One of Bayonetta's taunt "If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum." Is a reference to Hideki Kamiya's Twitter responses, where he responded to questions being asked with "Ask your mom."
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When it was announced, Bayonetta 2 was met with a negative reaction from fans on the basis of it being a Wii U exclusive (whereas the first game was published on the Xbox 360 and PS3). In response, Atsushi Inaba, one of the co-producers of the game, and executive director at Platinum Games, said that the game would not have existed without Nintendo's involvement.

During the years in between the first game's release and the second game's announcement, the publisher of the first game, Sega, had been scaling back on the number of games to be released/localized, and Bayonetta had been in danger of never receiving a sequel. Nintendo then approached Platinum about publishing Bayonetta 2 for their new console.
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All of Noatun's designs were inspired by the palaces, cities and waterways of Italy and Belgium.
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In the news report shown during the game's opening cutscene, the mission complete music from Wonderful 101 can be heard in the background.
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Bayonetta's creator Hideki Kamiya hated the final cover artwork for the game. The original artwork featured a crescent moon in the background instead of a full moon, and the "2" in the logo was yellow instead of red.

Kamiya posted on Twitter his outrage over the cover saying "I hate the logo of WiiU ver. Junk." and "The Bayo 2 package is shit. Who's the damned bastard who changed it..." Kamiya had no control over the change of the artwork.
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When asked about Bayonetta's new hairstyle, producer Yusuke Hashimoto said that the change had more to do with Bayonetta's personality, rather than just an arbitrary cosmetic change.

"Her personality is the type that would not want to remain stagnant. She would want to change her style, taste in fashion, and her costumes. Down the line in the series, she may make further changes to her appearance."
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