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Microsoft Minesweeper
Bill Gates became so addicted to Minesweeper that he had to delete it off of his PC to focus on work. He would then go to then-Microsoft president Mike Hallman and borrow his PC when he wanted to play the game, and eventually got a record of 5 seconds. Following this, Microsoft development manager Tom Reeves would cheat at beating Gates' time by building a macro to automatically complete the game. Gates would respond in an email:

"My critical skills are being displaced by a computer. This technology thing is going too far. How can one retain human dignity when computers do the important stuff better than people?"
Metroid Prime
When you are locked onto a target in Metroid Prime, pressing the jump button does a sideways dash. This lets the player easily strafe around a target and dodge incoming fire. This sideways strafe jump sets a horizontal velocity on the player that continues to circle around the target while locked on, but if you unlock the target just as the strafe jump starts, Samus keeps the horizontal momentum without the lock-on pull. This trick, which the game's speedrunning community called the Scan Dash, allows for a larger horizontal distance traversal than a normal jump. Using this momentum can let Samus catch the edge of the cliff beside her ship in the Landing Site and get the Space Jump Boots early upon landing.

According to programmer Zoid Kirsch, creative use of the game physics and movement that results in acquiring items out of order allows for creative exploration of the game world. While sequence breaks like this are a crucial part of the Metroid series, this trick would actually be patched out in later releases of the game.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater on September 16, 2023
As of version 1.3, after inputting a secret code on the Practice Mode select screen, "Mike%" is activated, which adds a timer to the game which stops once Mike is defeated. This is presumably a nod to the Mike% speedrunning category found on Speedrun.com.

If this code is active while playing the game's final level, Mike is found sleeping in the corner of the boss room.
Franchise: Crash Bandicoot
Attachment In the first three games, a glitch can be performed when bouncing on multiple enemies consecutively. Normally, by bouncing on 5 enemies in a row, you get an extra Life in addition to 3 Wumpas from the previous 3 enemies in that combo. However, the bonuses that come from bouncing combos go further beyond that into triple-digit combos as a result of there being no set combo limit. This means if performed correctly, triple-digit combos can overflow the item table to give key items that you are not intended to get through them including Tokens, Crystals, Gems, Sapphires, Relics and Powers.

This can be achieved through tool assistance or through human play by building up the bounce combo on a respawning enemy or more ideally an Iron Arrow Crate, and then continuing the combo on enemies to start reaping these items. Preserving a bounce combo can be done by spinning and crouching right before hitting the ground, as the combo count is lost when Crash enters the standing or walking animations.

The attached image features a list of items that can be earned through this glitch, as well as the requirements for glitched higher percentage runs of each game, created by speedrunners dass and ThaRixer, the latter of whom originally utilized the glitch to dramatically lower the speedrun record of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back in 2012.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater on August 25, 2021
TASVideos page with a 2017 speedrun explaining the glitch:

Current Any% speedrun world record as of November 2023:

Former Any% speedrun world record by the same runner:

ThaRixer video on this glitch:
Super Mario Bros.
The current world record for fastest time beating the game is 4:54.631 seconds by speed runner Niftski as of September 8, 2023. This record surpassed his previous record by ~0.167 seconds.
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