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During development, it was once planned the original Mega Man game would have eight Robot Masters instead of the final's six. One of these two scrapped Robot Masters was Bond Man, a robot that would have used glue as his main weapon and when acquired by Mega Man, he could temporally hold enemies in place (a gimmick that would later be used by the final game's Ice Slasher).

The PSP remake of Mega Man, "Mega Man: Powered Up" features two additional Robot Masters: Time Man and Oil Man, whom have no connection to Bond Man. There did exist plans to add Bond Man into Powered Up, but this idea was recalled to keep Bond Man's cult status.
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This is the only Mega Man platformer with a score system.
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The North American box art for the game is widely considered to be one of the worst box arts ever created. The reason for the bad art is because the artist had to create it with little time, little knowledge of the Mega Man character design, and little knowledge of the mechanics of the game.
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