Attachment There exists 3 versions of Tapper

•The original version with Budweiser branding
•The censored "Root Beer Tapper" version, which swaps beer for root beer and changes Tapper from a bartender to a soda jerk
•The Japanese release that replaces Budweiser with Japanese alcohol brand Suntory

The Suntory version of the game also carries over minor graphical improvements from the Root Beer version of the game.
The bonus stage music that is used in Tapper is a slight variation of the song "Here Comes the King", a jingle written to promote the alcoholic beverage Budweiser which was the first sponsor of Tapper and featured the drink's logos plastered on multiple screens in the game. After Anheuser-Busch ended their sponsorship and the game was revised as "Root Beer Tapper", some song names needed to be changed to avoid legal trouble.