Wii Sports Resort
Wii Sports Resort
Golf was never planned to be in the game. However, Shigeru Miyamoto incorrectly stated in an interview that golf was in the game, so Nintendo felt they had to put it in.

According to Director Takayuki Shimamura: "Right after getting back to Japan, he suddenly said: "You know we're including golf now." Apparently he'd stated in an interview that this time round golf shots would be determined by the backswing, even though at that time a golf game didn't exist in any shape or form!"
Contributed by Eternal Panda
Pressing a and 2 will instantly pop any balloon on screen in Frisbee Dog.
Contributed by Wipeoutjack7
When playing on Island Flyover and passing the lighthouse, planes communicating via Morse Code can be heard.
There are three different codes, which translate into:
"Morse code takes forever. - It sure does."
"Does anyone out there know Morse code? - Sorry. Use your radio."
"Why does anyone use Morse code anymore? - Good question."
Contributed by Pilzkopf777
Hidden in each of the archery stages is a secret target, ranging from fruits to cakes. Hitting these targets will award the player with 10 points.
Contributed by SOGESNAKE