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Multiple early "black box" NES releases' cartridges produced during the console's US launch in Winter 1985 didn't use NES ROM chips, but rather Famicom ROM chips with a built-in converter. The 15 NES launch titles, and the only games known to have these chips, are:

10-Yard Fight
Clu Clu Land
Duck Hunt
Hogan's Alley
Ice Climber
Kung Fu
Wild Gunman
Wrecking Crew

All of these games would eventually be reprinted with regular NES chips.
Also Appears On: 10-Yard Fight (Game), Wild Gunman (Game), Clu Clu Land (Game), Baseball (Game), Wrecking Crew (Game), Ice Climber (Game), Hogan's Alley (Game), Pinball (Game), Golf (Game), Gyromite (Game), Stack-up (Game), Kung Fu (Game), Tennis (Game), Excitebike (Game), Nintendo Entertainment System (Platform), Family Computer (Platform)
There exists a myth that claims that the giggling scent hound from Duck Hunt's real name is "Mr. Peepers", also the name of a 1950s sitcom. This name is not mentioned in any official Nintendo material, but has been brought up as the dog's name on the internet as far back as at least 2006, and would be cited by many legitimate sources as the dog's name up until the release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, which named the character simply "Duck Hunt" or "Dog". To this day, it remains unknown where the idea of the dog being named "Mr. Peepers" originated and how it spread to be such a popular title for the character.
Attachment There was a Arcade port of Duck Hunt titled "VS Duck Hunt".

The main difference is that the Arcade version has a Bonus Stage, it's also the only official version where the player can shoot the dog.
Attachment If the player reaches Round 100 in 1 Duck Mode, they will trigger a glitch that makes it impossible to shoot the duck.
Attachment Duck Hunt is a remake of a home toy that Nintendo first produced in 1976 that involved players firing their Light Gun at ducks projected onto the wall of the user's home. The toy itself was a home system version of an Arcade style Light Gun system Nintendo called The Laser Clay Shooting System, first released in 1973.
There is actually a two player mode in which the second player controls the duck that player one is trying to shoot. This option is only available in game A. This was stated in the game manual, on page 3.
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