Ultimate Custom Night
Ultimate Custom Night
June 27, 2018
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subdirectory_arrow_right Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator (Game)
On February 16, 2018, Scott Cawthon made a Steam post about a possible free update for Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, those being an endless tycoon and an ultimate custom night:

"So, on that note, what sounds like more fun for an update, an endless tycoon mode with new items and new day-to-day challenges, or some kind of ultimate custom night (featuring lots of characters)? And obviously any updates would be free!"

Later on, Scott would update the post, saying:

"Based on the communities response to the update ideas, I've decided to start working on an Ultimate Custom Night for Pizzeria Simulator! Be watching Scottgames.com over the coming months to check on my progress! (This doesn't necessarily mean that an Endless Pizzeria Mode won't happen eventually!)"

However, Ultimate Custom Night became such a big project that Scott later decided to make it its own game. and the "Endless Pizzeria" mode has yet to make any known progress if started at all.
Attachment The animatronic roster of Ultimate Custom Night has changed quite a bit during development, With the major changes being:

• Changing number of animatronics to 50 from 40.
• Removing Adventure Endo-01 and Candy Cadet as playable characters.
• Adding Withered Chica, Withered Bonnie, Phantom Mangle, Phantom Freddy, Phantom Balloon Boy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare, Nightmarionne, Nightmare Balloon Boy, Old Man Consequences, Funtime Foxy, Helpy, Nedd Bear, Orville Elephant, and Molten Freddy all as playable characters
• Merging Nightmare Freddy and Freddles into one slot
• Merging Bucket Bob, No. 1 Crate, and Mr. Can-Do into one slot and renaming them to "Trash and the Gang"
Attachment Putting Old Man Consequences on AI level 1 and pressing play would require the player to wait for the game to load and then wait for Old Man Consequences to show up to catch his fish. That would make a secret that was initially only seen in FNaF World appear, putting the player in a red world with Old Man Consequences sitting by a pond. Old Man Consequences would go on to say:

"Come and sit with me a while. [...] Leave the demon to his demons. Rest your own soul. There is nothing else."

The player would then proceed to submerge themselves in the red pond, which would cause the game to crash.
YouTuber Game Theory held a charity livestream in 2020 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Crowd Control, the interactive gaming app that lets streamers produce highly interactive, monetizable content with their community, made a mod for Ultimate Custom Night that let viewers of Game Theory's stream pay money to have events happen on screen or in game. At the end of that segment MatPat stated that this version of the game would become available to the public for other streamers to use, but it never released.
Attachment Twisted Wolf (a character from the Five Nights at Freddy's novel trilogy) is seen on a poster in the left hall.

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