There are minor changes between the trophies for the PS3 and PS4 remake of this game. The trophy for defeating Hades in the PS3 version is called "Hooker". This was changed to "Depths Below" in the PS4 remake. As well as the trophy "I didn't do it...But I wish I did!", which is awarded for killing the Poseidon Princess, being removed.
In David Jaffe's version of God of War III, Stheno, the third Gorgon sister, was planned to appear. Again, Kratos would decapitate her and use her head as weapon. However, after Jaffe left the team before the game was developed, the idea was abandoned and her encounter was replaced with Helios.
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Director Stig Asmussen revealed in an interview that it was originally intended that, if the player attempts the sex mini-game with Aphrodite a second time, the camera would pan back to the bed to reveal Aphrodite trying to kill Kratos, leading to a QTE where Kratos kills her. This idea was scrapped.
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In Ares' Tomb, it is possible to see the fully intact body of Ares under the ice, Spoiler:despite exploding after being defeated in the original God of War.
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