In the final part of the game when playing with Ellen, she says "I'm an engineer, not a brain surgeon." This is thought to be a reference to Dr. McCoy from Star Trek who would often say "I'm a doctor, not a ____" . Harlan Elisson, one of the game's designers, also sold scripts to many television shows. One of them was Star Trek.
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Harlan Ellison who made the novel "I have no mouth, and I must scream" also worked on this game. He was one of the designers, and voiced "AM" the super computer.
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There are a few deleted scenes that never made it into the final game. Two of them are Gorrister feeding a live heart to a dog and Benny eating an infant child to survive.
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In the French and German releases of the game, the character of Nimdok and his chapter as a whole was removed. The chapter was remove because it was based around a Nazi camp. The removal of the Nimdok chapter made the "best" ending unachievable.
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