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Attachment Concept art for the 2001 build of the cancelled Foodfight! game developed by Midway Games West was released on artist Jason Leong's website, showing a set of character concepts and game scenarios with various fictional and real-life product mascots. The character concepts shown include:

• The red, yellow, and blue M&M's carrying vitamin supplement boxes with muscular hammer-wielding arms coming out of them.
• The Keebler Elves firing bows and arrows with flaming Tootsie Pops.
• A team-up of the Green Giant, a muscular version of Poppin' Fresh the Pillsbury Doughboy, and a jacket-wearing Kool-Aid Man.
• Mr. Clean commanding an army of Scrubbing Bubbles.
• Cap'n Crunch shooting a bazooka made out of a Pringles can.
• Hawaiian Punch's mascot Punchy punching a soup can made by Brand X, a fictional brand from the movie.

The game scenarios seem to feature various mini-games among main game missions, including:

• An early human version of Dex Dogtective swinging with a grappling hook, finding shortcuts between products, being launched from Hamburger Helper's mascot Lefty in platforming sections.
• What appears to be a mini-game where Dex and a Brand X mascot would bump into one another on shopping trolleys.
• A mission where fictional mascot Daredevil Dan flies above the supermarket in his plane.
• The Green Giant rolling over tiny Brand X bots with either a barrel or a mango bowling ball. This mini-game has two pieces of concept art, one that presents it as akin to the game Tempest and another that shows the Green Giant stepping on robots.
• Dex commanding the M&M's in a shooting mini-game.
• A platforming mini-game with Cap'n Crunch jumping off of barrels.
• A mini-game where fictional mascot Polar Penguin must destroy pillars on the ice.
• A cow-herding mini-game featuring Twinkie the Kid.
• A food-fighting mini-game, like the climax of the movie, specifically themed around Chef Boyardee.
• A mini-game where Dex throws Lucky Charms at Brand X drones.

Of the licensed characters featured in this concept art, only Mr. Clean, Punchy, Chef Boyardee, and Twinkie the Kid would appear in the film when it eventually released in 2012.
Criminal Girls
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In a tweet by Dennis Opel (an uncredited animator for the game who mostly did fighting animations), he revealed that early in development he proposed the Boxing minigame to have more depth when it came to attacking and dodging, citing the Punch-Out!! series as an inspiration. This idea was rejected by Rockstar Vancouver.
person ZpaceJ0ck0 calendar_month January 11, 2024
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack has an unused minigame called WBALL, where the boys would throw water balloons at passerby from a tall building. It exists in the PlayStation version and a prototype of the Dreamcast version, but it is not currently known to be playable.
Kurohyou 2: Ryuu ga Gotoku Ashura-hen
Kurohyou 2 features a song which Ukyo can sing in the karaoke mini-game titled "Majima no MajiROCK", which features the voice of Goro Majima and his character profile on the song cover. Goro Majima is a character from the first Yakuza game who has appeared in every single mainline title since, but never made an appearance in either of the Kurohyou spin-offs besides this cameo, implying that he had to have recorded this song himself at some point.
Yakuza 0
Kan Ogita, Haruka's dance teacher in Yakuza 5 (considered a relatively obscure character) would later have a brief cameo in the prequel game Yakuza 0, where he was one of the opponents Kiryu could face in the Dance Battle minigames.
person Kirby Inhales Jotaro calendar_month December 3, 2023
Yakuza 5 - Ogita boss battle:

Yakuza 0 - Ogita Dance Battle:
In 2020, as an April Fools' Day prank in response to temporary school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Chronicle, the independent student news outlet for Duke University in North Carolina, published an article announcing that the university's athletics department added GamePigeon's Cup Pong minigame as an official varsity sport.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Attachment In the Game Boy Advance version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, there is an unused minigame that is just a clone of Tapper, with Pumpkin Juice in place of beer.
Spot Goes to Hollywood
Attachment If you enters password PROGRESS and then the cheat code A, Right, Down, B, Left, Up, B, B, A in Spot Goes to Hollywood's pause screen, you will unlock a minigame called FRUITMEISTER 2, a slot machine game using developers' heads. There is no reward for winning the game (something cheekily acknowledged in-game with the caption "win a prize or something - probably"). A first FRUITMEISTER minigame is not currently known to exist in any other Eurocom game.
Slap City
subdirectory_arrow_right Ittle Dew 2 (Game)
Slap City was originally envisioned as a mini-game in Ittle Dew 2 before being reworked into a full title. The scrapped mini-game had intentionally poor presentation, being locked to 30FPS with interlacing, something that was not retained in Slap City given it's focus on competitive play, and a low-poly style inspired by the original Super Smash Bros. The polygonal alternate form of Fluffy Fields, where the Clone Team is fought in arcade mode, is based on this version of the game.
Frog Fractions
subdirectory_arrow_right Glittermitten Grove (Game), Frog Fractions (Collection)
Attachment Frog Fractions 2 was a Kickstarter campaign for a mysterious sequel to the satirical browser game Frog Fractions, where the game would be hidden inside another, unrelated title with no announcement. Backers would only receive codes for the game once Frog Fractions fans managed to discover the game's identity, with many bizarre and highly cryptic clues being given until the game's discovery, unravelling a surreal story about time travelers and alternate universes involving fake websites and files stored on them, as well as physical appearances and merchandise.

Two years after the Kickstarter was funded, the game was discovered within the game Glittermitten Grove. Frog Fractions creator Jim Crawford would later state that he believed the Glittermitten Grove Easter egg to not be Frog Fractions 2, but rather Frog Fractions 3, with the ARG to locate the game being the second installment in the franchise.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month November 20, 2023
Article on the game being located:

Frog Fractions' creator clarification on the numerical placement of FF2:

Article from Game Detectives Wiki, which also discovered the game's identity, going through the ARG:
Platform: Family Computer
The HVC Controller Test, a cartridge used internally at Nintendo to test Famicom controllers, contains a hidden Simon-style game, accessed by pressing B and Down on Controller 2.
The Flintstones: King Rock Treasure Island
The Flintstones: King Rock Treasure Island has two secret cheat codes:

•Press Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up to invert the colors of the screen.
•Press Select, B, A, A, B, Select, B, A, Start to play a minigame similar to Helmet where Fred must avoid falling rocks and get to his house.
subdirectory_arrow_right PC (Microsoft Windows) (Platform)
Attachment A fully functional version of Windows 3.1's Reversi game exists within the source code for Windows XP. The original graphics still work, but for unknown reasons the game forces itself to be monochrome.
Microsoft Minesweeper
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Microsoft Minesweeper
subdirectory_arrow_right Microsoft Minesweeper (Game), Microsoft Minesweeper (Game)
Attachment The "Flower Garden" mode of Minesweeper was created to be more sensitive towards users in countries, such as Italy, where landmines are a common cause of death rather than seen as a war movie trope. It was originally only available to Italian players, but became a customization option in 2007's remake of Minesweeper, with Flower Garden being the only option for Italian players. in 2012's Microsoft Minesweeper, the Flower Garden mode would also be the only aesthetic option on Siberian and Chinese players.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month October 30, 2023
3D Pinball: Space Cadet
subdirectory_arrow_right PC (Microsoft Windows) (Platform)
At an unknown point after 3D Pinball: Space Cadet's removal from Windows hardware starting with Vista, there was an attempt within Microsoft Garage (Microsoft's program for experimental, non-profitable employee projects) to revive the game with compatibility for current Windows operating systems. While the port was finished, it could not be publicly released due to the 1994 contract with Cinematronics (now merged into THQ Nordic) stipulating that the game could not be released as an independent entity, only bundled with Windows hardware.
Big Bumpin'
Big Bumpin' was originally an adaptation of the Sumo minigame from Fuzion Frenzy, where characters would push one another around inside caged metal zorb balls. However, Burger King wanted all of the mascot characters to be visible in gameplay, leading to the game being reworked into a dodgems game as you could see the characters' heads.
Rayman 2: The Great Escape
subdirectory_arrow_right Rayman 2: Revolution (Game), Rayman 2: The Great Escape (Game)
The Nintendo 64, PC, & PlayStation 2 versions of the game contain secret minigames that the player can play.

For the N64 & PC versions, the minigame 'Menezis' is a 2D space shooter where the player controls the letter E firing and dodging projectiles from the letters X, O, & the number 8. This minigame is also included in the Dreamcast version, but was only available as downloadable content at the time of that version's release and can no longer be played without hacks. For the other two versions, it can be unlocked in different ways:

• For the N64 version, hold C-Left while quickly and repeatedly pressing the A and B buttons simultaneously during the credits.
• For the PC version, type 'SHOOTEMUP' during the credits roll or wait after the credits roll.

The PlayStation 2 version contains a different minigame, 'The Schplong', a game that resembles Pong. The player controls a sliding blue bar on the left of the screen and must score to win against the computer player. This can be activated in the level The Iron Mountains during the cutscene where Rayman is riding the hot air balloon. Pressing the Square or Circle button 15 times while the cutscene is playing activates the minigame.
person Yoshispacedragon calendar_month September 19, 2023
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
subdirectory_arrow_right Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (Game)
The post-credits scene of the film Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed has Scooby present the audience with a "Game Boy Advance Secret Code" for the tie-in video game of the film, the easily-guessable "SD2". This code is promoted as working with both the GBA and PC versions of the game and is prompted to be entered at the end of each port of the game.

In the GBA version, entering the code will reveal who the main culprit is. If it is not entered, the ending cutscene will cut off before the culprit is revealed as to prevent spoilers.

In the PC version, entering the code will instead trigger a bonus Dance the Fright Away minigame between the main villain and every member of Mystery, Inc.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month September 8, 2023
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