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Attachment During the development of the original Star Fox, character designer Takaya Imamura originally wanted to make the characters generic humans and aliens, similar to his character designs from F-Zero. It was Shigeru Miyamoto who convinced him to instead make them anthropomorphic animals, as he wanted the game's aesthetic to stand out from every other science fiction property coming out at the time.

Fox in particular being a fox was inspired by the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine located near Nintendo's offices.
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Iwata Asks - Star Fox 64 3D:

2002 Nintendo Dream interview with Takaya Imamura on Star Fox Adventures:

2002 Nintendo Official Magazine interview with Takaya Imamura:

English translations of above NOM interview:

Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES developer interview – Volume 1: Star Fox + Star Fox 2:
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Attachment Shigeru Miyamoto had actually teased the existence of Star Fox Adventures at least an entire year before its actual announcement at E3 2001. In an interview with Miyamoto in a February 2000 issue of 64 Dream (so several months before Dinosaur Planet was revealed at E3 2000 that year), he had mentioned that, while a sequel to Star Fox 64 was not currently in development, he'd like to make a game titled "Star Fox Adventures" for the then-coming GameCube. Similarly, in an interview with Miyamoto at E3 2000, when asked about how he felt about Rare's recently unveiled Dinosaur Planet, he had this to say:

"It looks really nice, doesn't it? I wish they would use Star Fox characters so that they could use the title Star Fox Adventures. Maybe I should call the team and talk about it [laughs]."

Further interviews reveal Star Fox Adventures' origins indeed actually came from within Nintendo in Kyoto, Japan, even before Rare and Dinosaur Planet were involved. Towards the end of the Nintendo 64's lifecycle, Takaya Imamura, who had created Fox McCloud and had been heavily involved with the series since the first game, had begged Miyamoto to let him work on the Star Fox series again. Miyamoto obliged, but had requested for Imamura to instead create an action-adventure title starring Fox as the main character as opposed to a traditional arcade shooter in the vein of Star Fox on the SNES or Star Fox 64. This led Imamura and other Nintendo staff like Kazuaki Morita to begin experimenting with various ideas, like having Fox run around on-foot and shooting down enemies with a gun.

However, with it being a late-stage N64 title, the project was not making much progress as many of the staff were being pulled away to work on bigger projects for the then-upcoming GameCube such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda. This was when Miyamoto noticed Rare was making their own action-adventure game starring Star Fox-esque characters known as Dinosaur Planet. Impressed by their demo at E3, he and other Nintendo staff arranged a meeting with Rare employees to discuss the prospects of merging their similar projects into one, and from there the game that today would be known as Star Fox Adventures would be born.
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Shigeru Miyamoto teasing "Star Fox Adventures" in a February 2000 issue of 64 Dream:

Miyamoto discussing Dinosaur Planet and the prospects of renaming it "Star Fox Adventures" at E3 2000:

Nintendo Japanese website Star Fox Adventures interview:

English translations of above NOM interview:

Nintendo Dream interview:

2001 article on shift from Dinosaur Planet to Star Fox Adventures:

Article by Kev Bayliss on a leaked build of Dinosaur Planet:
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Attachment According to Takaya Imamura in a 2011 Nintendo Dream magazine interview, Fox McCloud's mother is actually still alive and well on their home planet of Papetoon. This is in contrast with the 1994 Nintendo Power comic series, where it was revealed that Fox's mother (named "Vixy Reinard") was accidentally killed by a car bomb planted by Andross that was intended for her husband ("James" as he would referred to in the games starting with Star Fox 64).

According to Imamura, Fox's mother disapproved of her son following in her husband's footsteps and potentially getting himself killed the same way, and thus they have become estranged from each other, though they haven't exactly broken off from each other completely. Imamura even hints that she's secretly supporting her son's actions from behind the scenes.
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Nintendo Dream interview:

Star Fox Nintendo Power comic:

Snippet from the original Nintendo Dream 2011 Magazine interview:
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Attachment According to character designer Takaya Imamura, each of the original Star Fox team members were modeled after his fellow Nintendo staff members at the time:

•Fox was based on Shigeru Miyamoto, with Miyamoto said to have a fox-like face.
•Falco was based on Tsuyoshi Watanabe, as the development team laughed over how his nose stuck out like a beak.
•Peppy was based on Katsuya Eguchi, with Eguchi said to have a mouth like a hare.
•Slippy was based on Yoichi Yamada, with Yamada said to have large, round eyes.

Imamura has also stated that he based Andross on his "boss at the time". It remains unknown who at Nintendo he is specifically talking about, though it's been long rumored that Andross was intended as a caricature of then-Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi, who was known for his cutthroat and ruthless ways. However, it's also been speculated that Imamura is referring to Hiroshi Ikeda, the then-manager of Nintendo R&D4 (later EAD) who was also Miyamoto's boss, though it's worth pointing out that Ikeda had stepped down from his position in 1992.
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Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES developer interview – Volume 1: Star Fox + Star Fox 2:

Star Fox Adventures Nintendo Dream interview:
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Attachment In Japan, Pigma Dengar's name is ピグマ・デンガー (Piguma Dengā).

His surname seems to come from the Kansai expression, デンガナマンガナー (Denganamanganā). In the Japanese version of Star Fox games, Pigma tends to speak in Kansai dialect like people from Osaka. In Japan, people from this region are characterized as rude, bad-mannered, and even criminal lowlifes, very befitting of Pigma.

It is worth pointing out, however, that this is considered an offensive stereotype of Kansai people, and they do not enjoy being characterized this way in Japanese media.
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Star Fox character name origins Reddit thread:

Japanese video on Pigma Dengar origins:

Kansai dialect discrimination article:
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Attachment When asked about the canonicity of Star Fox Command in relation to its predecessors (those in particular being Star Fox 64, Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox: Assault) in a Reddit AMA, Dylan Cuthbert had this to say:

Canon is something the fans like to try to follow but Command was meant to be an alternate timeline kind of game, hence the choices you make. It let us have a lot more fun with the characters.

In turn, many within the Star Fox fandom figured that he was implying that the game itself was not canon to the previous installments. However, years later, Cuthbert would clarify on what he really meant by Command being an "alternate timeline kind of game":

Each play through is an alternate reality, play through multiple times until you get the reality /you/ want. In this sense none of them are canon and they are just a few possible realities based on your subjective experience and choices.

In reality, it seems what Cuthbert really meant was that each playthrough and story path is meant to represent an alternate timeline, not that Command itself was in a separate timeline from 64, Adventures, and Assault. Nintendo Dream's guidebook for Star Fox 64 3D from 2011 would actually include an entire chronological timeline of the series up to that point, beginning with Star Fox 64 and ending with Star Fox Command.

Essentially, all of the game's branching story paths are canon and non-canon at the same time, as there's said to be no true ending as it's up to the players to decide how Command, and perhaps the entire series' chronology as it truly began in 1997, ends. A 2011 Nintendo Dream magazine interview with Dylan Cuthbert, as well as Takaya Imamura, would reiterate this sentiment.

Which of the endings in "Command" is considered the canonical one?

Imamura: I think that's going to be up to each person who plays through the game.

Dylan: But the ending picture you drew, Imamura, had an impact. Like the one with Fox crying (laughs).

I definitely figured that was Imamura-san's work. That means that whenever you make the next game, I assume that one of these endings will end up being canon.

Dylan: I'm pretty sure that one will be picked when that time comes.

Fox's son, Marcus, could also potentially be the main character in that case?

Imamura: Yeah. But really, part of me does want to end Fox's part of the story with "Command." So, going forward, if we made a sequel it might be set between "64" and "Adventures," or maybe even a prequel to "64." With "Command," there's no "this is it, it's over" moment, which I think makes for a better video game experience.
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Attachment In a 2002 interview with Takaya Imamura regarding Star Fox Adventures, in which he explains his reasoning for having the characters age over the eight years since Star Fox 64, Imamura had this to say:

"This time around the story is set 8 years in the future. Characters like Mario and Bowser never age, but I feel that Fox needs to change in various ways over time. Maybe 10 years from now, we'll have the same face we've always known, but the character is actually Fox's son."

Funnily enough, four years later, the "Goodbye Fox" ending in Star Fox Command shows Fox McCloud and Krystal settling down and having a son named Marcus, who then goes on to form an all new Star Fox team, comprising of Slippy's son, Peppy's granddaughter, and even Falco Lombardi, who takes Peppy's place as the older mentor of this new team.
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In Japan, Andrew Oikonny's name is アンドリュー・オイッコニー (Andoryū Oikkonī).

His surname seems to be a pun on the Japanese word for nephew, 甥っ子 (Oi-kko). Obviously this is a pun/reference to the fact that Andross is canonically Andrew's uncle.
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Attachment In Japan, Slippy Toad's father, Beltino, is called ベルツィーノ(Berutsīno) which comes from ベルツノガエル (Berutsunogaeru), meaning Bert's frog or Belted frog. This is also the Japanese name for the Argentine horned frog, better known as a Pacman frog. Funny enough, after being alluded to on the Japanese Star Fox 64 website, Beltino would go on to have a major role in Star Fox: Assault, which was developed by Namco, the creators of Pac-Man.
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Attachment It would seem the entire overall story of Star Fox 64, and also its reimagining, Star Fox Zero, spans about 10 years.

Going by the manuals and guidebooks, the story begins with Andross being banished to Venom by General Pepper after he unleashed a deadly weapon of some kind upon Corneria. Five years later, the original Star Fox team are sent to investigate strange happenings on Venom only for its leader, James McCloud, to be betrayed and killed by Pigma Dengar, which was also meant to be Andross' declaration of war upon Corneria and the Lylat System, and he and his new army he build up over time would spend the next five years attacking them, leading to General Pepper calling upon the new Star Fox team, which leads directly into the events of Star Fox 64.

Curiously, most of SF64's ancillary material leave it vague on how long it's been between James' death and the events of Star Fox 64, typically only saying that "several years" have passed, all except for Pigma's biography in the official Japanese Star Fox 64 guidebook, which makes it more clear that it's been five years since he betrayed James and Peppy. Beta Star Fox 64 images, as well as the lost developer dub discovered in the Nintendo Gigaleak from 2020, show that Peppy was originally meant to have a line on Titania where he says "This reminds me of 10 years ago!”, obviously referring to when Andross nearly eradicated Corneria with his bioweapon, which is what led to his banishment to Venom in the first place.

Star Fox Zero, whose story and lore is almost completely identical to Star Fox 64, fully verifies that it's been indeed five years since James' death and also overall 10 years since Andross was banished to Venom, both through its opening prologue, the Star Fox Zero - The Battle Begins animated short that was created to commemorate its release, and also the official Japanese Star Fox Zero website.
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Attachment The official Japanese Star Fox 64 guidebook reveals that Andrew Oikonny was essentially forced onto the Star Wolf team purely out of nepotism on Andross' part, and that he was actively disliked by his teammates due to his poor piloting skills and also massive ego in regards to his relationship with Andross. Effectively, the only reason Wolf put up with him during the events of Star Fox 64 was due to the fact that he was using said connections to Andross to provide his team with immeasurable technological and financial backup.

A timeline of events provided in Star Fox Command's official guidebook claims that after Andross' defeat at the end of SF64, the Star Wolf team moved away from the Venom army effective immediately and in turn kicked out Andrew, who no longer had the support of his now deceased uncle, hence why at the beginning of Star Fox: Assault, he's on his own trying to rebel against Corneria using the remnants of Andross' forces.
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User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox 64 guidebook:

User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox: Assault guidebook:

User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox Command guidebook:
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Attachment According to the brochures distributed with Star Fox 64 3D in Japanese retail stores in 2011, it was Pigma Dengar who designed the Star Fox logo during his tenure with the original team, before he betrayed them.
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Attachment According to Takaya Imamura in a 2011 Nintendo Dream magazine interview, planet Papetoon, the homeworld of Fox McCloud as well as his father James and also Peppy Hare, actually exists outside of the Lylat System, approximately 10,000 light years away from it and Corneria. Imamura even states that the characters have to use warps to come and go.

This was alluded to in "The Curse of Pigma" ending in Star Fox Command, where Falco says:

FALCO: Papetoon, eh? Yeah, that's pretty much the edge of everything right there.

For comparison's sake, in the Japanese script, he says:

FALCO: はあ?パペトゥーン? ずいぶん遠いな… (Huh? Papetoon? That's a long way...)
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Attachment In a June 1997 Nintendo Dream interview with Shigeru Miyamoto regarding Star Fox 64, when asked if he would produce a sequel, Miyamoto responded with:

"I feel like the Star Fox I aimed for is already complete. But if SF64 turns out to be a commercial success and I am asked to make another installment, we might look into enriching the strategy map and systems, or perhaps further developing 360-degree four-player battles."

Funny enough, both of these ideas would come to fruition with future titles such as Star Fox: Assault, which hugely emphasized its multiplayer battle mode, and Star Fox Command, which revisited many of the real-time strategy elements that were previously experimented with in the then-unreleased Star Fox 2.
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The development for Kid Icarus: Uprising began with a vague concept of a game conceived by Masahiro Sakurai that would switch between aerial and land combat. At the recommendation of then-Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, it was decided to incorporate a pre-existing Nintendo IP onto the concept, and Sakurai would ultimately land on Kid Icarus, as he was aware of its endearing popularity in the west and a desire from fans for a new installment, especially with its protagonist, Pit, being included as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Another IP that was briefly considered was the Star Fox franchise. However, Sakurai ultimately felt that the character of Pit and his universe were more flexible and fitting for the type of game he was creating with Uprising.
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Attachment In a 2011 Nintendo Dream interview with the development staff of Star Fox 64 3D, Yusuke Amano joked that a future Star Fox game could be a dating simulator:

Dylan: Mr. Miyamoto often says that "Star Fox is not a predetermined game, but a world that aims to explore new ways to play."

I see. So, he is using Star Fox to explore new ways of playing.

Dylan: Yes. Although it was never released, when we were making "2" (later included in the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System), we really experimented with a lot of things, like the way 3D space works. That was the case with 'Command' as well, and it's what makes this series so unique and interesting. You know, in other series, you make the same thing with a few new elements. But with 'Star Fox,' the systems are completely different in "Adventures" and "Assault".

Amano: So maybe the next one will be a romance game.

Everyone: (laughs)

Dylan: But that would be fun.

Imamura: Even Tingle became a romance game (laughs).
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Attachment Barring the mistake with calling Fichina "Fortuna" in Star Fox 64, there is only one other main planet in all of the Star Fox series to have a slightly different English name from their original Japanese counterpart, that being Katina, which in Japan is called カタリナ, or Katarina.

In comparison, Katina directly translated into Japanese would be カティナ.
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Star Fox 64 - Katina (JP):

Just linking to this show that Katina's Japanese name directly translated into English is indeed officially "Katarina":
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Attachment While Star Fox 64 would mark the debut of Star Wolf, the rival team of Star Fox, they were originally meant to debut in Star Fox 2, which was cancelled for twenty years before seeing an official release for the SNES Classic in 2017.

Something that's very peculiar in the final build of Star Fox 2, however, is how most of the mainstays of the Star Wolf team, such as Wolf O'Donnell, Pigma Dengar, and Leon Powalski, are present, all except for one: Andross' nephew, Andrew Oikonny. In his place is what appears to be a lemur character named "Algy", who is described by SF2's online manual as being rumoured to be "the most devious creature in the cosmos".

What makes this even more strange is the fact that Andrew actually was initially conceived for SF2, as a piece of concept art drawn by series' character designer Takaya Imamura portrays him along with Wolf, Leon and Pigma. In fact, there actually exists evidence that, by the time of Star Fox 2's gold build, Algy was still internally referred to as Andrew in the game's source code, which makes it all the more clear that Andrew was indeed planned to be in SF2 before being changed out for Algy.

It's worth pointing out, however, that despite being the main character designer for the first Star Fox, as well as future games like Star Fox 64, Imamura actually had very little to do with Star Fox 2's development, outside of the aforementioned initial Star Wolf concept art and also play-testing and advising towards the end, being only listed as under SF2's "Special Thanks" credits. Another staff member at Nintendo, named Masanao Arimoto, took over his duties as character/sprite designer for SF2. Comparing his final spritework to the original concept art, one could see that Arimoto took a lot of creative liberties with Imamura's initial designs, the latter of which look more closer to how the Star Wolf characters would look in Star Fox 64, with the most glaring example being Andrew transformed into an effectively different character.

It's pretty obvious that when Takaya Imamura returned for Star Fox 64 as its art director, Algy was reverted back into Andrew Oikonny.
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Attachment Across two interviews with two different Nintendo Dream issues in 2011, Takaya Imamura expressed quite a bit of interest in creating a prequel to Star Fox 64 starring James McCloud and the original Star Fox team, mentioning the idea three times, unprovoked. He also even suggested a future game could be a soft reboot set several years later with a new lead instead of Fox.

From the Star Fox 64 3D Developer interview in the September 2011 issue of Nintendo Dream:

Why did Pigma join the original Star Fox team?

Imamura: I still don't want to talk about the events surrounding James or other episodes from the original Star Fox because if we were to do something with that, I would want to create a game around it and release it.


Imamura: I'm just thinking out loud.

Everyone: (laughs)

Imamura: You see, if we talk about it too much here, it might become difficult to make if it really happens (laughs).

Shortly aftwards, after being asked about the future of the Star Fox series:

When Nintendo makes a video game, we don't make it to tell a story. We first have some kind of cool idea for the core of a game, and if that idea is something that works well for Star Fox, then we need to build a story around it. When that time comes, it might be a story about James, or we might just keep the "Star Fox" franchise name and set it far off in the future with a different main character.

In a later interview, Imamura says:

But really, part of me does want to end Fox's part of the story with "Command." So, going forward, if we made a sequel it might be set between "64" and "Adventures," or maybe even a prequel to "64."

Unfortunately, nothing has ever come of this. All the Star Fox series has seen since then is the release of Star Fox Zero (a reimagining of Star Fox 64), Star Fox Guard (a tower defense game set around the same time), and an official release of the 20-year old game Star Fox 2. Takaya Imamura would retire from Nintendo in early 2021.
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Attachment The Aparoids are unique in Star Fox's rogue gallery in that they're the only main enemy forces, at least within the official game canon (which includes "Farewell Beloved Falco", the manga interlude between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures) to have absolutely no connections or ties to Andross whatsoever:

• In Farewell Beloved Falco, Captain Shears, despite being affiliated with the Cornerian army, was revealed to be a turncoat seeking to revive Andross through cloning.

• In Star Fox Adventures, General Scales and the SharpClaw were revealed to be the unwilling pawns of Andross' ghost, who manipulated them as well as Fox to revive himself using the power of the Krazoa.

• In Star Fox Command, the Emperor Anglar and his Anglar Army are revealed to be bioweapons created by Andross in secret within Venom's acidic oceans.

In particular, the Aparoid Queen is the only final boss in all of the Star Fox series to either not just be Andross again (Star Fox, Star Fox 2, Star Fox 64/Star Fox 64 3D, Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Zero), nor a creation of his (Star Fox Command).
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Star Fox "Farewell Beloved Falco" manga:

Evolution of Andross boss battles in Star Fox games:

Star Fox Adventures - General Scales boss fight:

Star Fox: Assault - Aparoid Queen boss fight:

Star Fox Command - Emperor Anglar boss fight:
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