South Park Secrets in Video Games - Easter Egg Hunting
The Toy Store has a secret room that appears to be Chef's shack.
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A direct sequel had been announced by Acclaim's CEO, Greg Fischbach, and was intended to be released sometime in early 2000. However the game was never released and any further details about it never surfaced.
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A Game Boy Color version of the game was at one point being developed, however it was supposedly canceled because the show's creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone didn't think it was right for the platform because children were its main demographic. Only a single screenshot was released to the public in Nintendo Power magazine issue 114.

It's possible that Acclaim reused the game for "Maya the Bee" in Europe and "Mary Kate & Ashley" in the US as both share a similar HUD to the South Park game.

A prototype version of the game was later dumped onto the Internet in 2018.
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