On the game's official website there is artwork by Philippe Poulin, designer and programmer of "Mega man Unlimited", which was previously called "Mega man 10". The artwork was uploaded without Phillippe's consent, but Philippe allowed Capcom to keep his artwork in exchange for a trip to 'Captivate 2010' to meet Keiji Inafune.
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Sheep Man, the electric Robot Master, is possibly a reference to Philip K. Dick's science fiction novel, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?". This reference is further hinted at by Sheep Man's stage music, "Cybersheep's Dream."
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According to Capcom, there is a secret somewhere in the game that players have yet to uncover, similar to the one in Mega Man 9. It's unknown what it is or if Capcom is even telling the truth.
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