Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
November 21, 1995
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Attachment Wrinkly Kong's official art depicts her reading a book. The first page is an advertisement for the game reading:

Diddy Kong Quest
is the best game
in the world.

Look out for more
[illegible] games from

The second page has a recipe for "Grammy's Worm Pie", which states:

Take one ugly worm
Squash it underfoot
Half-bake in oven
Add groovy gravy
(Don't expect to sell
many, as worms are
very unpopular.)

This is a reference to the Earthworm Jim franchise, which previously took a jab at Donkey Kong Country in its Sega CD port of the game.
Attachment If the game detects 0KB of SRAM (normal carts have 2KB), an anti-piracy screen will trigger and prevent the game from playing. The game will present the same screen if a series of tests made to detect copying devices fails.
According to the game's composer, David Wise, an attempt was made to make the SNES emulate the sounds heard on the Roland CR78 used by Phil Collins for the song "In the Air Tonight". Most notably, the beginning of "Bayou Boogie" sounds strikingly similar to the beginning of "In the Air Tonight".
On page 18 of the manual, specifically the third bullet point, it states:

"The Plus and Minus barrels are found on the roller coaster level. The plus barrels add time to the timer, the minus barrels will send you to the minus world! (Uhh... wrong game. Actually they will take seconds away from the timer)."

This is a nod to the infamous minus world glitch in Super Mario Bros.
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When fighting Kaptain K. Rool, no death jingle plays if the player fails, and the boss theme simply continues. This is due to a programming bug that prevents the death jingle playing.
Attachment There is a sound clip in the game's data for when Diddy and Dixie transform inside an Animal Buddy Barrel. However, the clip is called too late in the game's coding and is on the same channel as the barrel breaking, and thus cannot be heard.
Attachment The colors of the Super Nintendo pads seen in the game's menu changes depending on the game's region. This is because North American Super Nintendo controllers have purple and lavender buttons, while European and Japanese controllers use red, blue, green, and yellow buttons.
Donkey Kong Country 2 was originally planned for the Virtual Boy, but scrapped after only 3 weeks of development due to the commercial failure of the console. Some work had been done on the title screen, and it's unknown if any of the design work was later used for the SNES version.
Attachment In the Monkey Museum, a poster of Thunder from Killer Instinct can be spotted in the background. Additionally, Cranky's cabin is represented on the map of the Krazy Kremland area as a tent with a neon sign reading "KI here", and has two Killer Instinct cabinets outside.
Attachment By using a Pro Action Replay, you can play an incomplete version of the level Web Woods.
Attachment At Cranky's Video Game Heroes, there are three ranks that a player can reach if they collect enough DK coins. The characters that have each rank by default are Mario, Yoshi, and Link. In the corner, there is a trash can with a sign that says "No Hopers". Next to the trash can is Sonic the Hedgehog's speed shoes and Earthworm Jim's gun.
Attachment There is a scrapped Kremling character which has been dubbed by fans as "Mr. X". He appeared in Issue 76 of Nintendo Power but is nowhere in the game. He appears in the German instruction booklet where it reads, "Kennt ihn oder hat ihn irgendwo schon einmal gesehen", which translates into, "No one knows him or has seen him anywhere before."
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Attachment In the GBA version, there is a new boss of K. Rool's Keep, called Kerozene, who can be found in the level "Stronghold Showdown." In the SNES version, there was only a cutscene in this location which gave you a Kremkoin before taking Donkey Kong away.

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