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Multiple early "black box" NES releases' cartridges produced during the console's US launch in Winter 1985 didn't use NES ROM chips, but rather Famicom ROM chips with a built-in converter. The 15 NES launch titles, and the only games known to have these chips, are:

10-Yard Fight
Clu Clu Land
Duck Hunt
Hogan's Alley
Ice Climber
Kung Fu
Wild Gunman
Wrecking Crew

All of these games would eventually be reprinted with regular NES chips.
Attachment An early version of the legs for one of Gotchawrench's climbing sprites can be found in the game's data.
subdirectory_arrow_right Wrecking Crew '98 (Game)
Attachment In Wrecking Crew, Foreman Spike has unique tiles for his lower body, showing him with a belt. However, he uses the tiles for Mario and Luigi instead, leaving them unused. Interestingly, his redesign in Wrecking Crew '98 features a belt.
subdirectory_arrow_right Mario (Franchise)
In the 2023 film "The Super Mario Bros. Movie", the Japanese name for the character Spike (the foreman from Wrecking Crew) was changed in the corresponding dub. Although no specific reason was given as to why the change was made, it can be assumed it was done to avoid controversy as the character's original Japanese name is "Blackie", which is also a derogatory racial slur in English-speaking countries used to refer to dark-skinned people of African descent.

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