In the Amiga, Amstrad, and Atari ST versions of Bart vs. the Space Mutants, Bart wears the blue shirt he had in merchandise around this period during gameplay, but on the title screen and in cutscenes, he wears the red shirt he wears in all other iterations of the game, which is closer to his orange shirt from the show.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month September 8, 2023
Bart vs. The Space Mutants Amiga longplay:

Bart vs. The Space Mutants Atari ST:

Bart vs. The Space Mutants Amstrad CPC longplay:
Attachment The Genesis version of Bart vs. The Space Mutants has two revisions. The second revision primarily fixes up graphics that were drawn in a realistic art style instead of that of Matt Groening, as well as some strange coloring errors such as a red-dressed Marge and an Itchy & Scratchy that appear to be in the colors of the characters they're intended to parody, Tom and Jerry.

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