In December 2020, Steel Wool Studios announced that the "Curse of Dreadbear" DLC originally released for the game in 2019 would be ported to Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch. While the DLC would be released for the Switch version of the game on September 28, 2021, development on the Xbox version appears to have been abandoned as there have been no updates on it since the initial announcement in 2020.
person Violett calendar_month April 24, 2024
Attachment In November 2023, Steel Wool Studios published a PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2 exclusive version of Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted with the subtitle "Full Time Edition." In this version of the game, the Hardmode versions of Freddy and Bonnie's Parts and Service levels changed the appearance of Freddy and Bonnie, known by the names "Dark Freddy" and "Neon Bonnie." Instead of the normal black coat seen in the other versions of the game, Dark Freddy and Neon Bonnie can be seen coated in white. It is unknown why this change was made in this version of the game, or why Chica and Foxy were left untouched.
person Violett calendar_month March 23, 2024
Full Time Edition Neon Bonnie new skin:

Full Time Edition Dark Freddy new skin:
Attachment "The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience" was made by a fake company, Silver Parasol Games, which was originally going to have its own real-life website, but Scott Cawthon decided against it because he did not want to blur the lines between fact and fiction.

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