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Avatar Name Wolfen50
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Registered March 17, 2013
Status Active
Trivia Stats118 trivia
Game 124 trivia
Franchise 7 trivia
Platform 10 trivia
Company 3 trivia
Collection 7 trivia
Largest Contributions
Game Ghost of Tsushima (25 trivia)
Franchise Dragon Ball Z (2 trivia)
Platform Nintendo GameCube (5 trivia)
Company Nintendo (2 trivia)
Collection Jazz Jackrabbit (2 trivia)
Franchise Trivia6 franchises
Animal Crossing 1 trivia
Dragon Ball Z 2 trivia
Mario 1 trivia
Mario Bros. 1 trivia
Pokémon 1 trivia
Super Smash Bros. 1 trivia
Platform Trivia4 platforms
Nintendo 64 2 trivia
Nintendo 64DD 2 trivia
Nintendo DS 1 trivia
Nintendo GameCube 5 trivia
Company Trivia2 companies
Maxis 1 trivia
Nintendo 2 trivia
Collection Trivia5 collections
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 trivia
Nintendogs 1 trivia
Pokemon 1 trivia
Spore 2 trivia
Super Smash Bros. 1 trivia