue and white fur, as well as a temporary stand-in design for PaRappa as his main design had not yet been finalized. This placeholder depicts him as a blue man sporting a red jacket and dark green shorts.
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In an interview, Ryu Watabe stated that “I gotta believe” came from his old high school football team. The phrase was used as a motto the crowd would cheer when they were losing.
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