Smash T.V.
Smash T.V.
December 31, 1991
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The dual-joystick control setup for the arcade version of Smash T.V. was similar to designer Eugene Jarvis' previous game Robotron: 2084, where one joystick controlled the player's movements while the other controlled the direction the player shoots in. The NES and SNES versions carried over this original control scheme in different ways. For the NES version, it can be accessed by plugging in two controllers, holding them vertically with the control pads facing the screen, and using both control pads as you would in the arcade version. This control scheme is also available to use with two players on the NES version, but requires four controllers plugged into a multitap like the NES Four Score. The dual control aspect of the game works more efficiently on the SNES version, as a single SNES controller has four main buttons, A, B, X and Y, that are laid out like an additional control pad. This enables the player to shoot in one direction while running in another, and also eliminates the need for a multitap if you want a second player to join in.
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Smash T.V. NES version alternate control scheme demonstration:

Super Smash T.V. footage:

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