Completing the Baticul Coliseum's Advanced team challenge leads to the player being challenged to a cameo boss battle against a team of four previous Tales series characters, including Reid Hershel from Tales of Eternia, Philia Philis from Tales of Destiny, Mint Adenade from Tales of Phantasia and Nanaly Fletcher from Tales of Destiny 2.
Contributed by MightyKombat
Jade's reward for beating the Baticul Single coliseum on Advanced is a new costume title and a spear named "Dunamis". The Dunamis spear is a reference to Loni Dunamis from Tales of Destiny 2, who also fought with a spear.
Contributed by MightyKombat
Jade's belt has a Pac-Man buckle.
Contributed by KidDivinegon
In the Radessian continent is a cave blocked by two whirlpools. If the player has the refined flightstone for the Albiore from the Roneal Mountains, it's possible to go into the cave and turn up in an area known as "Nam Cobanda Isle". This name is based on the name of the developer, Namco Bandai. The cave is filled with references from previous Tales of and Namco Bandai games, such as Klonoa's costume and the Katz Village from Symphonia and Eternia.
Contributed by Mangaboy5398