According to YouTube guitarist Jonny Atma on his Twitter account, he stated that he provided most of the guitar parts for the game's soundtrack, and that he also did the vocals for the "Panic in the Sky!" song.
At the 2022 PAX East during an interview with the game's composer Tiago "Tee" Lopes from Mega Visions, he was asked what was his personal history with the TMNT series was and why was he apart of the project. He responded:

"So I was always a very big fan of TMNT since I was a very small kid, I remember it being the first cartoon I ever watched on TV, and them being my first favorite superheroes... and also I had the opportunity to work with these wonderful teams. Dotemu is the second game I do with them. And it's my first time working with Tribute, and they did such an amazing game and I'm just so glad to be apart of this project."

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