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One of the most common criticisms regarding Star Fox Command's narrative from fans is the way it portrays Krystal as seemingly far more cold, harsh and bitter than she was in the previous Star Fox titles she appeared in. While some of this angst is still present in the Japanese script, there is comparatively much less of it and is written in a less exaggerated tone than in the Western localization.

For example, take this conversation:

Wolf: Enough chatter! We're flying through Sector X and that's final! It's the quickest way to Venom. When we get there, we wipe 'em out!
Leon: Whaaaa ha ha haa! Time for killin'! I haven't been this excited in a long time!
Panther: Maybe we should think it over. After all, there is a beautiful lady present. She is a delicate, fragile creature! We cannot just plunge into danger!
Krystal: Stuff it, Panther. Wolf, fly where you want. I just want to get going.
Falco: ...Oh, crud.
ROB: That looked like Krystal.
Falco: Yeah, it sure did. I wonder if it WAS her. She seems so... cold!

Here's this same conversation, but re-translated from the original Japanese text:

Wolf: いいか野郎ども!セクターXを経由して一気にベノムを落とす! いいな! (Listen up, you guys! We'll pass through Sector X and take down Venom in one go! Got it?)
Leon: 久々の大物にワクワクする…フフフフフ (Exciting to go after a big target after so long... Hehehe...)
Panther: おいおいウルフ お嬢さんもいるんだぜ! 野郎どもはないだろ? (Hey, Wolf, there's a lady here too, you know? It's not just us guys, right?)
Krystal: 私は大丈夫 気にしないで それより先を急ぎましょ (I'm fine, don't worry about it. Let's hurry on ahead.)
Falco: ...!!
NUS: クリスタルに酷似しています (She bears a striking resemblance to Krystal.)
Falco: 酷似も何も… クリスタルじゃねえか… (Resemblance? That's not just a resemblance... It IS Krystal!)

Notice how more aggressive Krystal comes across in the English script, something Falco takes note of, in comparison to the retranslated text where's she portrayed as more considerate.

Another example is during one of the Katina missions:

Fox: Krystal! I'm coming to cover you!
Krystal: Save it, loser! I don't need your help!

But re-translating the Japanese script, it reads like this:

Fox: クリスタル! 今から援護に向かう! (Krystal! We're on our way to cover you now!)
Krystal: あなたの援護はいらないわ (I don't need your backup.)

Obviously, Krystal is still portrayed as not being on good terms with Fox, but one can see the extra venom Nintendo of America included in their localization, by having her flat out call Fox a loser.

Another major example is this conversation at the end of the Fox and Krystal storyline:

Fox: Krystal, please find a way to forgive me! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
Krystal: Forgive you? Forgive you?! That's funny. I mean, that is simply hilarious. You treat me like dirt and I just forgive you? Is that it? ...Sniff... Jerk...
Fox: So... you won't come back to the team?
Slippy: C'mon, Krystal! You gotta come back!
Falco: Yeah, don't worry abut this furry idiot. Just get your tail back here.
Fox: We'll always be together. I promise.
Krystal: Ah, F-Fox, you... I... sniff... ...I'm an idiot. I can't believe I'm actually going to do it...Falco? Slippy? Thank you.

Now, here's the Japanese version of this retranslated:

Fox: 俺を許してくれ クリスタル (Please forgive me, Krystal.)
Krystal: 許してだなんて…そんな… 私…あなたに…ひどいことしたわ… しく…しく… (You want me to forgive you? But...I was...so horrible to you...sob...sob...)
Fox: このままチームに戻らないか? (Why don't we just go back to the team?)
Slippy: そうだよ! クリスタル! (Yes, Krystal!)
Falco: もう気にすることなんか何もねえ 戻って来い! (You got nothing to worry about. Come on back!)
Fox: これからはずっと一緒だ (We'll be together from now on.)
Krystal: しく…しく…ありがとうフォックス… (sob...sob...thank you Fox...thank you...Falco, Slippy...)

Krystal appears to be much more remorseful about her attitude and actions towards Fox (i.e joining up with Star Wolf and forcing him to beg for forgiveness in order to get her to rejoin the team) than she does in the English translation where she continues to be rather bitter and sarcastic towards him, to the point where she doesn't even thank Fox unlike with Falco and Slippy, which contradicts the original Japanese script.
Contributed by Dinoman96 on November 19, 2023
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