In the desert area, it is possible to see a small creature sitting on a ledge next to the Media Molocule logo. This character is actually "Mr. Yellowhead", the main character of "Craftworld", a prototype game by Media Molocule that would later become LittleBigPlanet. Taking a picture of him unlocks the trophy "Yellowhead".
Contributed by Boyobmas
In one of the early trailers for Tearaway, iota is seen holding a pink and yellow swirly cone shaped item that would blow Scraps away whenever the player shouted into the Vita's microphone. The item functions similarly to The Squeezebox, an item that sucks in as well as blowing Scraps away when the L or R buttons are pressed.

The reason this item was removed is unknown, however it could have been replaced with the Squeezebox. Both items have similar functions, and the Squeezebox would be less tedious to use as the user wouldn't have to shout.
Contributed by strangeguru