Street Fighter X Mega Man
Street Fighter X Mega Man
Highlighting Ryu on the stage select screen, holding the "shoot" button, and pressing right, right, right, left, will cause Megaman to take off his helmet. Repeating this sequence will reverse the effect.
Contributed by Mawille
On the pause screen, if you hold the jump button and press up, down, down, down, an 8-bit version of Guile's Theme will start playing and override all the music in the game until you exit the game. On the official soundtrack, the name of the music is "Goes With Everything", referencing the "Guile's Theme Goes With Everything" meme.
Contributed by XaviortheSavior
Street Fighter X Mega Man first started off as a private project by Seow Zong Hui who later presented an early build of the game to Christian Svensson, Capcom's Senior VP of planning and business development, at EVO 2012.

Capcom agreed to support and officially release it to celebrate the 25th anniversary of both Mega Man and Street Fighter.
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