Crash Tag Team Racing
Crash Tag Team Racing
October 19, 2005
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Attachment Every single song in the Crash Twinsanity soundtrack is fully acapella, regardless of its genre or tone, with no instrumental backing, using human voices for every single instrument, including electric guitars.

The scat group behind Twinsanity's score, Spiralmouth, would return for Crash Tag Team Racing, but the tracks in Tag Team Racing had proper instrumentals with acapella vocals.
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Crash Twinsanity OST: - Examples of electric guitar use would be "Rooftop Rampage" and "Rockslide Rumble" (the latter of which is also attached)

Crash Tag Team Racing OST:

Credits for both games:
A member of the Crash Mania community called JumpButton was the first person to e-mail Darren Esau, who had left his e-mail address in Dr. Cortex and N. Gin's credit comments (available to listen only in the NTSC version). Darren Esau jokingly stated in his reply that "[JumpButton] disproved his theory that the only people who read video game credits are the developers themselves."
This game was originally going to be developed by Traveler's Tales Oxford (developers of Crash Twinsanity), and was actually going to be called 'Crash Clash Racing.' It had the same concept as the final game; fusing two cars together. According to one of the project's developers going by the alias FakeNina:

"[...] the racing game would be set in Crash's head, with the rest of the Crash team traveling inside Crash's brain, with the tracks all based around Crash's dreams and memories."
Pressing X or triangle on the loading screen will produce burping and farting noises.

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