Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red & Blue Rescue Team
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red & Blue Rescue Team
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The games have a fail-safe mechanism where if 10 invalid dungeon maps are generated consecutively, the algorithm gives up and generates a floor-wide monster house instead. The earliest usage of this is in Mt. Steel 4F.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
In South Korea, only Blue Rescue Team was released, meaning that a Korean-language version of Red Rescue Team does not exist. This is due to the Nintendo DS being the first console to be launched by Korean Nintendo Central. There are no official Korean games for the Game Boy Advance at all.
Contributed by Mawille
A programming error in the original Japanese release of Blue Rescue Team would cause it to erase the save data from any Game Boy Advance game, except for Red Rescue Team, that was currently in the GBA slot on the DS. This bug was fixed for all subsequent releases.
Contributed by RadSpyro
There are a number of unused items that can be acquired through the use of Action Replay. These include, among others, the "Weavile Fig" and the "Mime Jr. Fig", which are awarded during the game but never appear as items in the menu.
Contributed by WhiteSamurott
During a mission in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, you have to climb up a mountain and rescue a trapped Diglett. At the top, you see it stuck on a ledge. After saving the Diglett, it is says "My feet feel like they're still walking on air." Revealing that Digletts do actually have feet.
Contributed by PheonixGRX