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Attachment A game based on the critically reviled, but at the time still in production, animated film "Foodfight!" got far enough into development that it received a playable demo at Take Two Interactive's booth at E3 2006. According to the marquee above the demo booth, it was scheduled to be released in Spring 2007 to coincide with the film's planned release at the time. Due to numerous production issues and distribution setbacks, the film would not see a release until 2012, but the game would never be seen again. The only known evidence of its existence is a short 8-second piece of B-roll footage captured on the E3 show floor, and saved by the now-defunct Quake fan website

The game was initially developed by Midway Games West in 2001, when the film was in an earlier iteration, but aside from some released concept art, this version of the game was abandoned. The game shown at E3 2006 would have been a 3D platformer starring Dex Dogtective, and possibly would have featured voice work from at least some of the film's cast including Charlie Sheen (the voice of Dex), Eva Longoria, Hillary Duff and Wayne Brady. At this stage, it was expected to be published by Global Star Software (which would later be absorbed into 2K Games in late 2007) and released for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, and PlayStation 2. It's not known who would have developed it. While the marquee showcases the logo for the development company Vicious Cycle, reported correspondence with a developer from the company claimed Vicious Cycle never had any involvement with the game.
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Attachment Concept art for the 2001 build of the cancelled Foodfight! game developed by Midway Games West was released on artist Jason Leong's website, showing a set of character concepts and game scenarios with various fictional and real-life product mascots. The character concepts shown include:

• The red, yellow, and blue M&M's carrying vitamin supplement boxes with muscular hammer-wielding arms coming out of them.
• The Keebler Elves firing bows and arrows with flaming Tootsie Pops.
• A team-up of the Green Giant, a muscular version of Poppin' Fresh the Pillsbury Doughboy, and a jacket-wearing Kool-Aid Man.
• Mr. Clean commanding an army of Scrubbing Bubbles.
• Cap'n Crunch shooting a bazooka made out of a Pringles can.
• Hawaiian Punch's mascot Punchy punching a soup can made by Brand X, a fictional brand from the movie.

The game scenarios seem to feature various mini-games among main game missions, including:

• An early human version of Dex Dogtective swinging with a grappling hook, finding shortcuts between products, being launched from Hamburger Helper's mascot Lefty in platforming sections.
• What appears to be a mini-game where Dex and a Brand X mascot would bump into one another on shopping trolleys.
• A mission where fictional mascot Daredevil Dan flies above the supermarket in his plane.
• The Green Giant rolling over tiny Brand X bots with either a barrel or a mango bowling ball. This mini-game has two pieces of concept art, one that presents it as akin to the game Tempest and another that shows the Green Giant stepping on robots.
• Dex commanding the M&M's in a shooting mini-game.
• A platforming mini-game with Cap'n Crunch jumping off of barrels.
• A mini-game where fictional mascot Polar Penguin must destroy pillars on the ice.
• A cow-herding mini-game featuring Twinkie the Kid.
• A food-fighting mini-game, like the climax of the movie, specifically themed around Chef Boyardee.
• A mini-game where Dex throws Lucky Charms at Brand X drones.

Of the licensed characters featured in this concept art, only Mr. Clean, Punchy, Chef Boyardee, and Twinkie the Kid would appear in the film when it eventually released in 2012.

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