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In the "The Worm" mission on Titania in the Fox and Krystal story route, Krystal goes more in-depth about Andross' plans to terraform Venom.

"After Andross fought you, he dedicated his remaining days to planet Venom. He wanted to leave some sort of legacy. That's all."

Peppy Hare has a similar line in the "Andross' Legacy" mission, also on Titania during the Goodbye Fox story route.

"Well, after our last battle with Andross, he started thinking. He put together a plan to terraform the whole environment. He wanted to make Venom a more hospitable place to live."

These both seem to bizarrely imply that even after being destroyed by the end of Star Fox 64, Andross was somehow still physically alive somewhere on Venom, which is where he began to plan out terraforming Venom into a beautiful green world.

Re-translating the Japanese text for both of these, however, reveals:

"彼はあなた達に復讐した後 後世に新しいベノムの創造主として名前を残したかったのよ (He wanted to take revenge on you and leave his name as the creator of the new Venom for posterity.)

かつてアンドルフは我々との戦いの後 ベノムを住みやすい環境に変える計画を立てていたんじゃ (Andorf once had a plan to turn Venom into a livable environment after the war with us.)"

Which makes it much more clear that what Krystal and Peppy had intended to say was that Andross (or Andorf as he's called in Japan) had always intended on terraforming Venom for posterity after he had enacted revenge against General Pepper and Corneria for banishing him there. One could say it was essentially Andross' retirement plan.
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Attachment One of Star Fox Command's new characters is Dash Bowman, the grandson of Andross who, ironically enough, is a pilot in the Cornerian Defense Force and also an admirer of the Star Fox team.

In the Japanese version of the game, his first name is アッシュ (Asshu), or Ash, which is more in line with the naming conventions of his relatives, Andross and Andrew Oikonny, whose names also start with "A". It's possible that his surname, Bowman, is a reference to the character of David Bowman, the protagonist of the film "2001: A Space Odyssey", though this is unconfirmed.
Attachment In the original Star Fox on SNES, Venom was said to be a beautiful, green planet in the vein of Corneria before Andross, after being banished by Corneria due to his dangerous experiments, invaded and ruined it, transforming it into a dark, polluted world of military machines, all while enslaving its inhabitants who he drafted into his new army. Star Fox 2's Venom stage on Expert mode would actually depict Venom in its lush green state again, indicating that it was being terraformed back into its original state.

Star Fox 64, being a reboot of the first game, would essentially retcon all of this, and claim that Venom was already a desolate wasteland to begin with, which is the entire reason General Pepper banished Andross there after the latter nearly destroyed Corneria with his weapons. That being said, Star Fox Command would later reveal that during his banishment on Venom, Andross had actually created a terraforming device that he planned on using upon Venom as a means to transform it into a beautiful green world similar to Corneria, for prosperity and to also give his heirs and descendants a home to live happily in. This is essentially an inverse of his original SNES backstory, where he's now trying to save Venom and turn it into a hospitable world, as opposed to invading and transforming it into a polluted wasteland.
Also Appears On: Star Fox (Game), Star Fox 64 (Game), Star Fox 2 (Game)
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Attachment Takaya Imamura illustrated the back boxart of Star Fox Adventures for its Japanese release. Notably, it's one of the first notable instances of Fox's head being drawn with a more stylized, Noh Kitstune mask look, as opposed to the more animalistic proportions he had in-game and also in prior installments such as Star Fox on SNES and Star Fox 64. This design has often been described by certain fans, often in a derogatory manner, as a "bellhead", due to it being somewhat shaped like a bell.

Star Fox Command would be the first time Fox would sport this head design in-game, and it would go on to influence his appearances in later Super Smash Bros. games and to a certain extent, Star Fox Zero.
Also Appears On: Star Fox Adventures (Game)
Attachment When asked about the canonicity of Star Fox Command in relation to its predecessors (those in particular being Star Fox 64, Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault) in a Reddit AMA, Dylan Cuthbert had this to say:

Canon is something the fans like to try to follow but Command was meant to be an alternate timeline kind of game, hence the choices you make. It let us have a lot more fun with the characters.

In turn, many within the Star Fox fandom figured that he was implying that the game itself was not canon to the previous installments. However, years later, Cuthbert would clarify on what he really meant by Command being an "alternate timeline kind of game":

Each play through is an alternate reality, play through multiple times until you get the reality /you/ want. In this sense none of them are canon and they are just a few possible realities based on your subjective experience and choices.

In reality, it seems what Cuthbert really meant was that each playthrough and story path is meant to represent an alternate timeline, not that Command itself was in a separate timeline from 64, Adventures, and Assault. Nintendo Dream's guidebook for Star Fox 64 3D from 2011 would actually include an entire chronological timeline of the series up to that point, beginning with Star Fox 64 and ending with Star Fox Command.

Essentially, all of the game's branching story paths are canon and non-canon at the same time, as there's said to be no true ending as it's up to the players to decide how Command, and perhaps the entire series' chronology as it truly began in 1997, ends. A 2011 Nintendo Dream magazine interview with Dylan Cuthbert, as well as Takaya Imamura, would reiterate this sentiment.

Which of the endings in "Command" is considered the canonical one?

Imamura: I think that's going to be up to each person who plays through the game.

Dylan: But the ending picture you drew, Imamura, had an impact. Like the one with Fox crying (laughs).

I definitely figured that was Imamura-san's work. That means that whenever you make the next game, I assume that one of these endings will end up being canon.

Dylan: I'm pretty sure that one will be picked when that time comes.

Fox's son, Marcus, could also potentially be the main character in that case?

Imamura: Yeah. But really, part of me does want to end Fox's part of the story with "Command." So, going forward, if we made a sequel it might be set between "64" and "Adventures," or maybe even a prequel to "64." With "Command," there's no "this is it, it's over" moment, which I think makes for a better video game experience.
Also Appears On: Star Fox 64 3D (Game), Star Fox (Franchise)
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Attachment In a 2002 interview with Takaya Imamura regarding Star Fox Adventures, in which he explains his reasoning for having the characters age over the eight years since Star Fox 64, Imamura had this to say:

"This time around the story is set 8 years in the future. Characters like Mario and Bowser never age, but I feel that Fox needs to change in various ways over time. Maybe 10 years from now, we'll have the same face we've always known, but the character is actually Fox's son."

Funnily enough, four years later, the "Goodbye Fox" ending in Star Fox Command shows Fox McCloud and Krystal settling down and having a son named Marcus, who then goes on to form an all new Star Fox team, comprising of Slippy's son, Peppy's granddaughter, and even Falco Lombardi, who takes Peppy's place as the older mentor of this new team.
Also Appears On: Star Fox Adventures (Game), Star Fox (Franchise)
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According to Takaya Imamura in a 2011 Nintendo Dream magazine interview, planet Papetoon, the homeworld of Fox McCloud as well as his father James and also Peppy Hare, actually exists outside of the Lylat System, approximately 10,000 light years away from it and Corneria. Imamura even states that the characters have to use warps to come and go.

This was alluded to in "The Curse of Pigma" ending in Star Fox Command, where Falco mentions that Papetoon was "on the edge of everything".
Also Appears On: Star Fox (Franchise)
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Attachment The character of Octoman is portrayed as much more angry and agressive in the English localization of Star Fox Command than he is in the original Japanese script. Take for example, this bit from the Slippy's Resolve story route:

SLIPPY: Wow, this guy is really angry...
OCTOMAN: Andross's secret facility MUST NOT FALL into enemy hands! If it does, we're all GONNA BE CALAMARI! GOT IT?! GGYYAAARRGGGHHHH!! AAAAAND...it appears that Aquas has ALSO BEEN INFILTRATED! Find these scum and wipe them out NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! ...Er, over.

Re-translating the Japanese text, however, reveals:

OCTOMAN: 惑星タイタニアに敵を近づけてはならない…繰り返す タイタニアに敵を近づけるな… (Do not let the enemy near the planet Titania... repeat: Do not let the enemy near Titania...)
SLIPPY: タイタニア? (Titania?)
OCTOMAN: アンドルフの隠した装置が敵の手に渡ったら大変なことになる アクアスにもじゃま者が侵入した模様 見つけて撃破する …以上 (If Andorf's hidden device gets into enemy hands, we're in big trouble... Aquas has been infiltrated by trespassers...find and destroy them... Over.)

Also in the English version of this game, Octoman has a rather baffling line later on in this same story route, where, when facing against Slippy and his fiance Amanda, he tells his subordinate Zako (Sharman in the Japanese version) this:

OCTOMAN: Mighty Zako! Destroy the puny humans!

It goes without saying that this does not appear to make any sense because Slippy and Amanda are frogs, not humans.

However, re-translating the Japanese text reveals:

OCTOMAN: 目障りだ! シャーマンよ! 噛み砕いてやれ (An eyesore! Sharman! Chew them up!)
Attachment The character of Panther Caroso (or Caruso as he's called in Command) infamously speaks in the third-person throughout Star Fox Command, despite not doing so in his debut game, Star Fox: Assault.

It turns out that this is yet another quirk of Command's English localization, as Panther speaks normally in first-person in the Japanese script just as he did in Assault.

Here are three of Panther's lines in-game during the Star Wolf bossfight:

• Panther will make you late for your hot date!
• Panther is sick of seeing your face!
• You can't value your life very much if you fight Panther!

However, re-translating the original Japanese text will reveal:

• デートの時間に 遅れちまう! (I'm going to be late for my date!)
• お前らの顔は もう見飽きた (I'm tired of seeing your faces.)
• 俺と戦おうなんて 命知らずめ! (You dare to fight me, you daredevil!)

Another example is this conversation here:

KRYSTAL: Wolf! Panther! Leon! Thank goodness you're not hurt!
WOLF: It was a barrel of laughs, princess! Although I think the old Panther's feeling a bit heartbroken!
PANTHER: It was a pleasure for Panther, too, darling! Your feelings...Panther understood them, but...
KRYSTAL: Panther! I...
PANTHER: Panther does not believe you were using him!
LEON: Har! Then what were you crying about earlier, eh, loverboy?
WOLF: We'll meet again, Star Fox!
PANTHER: Farewell, my sweet Krystal. You will return to us one day. This... Panther believes!

Here's this same conversation re-translated from the Japanese script.

KRYSTAL: 無事でよかったわ… ウルフ パンサー レオン (I'm glad you're all safe... Wolf, Panther, Leon.)
WOLF: 楽しかったぜ! お嬢ちゃん パンサーの野郎は悲しんでるけどな! (That was fun, princess! Panther guy might be feeling down, though!)
PANTHER: 俺も楽しかったよハニー! 君の気持ちは分かっていたけどね…… (I had fun too, honey! I knew how you felt, though...)
KRYSTAL: パンサー!! 私… (Panther!!! I...)
PANTHER: 利用されたなんて思ってないぜ! (I never thought I was being used!)
LEON: ククク…強がり言っちゃって… (Hehehe... putting up a tough front...)
WOLF: またどこかで会おう! スターフォックス! (Let's meet again somewhere! Star Fox!)
PANTHER: さよならクリスタル… でもいつか君は俺達のもとに帰ってくる そう信じているよ (Goodbye, Krystal...But someday, you'll come back to us. I believe that.)
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Japanese/English/fan translations for Star Fox Command:

Japanese fan website for Star Fox Command lore - Panther Caroso boss page:
Attachment Star Fox: Assault introduces a new team member for Star Wolf, Panther Caroso, who fills in the space left behind by the departures of Andrew Oikonny and Pigma Dengar. He reappears in its sequel, Star Fox Command, but with a slightly different name: Panther Caruso.

Both of these are actually mistranslations of his intended surname in Japan, which is カルロッソ (Karurosso), or Caluroso. "Caluroso" is the Spanish word for warm, hot, energetic, enthusiastic, etc., which is in line with his womanizer, Latin, and Giacomo Casanova-esque personality and archetype.
Also Appears On: Star Fox: Assault (Game)
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User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox: Assault guidebook:

User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox Command guidebook:
Attachment Dash Bowman is notably the only playable pilot in all of Star Fox Command outside of the Star Fox (Fox, Falco, Peppy, Slippy, Krystal, and even James) and Star Wolf (Wolf, Leon and Panther) teams to be select-able against the Emperor Anglar, essentially the game's true final boss, on Venom.

The only last bosses the other playable pilots can go against are the Splitter in the Lucy and Krystal storyline (which is fought by Katt, Lucy, Amanda as well as Krystal), and Pigma in the Pigma's Revenge route (which is fought by Katt, as well as Falco).

Bill Grey only appears in two missions on Katina and thus is the only pilot to not be involved in the last battle of any of Command's story routes, and also the only pilot (besides James) to not be featured in any of the nine endings.
Attachment One of the most common criticisms regarding Star Fox Command's narrative from fans is the way it portrays Krystal as seemingly far more cold, harsh and bitter than she was in the previous Star Fox titles she appeared in. While some of this angst is still present in the Japanese script, there is comparatively much less of it and is written in a less exaggerated tone than in the Western localization.

For example, take this conversation:

Wolf: Enough chatter! We're flying through Sector X and that's final! It's the quickest way to Venom. When we get there, we wipe 'em out!
Leon: Whaaaa ha ha haa! Time for killin'! I haven't been this excited in a long time!
Panther: Maybe we should think it over. After all, there is a beautiful lady present. She is a delicate, fragile creature! We cannot just plunge into danger!
Krystal: Stuff it, Panther. Wolf, fly where you want. I just want to get going.
Falco: ...Oh, crud.
ROB: That looked like Krystal.
Falco: Yeah, it sure did. I wonder if it WAS her. She seems so... cold!

Here's this same conversation, but re-translated from the original Japanese text:

Wolf: いいか野郎ども!セクターXを経由して一気にベノムを落とす! いいな! (Listen up, you guys! We'll pass through Sector X and take down Venom in one go! Got it?)
Leon: 久々の大物にワクワクする…フフフフフ (Exciting to go after a big target after so long... Hehehe...)
Panther: おいおいウルフ お嬢さんもいるんだぜ! 野郎どもはないだろ? (Hey, Wolf, there's a lady here too, you know? It's not just us guys, right?)
Krystal: 私は大丈夫 気にしないで それより先を急ぎましょ (I'm fine, don't worry about it. Let's hurry on ahead.)
Falco: ...!!
NUS: クリスタルに酷似しています (She bears a striking resemblance to Krystal.)
Falco: 酷似も何も… クリスタルじゃねえか… (Resemblance? That's not just a resemblance... It IS Krystal!)

Notice how more aggressive Krystal comes across in the English script, something Falco takes note of, in comparison to the retranslated text where's she portrayed as more considerate.

Another example is during one of the Katina missions:

Fox: Krystal! I'm coming to cover you!
Krystal: Save it, loser! I don't need your help!

But re-translating the Japanese script, it reads like this:

Fox: クリスタル! 今から援護に向かう! (Krystal! We're on our way to cover you now!)
Krystal: あなたの援護はいらないわ (I don't need your backup.)

Obviously, Krystal is still portrayed as not being on good terms with Fox, but one can see the extra venom Nintendo of America included in their localization, by having her flat out call Fox a loser.

Another major example is this conversation at the end of the Fox and Krystal storyline:

Fox: Krystal, please find a way to forgive me! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
Krystal: Forgive you? Forgive you?! That's funny. I mean, that is simply hilarious. You treat me like dirt and I just forgive you? Is that it? ...Sniff... Jerk...
Fox: So... you won't come back to the team?
Slippy: C'mon, Krystal! You gotta come back!
Falco: Yeah, don't worry abut this furry idiot. Just get your tail back here.
Fox: We'll always be together. I promise.
Krystal: Ah, F-Fox, you... I... sniff... ...I'm an idiot. I can't believe I'm actually going to do it...Falco? Slippy? Thank you.

Now, here's the Japanese version of this retranslated:

Fox: 俺を許してくれ クリスタル (Please forgive me, Krystal.)
Krystal: 許してだなんて…そんな… 私…あなたに…ひどいことしたわ… しく…しく… (You want me to forgive you? But...I was...so horrible to you...sob...sob...)
Fox: このままチームに戻らないか? (Why don't we just go back to the team?)
Slippy: そうだよ! クリスタル! (Yes, Krystal!)
Falco: もう気にすることなんか何もねえ 戻って来い! (You got nothing to worry about. Come on back!)
Fox: これからはずっと一緒だ (We'll be together from now on.)
Krystal: しく…しく…ありがとうフォックス… (sob...sob...thank you Fox...thank you...Falco, Slippy...)

Krystal appears to be much more remorseful about her attitude and actions towards Fox (i.e joining up with Star Wolf and forcing him to beg for forgiveness in order to get her to rejoin the team) than she does in the English translation where she continues to be rather bitter and sarcastic towards him, to the point where she doesn't even thank Fox unlike with Falco and Slippy, which contradicts the original Japanese script.
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User's English translations of original Japanese dialogue compared with Nintendo of America's English localization in Star Fox Command:

Japanese website containing English, Japanese and fan-translated dialogue from every story path in Star Fox Command:
Attachment During Star Fox: Assault's Fortuna mission, Andrew Oikonny, who is now leading a rebellion against Corneria using the remnants of Andross' army, pilots a flagship that transforms into a mode based on his deceased uncle (Falco even dismisses it as a "Andross wanna-be") complete with a floating head with disembodied hands. The official Japanese Star Fox: Assault guidebook reveals its name to be デスバブーン (Desubabūn), or Death Baboon.

Despite being seemingly destroyed by an Aparoid, Oikonny would reappear in Star Fox Command, working for the Anglar Army (who are revealed to be creations of his uncle), this time in another vessel shaped and named after an animal that's name also starts with "Death", the Death Crab.
Also Appears On: Star Fox: Assault (Game)
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User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox: Assault guidebook:

Star Fox: Assault - Oikonny's Flagship boss:

Star Fox Command - Oikonny appearance:
Attachment Unusued icons found within Star Fox Command curiously show ROB 64 with the original Great Fox as it appeared in previous installments such as Star Fox 64 and Star Fox: Assault. This is odd, because the Great Fox was already shown to be completely destroyed in the climax for the previous game, Star Fox: Assault, which is why it was replaced with a small space carrier in the final version of Command.

This indicates that this was either merely a placeholder, or at some point, the development team had considered bringing the original Great Fox model back as it was prior to Assault's ending.
Attachment One of the Anglar Army's commanders in Star Fox Command is a hammerhead shark looking character named "Zako", who's also a subordinate of Octoman.

His Japanese name, however, is シャーマン (Shāman), which can either translate to just "Shaman" or even "Sherman". Looking at the English text provided in the official Japanese Star Fox Command guidebook, it seems the intended name is "Sharman". It's fairly obvious that his name is combination of "Shark" and "Man", and that it's also meant to complement and mirror Octoman's name.
Attachment The Aparoids are unique in Star Fox's rogue gallery in that they're the only main enemy forces, at least within the official game canon (which includes "Farewell Beloved Falco", the manga interlude between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures) to have absolutely no connections or ties to Andross whatsoever:

• In Farewell Beloved Falco, Captain Shears, despite being affiliated with the Cornerian army, was revealed to be a turncoat seeking to revive Andross through cloning.

• In Star Fox Adventures, General Scales and the SharpClaw were revealed to be the unwilling pawns of Andross' ghost, who manipulated them as well as Fox to revive himself using the power of the Krazoa.

• In Star Fox Command, the Emperor Anglar and his Anglar Army are revealed to be bioweapons created by Andross in secret within Venom's acidic oceans.

In particular, the Aparoid Queen is the only final boss in all of the Star Fox series to either not just be Andross again (Star Fox, Star Fox 2, Star Fox 64/Star Fox 64 3D, Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Zero), nor a creation of his (Star Fox Command).
Also Appears On: Star Fox Adventures (Game), Star Fox: Assault (Game), Star Fox 2 (Game), Star Fox 64 (Game), Star Fox (Game), Star Fox Zero (Game), Star Fox (Franchise)
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Star Fox "Farewell Beloved Falco" manga:

Evolution of Andross boss battles in Star Fox games:

Star Fox Adventures - General Scales boss fight:

Star Fox: Assault - Aparoid Queen boss fight:

Star Fox Command - Emperor Anglar boss fight:
Attachment For Star Fox 64 3D, Bill Grey's fighter craft in the Katina mission was redesigned to be closer in design to its appearance in Star Fox Command. It was probably also done to distinguish it from the other Cornerian Fighters present in the mission, which Bill's fighter looked identical to back in the original Star Fox 64.
Also Appears On: Star Fox 64 3D (Game), Star Fox 64 (Game)
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Attachment Krystal has the unique distinction of being the only playable character in Star Fox Command to pilot two different spacecrafts and also sport two different attires depending on the route taken.

In some missions, primarily when she rejoins Star Fox, she wears a pink jumpsuit and pilots the CloudRunner. In other missions, primarily when she's hanging with Star Wolf, she wears a traditional Cornerian Defense Force attire with a flight jacket, scarf and helmet, and she pilots the Cornerian Fighter that Bill Grey also uses.
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The Spriter's Resource spritesheet:

User's English translation of an official Japanese Star Fox Command guidebook:
As it currently stands, barring Star Fox 64 3D, Macbeth is the only planet from Star Fox SNES and Star Fox 64 to not have reappeared in future games.

Corneria, Fichina, Katina, and Fortuna would reappear in Star Fox Assault. Titania and Zoness would appear in Star Fox Assault's multiplayer mode as well.

Corneria, Fichina, Katina, Solar, Aquas, Titania and Venom would reappear once again in Star Fox Command.

Corneria, Fortuna, Fichina, Zoness, Titania and Venom would also reappear in Star Fox Zero.
Also Appears On: Star Fox (Game), Star Fox 64 (Game), Star Fox: Assault (Game), Star Fox Zero (Game), Star Fox (Franchise)
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Attachment According to the official Japanese Star Fox 64 guidebook, the main driving point for Wolf O'Donnell's rivalry with Fox McCloud is the fact that Wolf was previously rivals with his father, James. This is alluded to in-game with various voice clips from Wolf across Star Fox 64, Star Fox Assault and Star Fox Zero, and it's also reiterated in the timeline of events provided in Star Fox Command's official Japanese guidebook.
Also Appears On: Star Fox: Assault (Game), Star Fox 64 (Game), Star Fox Zero (Game), Star Fox (Franchise)
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User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox 64 guidebook:

User's English translation of official Japanese Star Fox Command guidebook:

SF64 English quotes:

SF64 Japanese quotes for good measure:

SF Assault quotes:

SFZ quotes:
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